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danny818  +   1030d ago
Fuck yes!!!
Sp1d3ynut  +   1030d ago
I've got a feeling it's not going to be a PS4 reveal, but more about the "future" of the Playstation brand in general...Vita, PS3, Gaikai, etc. I won't be shocked if Sony releases yet another stripped-down PS3...this time without Blu-ray; just Cell,a 250G HDD, and free access to PS+/Gaikai, for $99.00. They'll call it the PS3 Uber Slim...
YourFlyness  +   1030d ago
My Body Is Ready Baby
Blackcanary  +   1030d ago
i'll believe it till i see it not getting my self hyped to only be let down.
Prcko  +   1030d ago
PS4 :ooo
can't w88
Chaoslegion8  +   1030d ago
This is big. U dont release a teaser based on showing what the future holds for ps3 when it doesn't have a lot left to offer or a handheld that has yet to captivate nobody. THIS WILL BE PS4 RELATED!! It makes perfect sense since the destination playstation is hitting just 5 days later.

I cannot believe my eyes at the disagrees on here. But we all know its a shit scared little pice of shit
Xbox fanboy. Look out Microsoft, Sony's coming and u don't have what it takes to stop them.
BDG  +   1030d ago
And lets not forget the sign up to be the first to know!
Sony already have an e-mail registration for latest game related news so this must be something bigger!
josephayal  +   1030d ago
the beast is near wow
BDG  +   1030d ago
your move microsoft ;-)
PeZuS  +   1030d ago
The internet is blowing up! B.E.L.I.E.V.E.
Sony, deliver us from evil!
fabod86  +   1030d ago
X trolls in full force it seams... XD
omi25p  +   1030d ago
Ive just read every single comment. No one is trolling.
j-blaze  +   1030d ago
ok u know what? i'm soo freaking excited!!! bring on next gen!!
LondonMediaOS  +   1030d ago
Hmmmmm.... and now we wait.
wishingW3L  +   1030d ago
Sony's about to unleash the beast.
CRASHBASHUK  +   1030d ago
so 20/2/13 at 6PM EST I think that is 11PM GMT for UK?
so could there also be a live stream to this event?
arbitor365  +   1030d ago
S*** just got real
brandonb21  +   1030d ago
release the kraken!
Chaoslegion8  +   1030d ago
Lmao!! Kraken

Seriously though Sony right now is in full on beast mode. And we are about to witness
It's awesome power.
silkrevolver  +   1030d ago
Kennytaur  +   1030d ago
silkrevolver  +   1030d ago
Not Nintendo, but I'll take it!
Chaoslegion8  +   1030d ago
Oh and that E3 countdown clock that major Nelson activated? U just gave the home team a fighting
Chance to land a counter punch and its gonna be a haymaker.
ArmGunar  +   1030d ago
So excited, yeah !!
sdplisken  +   1030d ago
wishingW3L  +   1030d ago
vlonjati77  +   1030d ago
YOu got that damn right baby.After a long day at work I get home and klick N4G and I feel FREE.SONY WAS IS WILL Be tha KING.
Kennytaur  +   1030d ago
Doesn't take more than a fancy teaser to set the Internet on fire. Fingers crossed.
Prodigy-X  +   1030d ago
My Body Is Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandman224  +   1030d ago
That looks like the perfect intro to a powerful new console!
CRASHBASHUK  +   1030d ago
hmm I smell a Xbox rat (fan boy) everyone got a disagree
arbitor365  +   1030d ago

otherwise known as "the Wii U's funeral"
jp_footy2  +   1030d ago
jay2  +   1030d ago
cant be anything else, surely! PS4!
Dogswithguns  +   1030d ago
Can't WAIT!!.. whatever that maybe>?!
iNathan  +   1030d ago
Its REALLY happening ??????????????????????
BitbyDeath  +   1030d ago
It's really happening, Sony's posted it on the Blogs!
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