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TheLyonKing  +   1104d ago
Am trying to not get my hopes up as it might be something else but its quite hard to do that if theres even a wiff of the ps4 being unveiled.
Rashid Sayed  +   1104d ago
Well, Sony will be the ultimate troll if they dont reveal the PS4.

But they will.
profgerbik  +   1104d ago
You mean these journalist are trolling Sony by making everyone assume it will be about the PS4.

It's just ridiculous to jump to conclusions like that.

Even if I am wrong and it is about the PS4 I am still not going to set my expectations so high for it when none of us have any real insight into what it actually could be about..

Sure let's just get all pissed at Sony just because their fan base constantly confuses their teasers.

I mean this literally just happened everyone was assuming that God of War super bowl ad was something completely different and the same thing happened with PS: All Stars Battle Royal and every one also got all disappointed thinking it was Infamous teaser for the PS Vita..

Time will tell and I can't wait to rub it in peoples faces when it's not about the PS4, feel free to return the favor if I am wrong.
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rainslacker  +   1104d ago
I think your right people should maybe reserve their excitement a bit until more is known. However I don't believe it is a ridiculous assumption that is being thrown out there.

Obviously Sony knew how the market would take this trailer, and they wouldn't hold a big press event for a new game IP unless they really changed their views on marketing. The only other ace they have up their sleeve would be Gaikai, but this teaser just screams PS all around. They also know any other announcement that isn't next gen related would leave their fans and the media extremely hostile towards them and I doubt that's something they want to announce some new tech to.
xursz  +   1104d ago
My guess is as good as any but I don't see it being new playstation hardware; possibly Gaikai reveal with announced games/movies or similar that will be available with it's launch later this year. It won't be a psvita re-model that some people suggested. It won't be a new ps3 model.

My best bet is probably an introduction to the new Gaikai service and showcasing.
aCasualGamer  +   1103d ago
I've noticed something...

Type PS4 on youtubes searchbar. The first video on the results is the official Playstation channel and the video tease for 20th February.
ajax17  +   1103d ago
Well said, sir.
Armyntt  +   1103d ago
Problem lies in that now with it being 3 weeks away it has a chance to build even more excitement with people outside of gaming like investors. With mainstream non-niche vg sites saying its the PS4 Sony will lose money now if they dont reveal the PS4. It has to be an announcement, if not stocks are goin to drop.
jujubee88  +   1104d ago
This is a machine many have waited for and Sony knows it.
GribbleGrunger  +   1104d ago
I think that's wise. For me, the future of Gaikai would be just as compelling.
camel_toad  +   1104d ago
Also don't want to get my hopes up but I will crap buckets of blood (in a good way) if they reveal it on the 20th.
nukeitall  +   1104d ago
I think it is the PS Vita Go! :D
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1104d ago
I dunno folks this could be the real deal here. All these PS4 rumors circulating around, somethings bound to happen.
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ASTAROTH  +   1103d ago
I received the official SONY PLAYSTATION email of the video and its nammed... messages4. Did that 4 means something or it appeared on every email from SONY. go check your email acounts and clarify that please.

As the Darkness told Jackie ... SOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!
strigoi814  +   1104d ago
i saw that one..the pic that was on the website..

but i saw the gaikai logo as well..the four squares?? or its MS?? lolz
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AmkOwns  +   1104d ago
This is what microsoft did now its time to pay back the favor
black911  +   1104d ago
I dont think its the PS4. Its to soon. Too many current gen games have yet to be released.
PS4isKing_82  +   1104d ago
Ya but most of them are due by may. Which leaves more than half a year without any new games. Save for gta 5 that was just revealed to launch in sept.

Sony's biggest games of the year, the last of us and god of war are out soon.
Any other year those would be released around the holidays.

Ps4 will have a full on showing at e3 and Sony will use the second half of this year to build a crazy amount of hype.

Batzi  +   1104d ago
EffectO  +   1104d ago
It's PS4,people.Sony is inviting investors to the meeting,this is a console announcement.
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profgerbik  +   1104d ago
Ok that proves nothing, you basically took other peoples assumptions and called that proof. Awesome, what factual proof you have there.

The only thing that gets me is people are over hyping this teaser and then when people see it isn't about the PS4, they are all going to rage.. I mean why on earth would they release any good information on the PS4 right now? When they straight up said they weren't releasing any solid info until Microsoft shows their console.

Why even set people up for disappointment like this? Sure let's dissect a teaser with computer generated graphics and assume it's a PS4..

You know there is also this thing called Gaikai Sony has been working on for a good while now. Funny how Patcher or practically all of you analyst never even mention Gaikai.
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zerocrossing  +   1104d ago
I understand where you're coming from completely.

Everyone is looking forward to the PS4, It's likely getting announced sometime this year so people are getting over excited and miss interpreting Sony announcements, this happens when anticipating any next gen console.

The smart thing to do is to remain cautiously optimistic and try not to buy into any of the flaimbait rumours that are bound to be circulating around about now, easier said than done for some people obviously but if you get disappointed for misinterpreting a Sony ad or believe a non credible rumour with a shady source, then it's true that you have no one to blame for getting upset when it's not what you thought but yourself.
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Ju  +   1104d ago
However...there ARE dev boxes out now. That's not even a rumor...I guess this gives this some weight...
mechlord  +   1104d ago
Cmon ppl, why are you trying so hard not to see it?

Its not Gaikai, Its not a new IP, its the big daddy, the *new* mother of all consoles, its the PS4.

The colors, the motifs and the whole thing screams HARDWARE. It doesnt scream new IP (Some type of art would be shown) and sony wouldnt call up investors just to show up a new IP. Look at the games we are looking for right now, TLOUS, UD, KZ:M (Not a new ip but still) and all the others were announced without all these bells and whistles...Why do it now? They built way too much hype for them to get away with some silly new IP announcement which would have a bad backlash on them.

Gaikai isnt something new, and i bet sony will only blow the lid off of it when its completely set up, so the MC will just say "and starting from the end of this conference, you will be able to access gaikai from your PS3s, Vitas and PS4s". Some HUUUGE PSN downtime would be needed in order to sync everything up and we havent had any of those this year.

The only other big shooter left is
PlayStation The Fourth.

All in all i prefer to build up and reach my personal climax when they confirm it
Ju  +   1104d ago
Gaikai was a strategic deal. I don't expect any product from them any time soon.

And HW. Yes, sure. But I would actually expect much more. This is more like "PlayStation" redefined. Hopefully across more platforms (incl. Vita/PS3) and with the web launch of the Sony Entertainment network more likely some sort of totally integrated network and platform.

I think it's not just throwing a new piece of metal at consumers. It's the whole package.
rainslacker  +   1103d ago
I think Ju may be right on this one. "See the future" means that they aren't likely to just announce new hardware, being optimistic on this. If you have all those investors and reporters there, might as well make it known what their intentions are for the entire PS brand.

I know with Kaz taking over Sony hasn't really released a big overall plan to share with the community or investors, only some specifics they were going to do to return to profitability (ie. cut out some departments, focus less or not at all on non-profitable ventures, etc).

Sony's PlayStation brand is the strongest they have for their electronics division, and given Kaz's history within that department, and recent changes to PSN/SEN, PS Mobile, etc, it's pretty safe to assume that this reveal may involve a lot more than just PS4, but an entire infrastructure that will go under the PlayStation brand. One that will go head on against MS Windows 8/Live infrastructure that they will be pushing I might add.
Skate-AK  +   1104d ago
It would be crazy to see what would happen if they don't.
KiD_d  +   1104d ago
It's PS Meeting, and nothing but a hardware reveals there. Another PSP? Bitch, please.
Arai  +   1104d ago
They seem too relaxed for it NOT to be the PS4.

I can't wait to hear all about it, let the 20th come already!
Cryptcuzz  +   1104d ago
Dude that's a parody account. It even says so when you click on the link.

Despite that, I do wish it is the unveil of the PS4!
Jaunty  +   1104d ago
You got trolled man... Read it better next time ;)
MrGunny94  +   1104d ago
Maybe a new Vita version or even Playstation 4, this will be fun can't wait to see what Sony and Microsoft got to us this time around
profgerbik  +   1104d ago
Seems that would be a little absurd when they are having a little trouble selling the Vita's they have now.

I think getting the first versions to sell well would be first priority over making a new revised one.
M-M  +   1104d ago
I'm sorry, but Kaz is trolling WAYYY too much for it not to be the PS4 lol.

"I am proud to exclusively reveal the first screenshot ever of a PS4 game:"

"On 20th February, we will finally show of the future of PlayStation: PS3 Firmware Update 4.4!"

If he isn't kidding about the firmware update, it better be one heck of a firmware update lol.
zerocrossing  +   1104d ago
"Update 4.4!"

It's a little ambiguous but he's obviously referencing the PS4. lol
MasterCornholio  +   1104d ago
The teaser is also 44 seconds long.

So many 4s in there it cant be a coincidence.
BitbyDeath  +   1104d ago
That isn't a real account.

"Announcer of prices, Lover of Ridge Racer, owner of giant hands. PARODY ACCOUNT. (formerly @KazHiraiSCE)
Sony HQ"
M-M  +   1104d ago
Well, I guess I fail -_-.
Qrphe  +   1104d ago
I'm pretty sure it's the PS4 this time. Let's be honest, Sony is aware people WERE going to expect the PS4 (regardless of whatever they were expecting to announce) with this type of cryptic video with tweets such as "See the future." Plus, the WSJ pretty much already confirmed it.

They also know that disappointing with something else would also bring them negative press.

Mark my words, screencap this, PS4 is being announced on the 20th.
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psp2roundup  +   1104d ago
Can we all agree on one thing... the knives came out for the 3DS, Vita and now Wii U soon after launch, as their launch sales dived.

Get used to it folks, this is the new normal, we are not living in the walled-gardens of 1994 or 2001. The expensive new PS4 and XboxNext will take years to muster decent sales, anyone getting uppity after a few weeks deserves a good kicking - if you see news or forums posts like that feel welcome to apply full metal toecap.
tigertron  +   1104d ago
Please be the PS4 Sony, I'm sick of waiting. ¬_¬
2pacalypsenow  +   1104d ago
the tweet says !? .. An exclusive MGS game maybe? or an announcement for BigFest or Gaikai? But i really hope its for Ps4
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   1104d ago
If it's a PS4 announcement then they will only show tech demos and tell nothing about the final hardware or price. It would just be to pump up the hype.

I wish there would be some love for my VITA as well *___* please!
bub16  +   1104d ago
Btw remember when sony bought GaiKai. its part of that, it explains all the new store updates and maintenance, gaikai services have always been known as the future of gaming, check out the gaikai website. even the graphics are the same.

dont get you hopes up for PS4 guys, sony even said they will wait for microsoft to reveal the xbox before ps4
grassyknoll  +   1104d ago
Would I be the only one happy with the announcement of new PS3/Vita games & perhaps a Vita redesign?
juandren  +   1104d ago
Yes, yes you would
TimeSkipLuffy  +   1104d ago
Count me in! I want some exclusive games for PS3 or Vita foremost. It would be great if they show a tech demo on their next console at the end though. Just to give you the cherry on top of the cream XD
DivineAssault  +   1104d ago
I am beyond excited about this!! PS baby! Why invit investors & media jus to show some features n games? It's gotta be it! Finally! It's the 7th year so it all fits.. PS2 was 7 yrs in, PS3 was 7 yrs in, & now (hopefully) PS4 baby!
supremacy  +   1104d ago
i am with you on that, Sony will talk ps4 during the ps meeting. For those who dont know this is where they show new hardware and services regarding all things PlayStation.

You dont call investors and hold a meeting just to show a remodel of an already established platform and show teasers teasing the future. It just wouldnt make sense,plus i think at this point in time both ms and sony have their machines ready spec wise.

This will be interesting fore sure.
jmc8888  +   1103d ago
It's definitely going to be good. People need to be realistic about their expectations though.

Don't expect Watch Dogs or Samaritan demo level visuals.

Except something 1/2 as good as that at most. Still very good. Still very fun.

I wonder if Dust 514 will carry over to it?
thornh  +   1104d ago
Sony has such a long history of poorly misunderstood teasers that they have their own fan base confused! Let's take a serious look at everything here please.

Sony has been trying to rebuild their image. Though PS3 sales have come around over the years Sony has struggled with their other consumer products and the company is hurting. When the PS3 hit the market it was so very far behind it is quite amazing it ever caught up at all. Usher in the next generation.

Well, the next generation, Wii U supposedly, is not off to a good start. Wii U is doing horribly. Just like with XBox MS has basically let the 360 die in it's last year or so of existence. Sony, meanwhile, continues to chug along and release new exclusives, new IPs, new handhelds (though the Vita struggles), new updates to PSN, free games for their PSN subscibers, etc., etc. There should be no mistake that Sony is leading right now.

So, there have been rumors about this February event for a while now. Like someone else said Sony waited for Nintendo 2012 financials to hit and then put out this teaser. They feel, as do I, that they are in the position to gain back a huge amount of market share if they can beat MS to retail. PS2 went out with a bang with games like God of War 2. Well in March we get God of War and in May The Last of Us. There is still Quantic Dreams Beyond but outside of that there have been no big announcements for the second half of the year.

The other thing people seem to be confusing is Gaikai. I do not have any knowledge of Sony's actual plans but it seems pretty clear to me that Gaikai will be a big part of the PS4 not some separate entity or for PS3 only. I believe Gaikai is how Sony plans to deal with backwards compatibility and will be the major part of the new PSN. I'm sure it will be accessible to PS3 users as well.

Sony has tripped up over the last few years. They have the perfect opportunity to put themselves back in the number one spot in the console war and usher in new technology again. They are a technology pioneer (MS is not by the way, hardware wise) and they are ready to do that again.

Aside from a new hardware announcement you are sure to see massive first party support and an incredible launch lineup ready for November or so. Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Polyphony, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, etc. will, at least, show something if not announce release dates.

Or, I could be completely wrong...
medziarz  +   1103d ago
Well said.

I think the fact that Rockstar came out of nowhere and announced the GTAV september release might have had something to do with Sony making the move the next day.

I have no idea what the connection might be...

I also have a feeling that the "delay" of GTAV was super awesome news to Sony, great enough to make them pull the triger on the new generation so early. Perhaps this is what Sony's been waiting for, and as soon as GTA's late release was confirmed, they were greenlit on PS4 and wanted to make sure the go first with the hype! But why?

Other than that, my bet is that PS4 will launch a YEAR from Feb 20 - late Feb 2014. This is IMO Sony's original plan and GTAV delay reassured them that is the way to go.
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ahronith  +   1103d ago
Wow, thats a really long post about...nothing.
rainslacker  +   1103d ago
Can't really comment on all that. It's a pretty decent theory.

However, how poetic would it be if "The Last of Us" is the last 1st party IP Sony releases on the PS3.
chukamachine  +   1103d ago
It's the PS5, they have skipped the ps4 and moved on. That's how much power it has over the Would u.
Npugz7  +   1103d ago
Its the Xbox 720 with triangles and squares for buttons!
Npugz7  +   1103d ago
Its NOT the ps4! You people are getting too hyped up for a huge letdown.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1103d ago
announce it already!!! i hope this is true, because i cant wait to trade in those ancient relics towards the new hotness.
Belking  +   1103d ago
Bring it on Sony.
TBONEJF  +   1103d ago
If it's a brand new game n have nothing to do with the new console I'LL BE VERY VERY UPSET. but still excited
violents  +   1103d ago
With the teaser saying "See the future" I doubt its a game or even gakai. I'm putting my money on they want to beat MS to the punch and get some next gen stuff floating around.

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