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NewZealander  +   816d ago
If its not the ps4 then what? can't see it being anything else, why would sony get ppl excited from a short 40 sec clip? if I'm a guessing man they will announce the ps4 on the 20th of feb then build up hype for GDC and E3 to show the games, if not then the game world will end on the 20th of feb lol.
Bumpmapping  +   816d ago
Next gen don't start till Sony says it does!
tate566  +   816d ago
My body is ready.
Zeppelino  +   816d ago
wrong console ahah xD
dafegamer  +   816d ago
my body is even twice as ready, so whats the problem :P
hazardman  +   816d ago
YES??? Feb just like my boy at Gamestop told me! Hopefully its what were all expecting and that we can start preordering on the 20th or next day! I won't fucking lie to you guys that teaser made my day big time man..
chadboban  +   816d ago
Ha, I go to sleep for 3 hours and N4G practically explodes. I'm definitely excited to see what they show off.
WooHooAlex  +   816d ago
I went out to grab some Chipotle for dinner and come back to this news. I'm eating a chicken burrito with a huge grin on my face right now.
Qrphe  +   816d ago
Sevir  +   815d ago
Lmao! That was epic!
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   816d ago
I think this could be the real deal :D
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Treian  +   816d ago
Raging Xbox fanboys are dislking.
oldassgamer  +   816d ago
I think it's a Gaikai announcement
wishingW3L  +   816d ago
dude don't kill the buzz
GABRIEL1030  +   816d ago
OH CRAP¡¡¡¡&# 161;¡¡¡ Sony will hit first........unpredictable.
fatstarr  +   816d ago
cant wait to see the new level of delusion or disappointment on n4g on that day.

oh sonyfans.

cant wait for it.
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The_Infected  +   816d ago
Get out of here Xbot go play Kinect.
fatstarr  +   812d ago
*nintendo fan, and its wiiu and 3ds.

so when sony people comment on nintendo articles and say way worse no one bothers em... I see how I am treated.
dafegamer  +   816d ago
"It only does everything..... But better"
jagstar44  +   816d ago
i thought they said they were gonna let microsoft make the first move :/
WooHooAlex  +   816d ago
Probably just a little comment made to direct some attention away from their pending announcement.
SkyCrawler  +   816d ago
Ma bodeh's ready @_@
WooHooAlex  +   816d ago
Sooooo freakin excited right now! PlayStation 4 announcement incoming!
THC CELL  +   816d ago
Got the word, they have been invited to a see something new hardware related also it's next gen
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2pacalypsenow  +   816d ago
Feb 20 cant come fast enough
Relientk77  +   816d ago
Bring it on, I am sooooo ready
Zeppelino  +   816d ago
I don't want to get my hopes high, but this seems pretty big.
Rockstar  +   816d ago
I want to see the future!!!
jakmckratos  +   816d ago
Hmm wonder what it could be prob a slightly longer AC cord or another revision to the Store that doesnt really matter.
Unlimax  +   816d ago
Hyped to the max ~
MultiConsoleGamer  +   816d ago
Feb 20th?!? I can't wait that long!

(Even though I'm sure this is the PS4 announcement. And possibly an attempt to revitalize the PS Vita.)

I've already market my calendar and set a reminder on my iPhone.
stefan771  +   816d ago
Probably Gakai for PS3
thornh  +   816d ago
I know it's just the X, O, Triangle, Square we all know and love but I just think lining them up below the PS simply, and beautifully, says nothing but PS4.

I'll be damned. If true, Sony is finally getting it. BEAT the competition (MS not Nintendo, Wii U is more current generation than next) to the punch and let them play catch-up! Hopefully it will be a fine show...
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Ashlen  +   816d ago
PS4 is the next gen console I will be buying, I plan to get PS+ from the start and build up that collection.
Gorbenshore  +   816d ago
Very exciting!
dafegamer  +   816d ago
guys if you actually pause at 0:04 in the the vid, you can see parts of the console. Yup thats right ps4 literally confirmed
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KrisButtar  +   816d ago
I see your bubbles are filled but I agree as I was thinking it was showing a system, or some other object, but it was showing something at the very least
solid_snake3656  +   816d ago
Hopefully this is the big one
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