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delboy  +   944d ago
Cool, one more reason to boycott EA games.
Started boycotting Fifa and some other games from EA due online passes.
Buying EA games used only, so EA is the looser here, not me:-)
And my Wiiu will mostly be used for exclusive games anyway.
a_adji  +   944d ago
Riddle me this, What is a next gen console?

Is it just based on power? if it is then it's more powerful then the current gen.

Is it innovation? It does that

I don't get the cries. Sony and MS with all their specs will not push graphics but performance in their next machine.

Whatever happened to just enjoying gaming?
Ck1x  +   944d ago
So I just wanna put this math out here so I can figure out where the line is being drawn to be considered next-gen. According to the rumored specs, Sony makes PS4 4.5x the power of PS3 and Microsoft makes 720 5x the power of the 360 and these next consoles will be considered next-gen by all. But Nintendo makes the WiiU 2.5x the power of the 360 and somehow it just doesn't make the cut for some reason...(The most unknown factor is that even with the WiiU on store shelves, no one really knows exactly what the specs of this thing are. We are using guesstimates that the gpu is in fact based on the e6760/but a custom version. even the PS4&720 specs are just rumors at this point, but do have a ring of legitimacy to them.)
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Clarence  +   944d ago
I think everyone knows this accept Nintendo fans. The Wii u is HD. Sony and M$ already have HD consoles.
broken_back-man  +   944d ago
these nintendo fanboys are in denial that the wiiu will be on par with ps4 or nextbox have fun with the same old ips for the last 20 years with no 3rd party support! haha nintendo messed up by being so far behind!
megamanX2  +   944d ago
you people need to get a life.
TotalHitman  +   944d ago
Lol, my 12 year old brother bought a Wii U. He doesn't even use the touchscreen, he uses a Wii mote. FAIL Nintendo.
jakmckratos  +   944d ago
Wii U's 3rd party support will be ASS this time next year. . THeyre going to have to rely on the first party games to get them through and honestly the casual market just isnt what it used to be. Sorry Big N..I hope you got a CRAPTON of first party surprises because it seems like youre first to a party that you are not properly dressed for.
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laxbeav  +   943d ago
This has gone on long enough. The term "next gen" is so misunderstood. It doesn't mean it has the best of everything. It just meant the next one. People who complain about the Wii U's specs have missed the point, just like they missed the point with the Wii. It was never meant to have super high end specs, it was meant to be different. I have a Wii and a Wii U, but I also have a 360 and PS3. They all offer different games and experiences. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. Yes, I will admit that the Wii U doesn't have the best graphics available, but the games that I have are fun and the system is a blast to play. I'll probably get the next Xbox and PS and they will be fun too. To arbitrarily ignore an entire area of gaming because it doesn't fit your criteria is silly. There is no reason to argue about it. If you don't want to play it then don't play it, but why waste your time trying to convince others, who are having fun, that it's terrible?
TheUndertaker85  +   943d ago
It's been clear from the start that the WiiU isn't really next gen. As soon as Nintendo started to say, "It has 2 GB RAM... But half of that is used by our OS..." everybody should've known what was coming.

If your OS by itself is eating up that much you've already got issues. I mean come on people. The portable PS Vita has 512 MB overall with the OS being a tiny footprint on its overall use. That's HALF of what is useable in the WiiU with a handheld.
konohashin  +   943d ago
EA everyone knows that Nintendo didnt agree on helping you with your ORIGIN-world-domination-agenda and refused to make it the download system for WiiU

SO STFU already and do a THQ!

Seriously why did THQ have to go and EA is still around? How unfair....
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Thepcz  +   943d ago
it is next gen whether ea say so or not
what is 'next gen' is not defined by the consoles graphical capability.

how come most dont understands that?

plus, ea are one to talk about the concept of next gen, they put out almost identical fifa games each year and try to pass them off as 'next gen' fifa titles.

ea should look in the mirror
Tei777  +   943d ago
People just need to except that each developer/publishers have their own internal concept of what a "next-gen" is. So debating the term is pointless.

What is interesting though is that this implies that the ps3/720 will be a huge leap above the Wii U. Something which sounds obvious but a lot of people have been saying that they expect the new systems to only be marginly more powerful. Similar to dreamcast vs ps2.
Ljink  +   943d ago
Umm... yes it is. Can a PS3, XBOX360, or Wii stream a console games to the palm of your hand 8 meters away from the console with 1/60th of a second latency? No, as a matter of fact they can't. Why don't you make a console then EA? Graphics of a console do not signify "next-gen" if that's what they think. The Wii U has a standard wireless controller that lasts up to 80 hours! That's insane! Nintendo has always defended themselves and I don't see them backing down. Just brush that dirt right off your shoulder Nintendo... and by brush I mean fling!
cyclindk  +   943d ago
Not in the slightest, it's very much a "this gen" console.
broken_back-man  +   943d ago
the wiiu is nintendos vision of next gen but for people like me that like games that use powerful hardware to handle a game with great graphics and physics, for the Nintendo fanboys saying "oh the wiiu cab do Things already 360/ps3 can't do? well I hope so for systems that were out since 05-06 I hope the wiiu can atleast be on par with the 360/ps3! but look at ms and sony first partytitles way ahead of wiiu but other nintendo fan boys saying the wiiu is going to be more powerful than the new systems comibg out? yeah right nintendo was way behing last gen and I bet they will repeate last gen this gen and for people that are "happy" with just wiiu and are sticking with it are going to be sad when the real next gen counsles come out because nintendo isn't going to have any 3rd party support ! crytek jumped ship and I have also heard nintendo fan boys say you only need mario and zelda but you will get bord with no games to play! lol and having 1 controller that costs 180 bucks is a joke same with no dvd player what a truly "next" gen counsle ninty fan boys need to stop being in denial and admit nintendo screwed the pooch on this joke of a system!
Ljink  +   943d ago
This happens with literally every Nintendo console launch since Wii. Everybody who doesn't see eye candy and specs just dogs it out and it's quite immature and ignorant. Gone are the days when gamers played games for fun. Now they just play the same ole' thing with better graphics.

The reason why Nintendo consoles are immediately ruled out upon announcement is because Nintendo has always dared to be different. They could have easily hooked you up with the next gen specs because they have the money baby, believe me they've got the money. Nintendo just likes to be different and people in the US usually don't like different until they've been exposed to it. Remember Zelda for Gamecube and how everybody ruled it out because of how it looked!? How stupid! And the game was better than Ocarina of Time!

I don't think the Wii was next gen in graphics or specs and it mopped the floor with Xbox360 and PS3. And if you think that The PS4 and 720 or whatever will have a better launch... think again and again because they will most likely cost double the Wii U.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   939d ago
Nintendo get so much hate is unbelievable yea the Wii u is not a huge leap graphics wise compare to the PS3 and Xbox 360 but that still don't change the fact that the Wii u is next gen
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