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profgerbik  +   1100d ago
I just can't wait to shank people left and right. I will never use any weapons, I am just going to be all stealth and shank some fools in the jugular.

For the people complaining it's touch only I think that adds a new challenge to players, I think it will be great especially if this is all in multi-player also.

Instead of just pressing one button that does it all for you.
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tubers  +   1099d ago
I wonder if melees are gonna be less used for MP. I read you have a chance to counter them.

Do they do that for other FPS as well?
r21  +   1099d ago
Cool, cool. Why is everyone calling the head stabbing device the Manty's engine. It makes more sense it'd be called the Mantis engine. Unless, theres a character in KZ M called Manty :I
tubers  +   1099d ago
And the guy named "Manty" probable made the drone itself :P

I think it should just be called the Mantis.
r21  +   1099d ago
Well, Manty must be one hell of a guy. A flying drone that pierces people's head! Genius hahaha XD

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