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sdozzo  +   1098d ago
Do you need to install new ati drivers if I switch the CPU/mobo? Or is it saved to the ssd...

kevnb  +   1098d ago
if you switch those parts you should probably reformat. 13.2 beta 3 also fixes frame latency in countless games, finally amd fixed the issue.
ATi_Elite  +   1098d ago
Switch only CPU.....No

Switch Mobo........YES and by YES I mean totally unistall the old drivers, restart PC and install the new ones, AND THEN CLean your Registry!

Dirty Registry and Old Drivers cause the most PC Problems
dirthurts  +   1098d ago
I've never once actually had a problem due to old registry files.
sdozzo  +   1098d ago
Sounds good. Thanks.
TABSF  +   1098d ago
Usually a clean install is recommend when switching Mobo
Switching CPU not an issue but Mobo would require different drivers, could cause more issues.

GPU can switch them out like HDD and driver uninstall/reinstiall without problems
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sdozzo  +   1098d ago
What if I just did a clean install last week. Literally, new SSD with Win8. Still do a fresh install?
dirthurts  +   1098d ago
I thought my drivers were running like arse when I added AA.
Glad this is out.
50% is a massive difference.

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