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straussy240  +   1106d ago
Thanks for the update :)
morganfell  +   1106d ago
Just let me preorder this:
GraphicX  +   1106d ago
for me to play that i'd need a vita :/
weiuyiouhsdf   1106d ago | Spam
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1106d ago
Crysis 3 open beta eh? Probably check that out later tonight.
GraphicX  +   1106d ago
i haven't looked yet but i'd expect that to be a few gig of download.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1106d ago
Another big download? I just downloaded MGR a few days ago and it was like 3 gigs lol.
GraphicX  +   1106d ago
i did vanquish the other week, was about 12gb i think, took ages to install after as well.

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