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PopRocks359  +   1108d ago
Well, the anti-Nintendo brigade wasted no time showing up here. Lets ignore the multiple developers and publishers who have praised this platform in the past.

Like Vigil, Gearbox, Shin'en, Epic and even Crytek.

Oh and this is coming from a member of Kotaku. This community never fails.
fatstarr  +   1108d ago
dont forget the Dream team brewing up at RETRO and SUDA51
chadboban  +   1108d ago
Wait, has Suda confirmed that he's making a Wii U game? I'd love to see No More Heroes 3.
DivineAssault  +   1108d ago
Its not nx gen poprocks.. No matter how u try to justify what it does & how it does it.. Nx gen isnt here yet BUT it almost is.. When u see it, u will know it.. Its nintendos newest console & theres really no other way to put it.. They are just in a different category as hardware devs.. After Gamecube, they were no longer in the console wars & probably never will be again.. I wanna see Unreal 4 or Luminous Engines on wii u without major downscaling
Ck1x  +   1108d ago
you won't see unreal 4 or Luminous on PS4 or 720 without down scaling! So what's your point in that statement? I like how you fanboys know willingly that both demos by Square and Epic were using hardware close to 3Tflops in power. But yet for some reason these new systems will achieve this so called next-gen benchmark with much less... keep trying though. PS4&720 will be next-gen systems just as the wiiu is as well. But if you guys think these systems will usher in some new state in graphic fidelity, you will be disappointed. Just as UE3 was not maxed out on the PS3&360, UE4 will not be fully utilized on PS4&720 either. These engines were created with high-end pc's in mind, but also scalable to lesser platforms at the same time.(so on a technical level all of the consoles are outdated. If there are more stronger suitable gpu's on the market, then this must be true!)
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TheUndertaker85  +   1107d ago
Vigil Games about WiiU(Btw, they're now owned by Crytek...) -

Gearbox must still be excited too. Ya know. All the excitement they had for the WiiU before launch, before they even knew what the final specs would be... They must've been so excited they let a company outside of Gearbox do the WiiU version. -

Crytek had the same excitement before launch but yet Crysis 3, their upcoming title that should do pretty well, isn't going to the WiiU. Add in the fact that EA is Crytek's publisher... -

Epic talked up the system before launch too but an actual full Epic title for WiiU has yet to be announced. They seem too busy debating if Unreal Engine 4 will run on the WiiU. -

And why would Shin'en talk up the WiiU? It's not like they're only making titles for Nintendo systems or anything... -
PopRocks359  +   1107d ago
Many of these devs had devkits at the time of their quotes, smart alec. And by the way, Shin'en developed Nano Assault for the 360 and PS3 prior to the Neo version on the Wii U.

Oh, and Gearbox has already gone on record that the Wii U version of Aliens will be the best looking, console wise.

So nice try, but try again.
FlyingFoxy  +   1108d ago
Wii U is bound to get at least 5 must haves, and probably 10 great games.

So a couple of handfuls of great games, worth it if you like those games, so personally i will be using that with my PC and possibly a PS4.

Wii U does have potential to have games that are better looking than 360/ps3, but it doesn't help that Reggie lied saying multiplats look significantly better on Wii U.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1108d ago
That is not a good sign. What EA are doing here is drawing a line in the sand, which means they'll treat the Wiiu as a current gen system and the 720/PS4 as a next gen console. The positives are that the Wiiu won't be used as the lowest common denominator come next gen; the bad news is that Nintendo will struggle to get any great support from EA. I'll say it again because I clearly haven't said it enough. Wiiu owners better hope that developers embrace the PS3/Vita combo because that will guarantee more support for the Wiiu.
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fatstarr  +   1108d ago
Ps3 vita support costs twice as much money, you need 2 copies of the same game. so if anything that's bad.

the wiiu can stand on its own two feet when its at 25 million and the devs come running over for fast cash then everyone forgets the things they said in the previous years.
GribbleGrunger  +   1108d ago
Dear oh dear, will you people stop pulling that old chestnut out every time the combo is mentioned. It has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm saying here. But I will address it nevertheless and start another pointless round of finger poking and penis grabbing because clearly you see what I've written as an anti Nintendo post and not just my personal and objective observations: 80% of PS3 owners own a Vita. That's over three million combos out there already. You would not need two games as demonstrated clearly by LBP2/Vita.

Fella, I'm on Nintendos side here. The combo would offer devs another way of gaining revenue from making a wiiu type game. Less risk and more games for you to play on your Wiiu.
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MasterCornholio  +   1107d ago
"But I will address it nevertheless and start another pointless round of finger poking and penis grabbing"

Penis Grabbing? Hand Jobs....

Now im disturbed.......

Oh great now when i read finger poking im reminded of Freddy got Fingered.

Pointless round of Fingering and hand jobs................. sounds like a gay orgy to me.
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fatstarr  +   1108d ago
salty cause no Nintendo owners were gonna pick up their shitty rehashed sports games.

and besides that's good, if everyone is a 2 console house why waste money picking up the same game twice. save the support so we don't hear bitching about x game didn't sell like hot cakes on x system.

and wtf is this gen 4.

its gen 8 EA. Dont disrespect previous consoles.
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chadboban  +   1108d ago
Wow, Wii U is really taking a beating today. Hmmm... makes me wonder if Pachter and EA coordinated this, LOL.

Ah, whatever. The lineup looks good to me so far and I've already stated I'm definitely getting one in the future, most likely with a PS4 as well. I'll enjoy my games while people can continue to fight online about whether this or that is "Next-gen".

I just want good games man.
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Drainage  +   1108d ago
who cares, its not like anyone here even buys EA games so you guys can use this to fuel your hate and fear of nintendo domination but it doesnt change anything.

we will play unique games, you can play 'interactive' beyond 2 souls and the 10 TPS clones with different themes (uncharted, tomb raider, starwars 1313, ETC ETC ETC).
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Qrphe  +   1108d ago
Why are we still arguing about this????????

It is a next-gen console in name. Yes, it's more powerful than the PS360 (we already KNOW what's inside), yes, the other upcoming system will be even more powerful.
profgerbik  +   1108d ago
Well it's practically common sense when all everyone is doing is comparing the Wii U to current generation consoles, why on earth would it be Next Generation?

As I have always said it's Nintendo's Next Gen console just like practically Sony pointed out and it's not necessarily a bad thing but considering Nintendo has for the most part always been behind console wise even when they had better hardware it wasn't being pushed to do anything more than what lower spec machines were doing was the problem.

So it shouldn't matter to anyone now, the only time it bothers me is when people brag about how the Wii U is going to kill the PS4 and 720 things that haven't even been released yet but all the Wii U can be compared to is 7 year old systems..

When people are comparing the PS4, 720 and the Wii U and the Wii U is outperforming both you can brag all you want but it just isn't justified to compare it to really old consoles.

That is the problem I think with many Nintendo users, they mainly never care about hardware and that is what Nintendo delivers to you each time. Thing is if you cared more about hardware you would know about the only thing in the Wii U better than current generation is the GPU which is barely better than the others but that doesn't mean much when the CPU is far weaker.

I mean if the N64 was such a powerhouse Playstation would not have done nearly as well as they did but they did well because they were pushing the PS1. The N64 had really fun games but they never pushed the hardware of the N64 which had double the memory of the PS1 at the time but only produced games that matched in quality.

So like I said if you are Nintendo fan and you are here commenting on this chances are you actually do care about hardware because like I said this is nothing new at all with Nintendo so these articles should not even bother you knowing what you bought but I guess that is the problem. Many Nintendo fans never care to learn about hardware or ask for more out of it or really care what is inside what they buy.

It's almost like the stigma the Apple iPhone has created with it's user base. Even though their phones are far from the best their user base barely knows anything about what they own they just talk it up because they were told it's the best but anyone who has probably just built a computer once in their life would know based on the Wii U components it just isn't technically real Next Generation console something that truly breaks free from what we have seen.

The new Xenoblade or whatever it will be looks great but again it's nothing that could not have been done on the PS3 or Xbox 360 graphically so again it's nothing new to many.

I just feel if you truly don't care about hardware there is no need to even defend your hardware which I see many Nintendo fans here claiming they don't but then defending the Wii U which I find a little contradicting.

I just always think it's important to care about hardware and software both are important. It's like having a body, without a brain. They both work cohesively so people should not be so afraid to care about hardware, it doesn't make you a horrible person just because you care about both.
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stragomccloud  +   1108d ago
Actually people who build pcs like me know that the Wii U is a next gen console. It does directx 11 equivalent. The other consoles will be more powerful yes, but they are all already out of date the moment they release compared to pcs.

Wii U has a gpu similar to the amd 6000 series and ps4 and 720 will be 7000 series. I'm personally waiting for a new 8000 series rp drop into my pc.
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browngamer41  +   1108d ago
Ahh N4G the site known for it's trolls jumping the gun-I can't wait to see the correction from EA within the next few days saying this was taken out of context or misunderstood, it's happened before and will happen again-some guy from Kotaku tweets this statement from EA(which I don't see the name Nintendo or WIIU in that statement regardless of implication) and all the trolls and haters from this site jump all over it like white on Will these same people that are bashing the system to high heaven be here when a clarification gets released? Nope-where were all you guys when multiple devs from 5th Cell to Vigil and Gearbox stated already that the U is indeed quite powerful and next gen?
gumgum99  +   1108d ago
"Wow. EA just said Wii U isn't a next-generation console. "

-Jason Schreier on twitter

What EA really said: "What we're describing as gen four has yet to come."

Helps to read the article. Whether or not EA implied that is another matter.
Jek_Porkins  +   1108d ago
Despite what someone at EA says, the Wii U is technically next generation simply because of the number of consoles Nintendo has released. Nintendo has always been about accessibility and fun gameplay. The Wii U is definitely fun, I'd love to see some of the rumored E3 titles in action, Smash Brothers, Zelda and a 3D Mario game, but I've been more then happy with my purchase.

It is looking like Nintendo will get the short end of the stick when it comes to third party support, but that seems to be the trend with every Nintendo console. I think I don't speak just for myself when I say I didn't buy a Wii U or any Nintendo console for third party games. Hopefully the third party companies will support the Wii U, but even if they don't Nintendo has enough to make the console successful.

I believe Nintendo relied a bit too much on New Super Mario Brother's U for the launch, and while it's an excellent game, most Nintendo fans have NSMB2 on DS or Wii.
SonyNGP  +   1108d ago
The heck is "Gen Four"?
sdplisken  +   1108d ago
i liked nintendo back in the n64/gamecube days

sadly they sold out the core gamer in favor of soccer moms and grammas

hope that wii fit money was worth it ninty
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jacksheen0000  +   1108d ago
Agreed,It does seem like Nintendo will get the short end of the stick when it comes to third party.

But the real issue I have with Nintendo is that all of their AAA titles haven't evolve as much since the NES days.

Take Sega's sonic for example, the graphic and play mechanics have improved a lot since it first was release on the Sega Genesis. Now don't get me wrong, Mario Galaxy was a masterpiece but in comparison to Sonic Generation it fall behind. Sonic Generation surpasses Mario Galaxy by a huge margin in terms of Graphics, play mechanics, and fun factor.
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KontryBoy706  +   1108d ago
Being that EA has officially tested what ever they are making on PS4/720 and Wii U, I'd say it's safe to say they know what the hell they are talking about.
ozstar  +   1108d ago
Just think about it, in another 8 years the only third-party that isn't bankrupt will be EA.

Screw EA for wasting their time on mobile games, screw EA for patches/dlcs/paid everything, and screw EA for their anti competitive behaviour and strangling control measures.
wiiulee  +   1108d ago
lol the same ea loving the wiiu....the wiiu is the perfect system right now and with all the features and uniqueness its def next generation and will be copied by competitors..then again they will say 3ds is not next generation , yet its 30 million ahead right?
TiberusX87  +   1108d ago
Word: Next-Generation

Definition: pertaining to the next generation in a family; also, pertaining to the next stage of development or version of a product, service, or technology

The Wii-U by definition is Next-Generation as it is a progression of the previous product. I think people need to learn to use words correctly. I'm tired of hearing this.
HonestDragon  +   1108d ago
The system has only been out for a few months. For crying out loud, gamers who decry the Wii U as a flop haven't even given it a chance. It's like when people thought that when Obama took office that he would magically fix the economy in four years.

Reality check: life doesn't work like that! Obama nor anyone else couldn't fix the economy in that kind of time span as much as the Wii U couldn't be getting numerous supposed core games in three months that people are whining over. EA should be one to talk considering that last year wasn't exactly their best year. Medal of Honor: Warfighter anyone? Worst Company in America ring any bells?

And we are actually in the eighth generation. The Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, and Wii U are part of that. The Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 will be joining it soon, but the new generation is here. All EA has to do is get their ego in check and realize that not everything they shelve out is gold when it really is anything but.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1108d ago
Well then let's see what a "next gen system" will actually look like.
Droid Control  +   1108d ago
I agree with EA, it not!

Its got crap specs, its over priced, and has no games!
dfgergerhcxv   1108d ago | Spam
zugdar  +   1108d ago
Define "Next Gen". Does it have to be raw horsepower?
arbitor365  +   1108d ago
look at any of the rumored PS4 and 720 specs and accounts from people working with the dev kits (like EA is doing). the PS4 and 720 utterly trounce the wii u.

there is no denying it at this point. the wii u's only hope was that the next xbox and playstation consoles would be just as underpowered as the wii u. and they are not. this was not difficult to predict, for anyone whose brain wasn't pickled in fanboyism.

of course, even now, as the evidence is piled to the size of Mount Everest, nintendo fanboys still thumb down any comments who point it out. because they are in pure, unmitigated denial.
Ck1x  +   1108d ago
Actually if you knew anything about the rumored specs, you would know that these systems are projected to be 2-3 x the power of the WiiU. Isn't the PS3 suppose to be twice as powerful as the 360 was. What games on PS3 showcase that it has twice the power of the 360? If this is the case and the new systems from Sony and Microsoft are only marginally better than WiiU.(I say marginal, because to Trounce would be 6-8 x the power of the WiiU! The PS3 did not trounce the 360 in power, so how does it apply here.) Why would the 360 be classed in the same gen with PS3, but not the WiiU with PS4&720? sounds hypocritical to me...
lovegames718  +   1108d ago
bwahhhhh hahahah and here comes the damage control group lead by metroid 32 and Kingofwiiu. Stop it!!!! No one takes you guys seriously or believes what you say. Your the only ones that dont realize that.

xenoblade? hahahahaha again hyping up games before their released like you did with zombi u, how did that turn out? Yeah that had next gen graphics for sure!! lol Please all they showed you was an open, empty world and a guy running around. Nothing impressive sorry to say. Although it looked good nothing i saw spoke next gen. Ps3 or xbox have better looking games that have been out but when its all said and done ill let the professionals say so.
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MilkMan  +   1108d ago
Don't care what generation it is.
I want to play the games I love on the only platform they will be on. If developers cant think outside MORE HORSE POWER and a simple controller, then they lack imagination.
Just tells me we are in for a world of FPS all over again in the next gen.
Wii U represents something new and bold and I'm on board with that.
Its the very essence of what games used to be.
lovegames718  +   1108d ago
This is new and bold and def innovative and not stagnant like some companies are with their ips and plumbers

1) Heavy Rain
3)Lbp and Lbp vita
4)Tear away
6) Starhawk (build and battle)
7) Jouney (new type of mp exp)

i have more games i can mention if youd like and from what is een on that list none were fps games hmmmm interesting. Innovation and evolution does not simply go hand and hand with hardware. In my book if your lacking in software innovation dont bother.
stragomccloud  +   1108d ago
They' re just angry that Nintendo didn't want to make its' online servic Origin like EA wanted.
ThaBlackBaron  +   1108d ago
WHY is ANYTHING even remotely feeding into this BS after the Monolith Trailer? LMAO

1. That trailer CLEARLY proved Wii U IS next Gen
2. This is not even what EA actually said! LOL
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