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PopRocks359  +   1109d ago
Yeah, some good news. Meanwhile three duplicate stories about the Wii U are taking up the most heat today. Makes perfect sense. /s
gpturbo81  +   1109d ago
kids these days...
user4693217   1109d ago | Spam
profgerbik  +   1109d ago
I would expect this. Just saying, I mean Havok has been around forever now.
TheSaint  +   1109d ago
About ten years.
Nevers0ft  +   1108d ago
Havok was even used in some Wii games (Boom Blox was one IIRC) but I *think* the news here is that it's the entire Havok toolset, not just a few bits here and there... Because otherwise you're right, it's not news.

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