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Tolkoto  +   948d ago
What happened to the rest of the Shogun skeleton?
illegalyouth  +   948d ago
This is a Win 8 exclusive on PC? I don't think that this'll end well.
3-4-5  +   948d ago
it's also on xbox live.....but it's 1,200 MSP which I'm not thriller about.

I'll try the demo at least.

I like the look of the game.
SybaRat  +   948d ago
Ninja skulls never get the respect they're due.
davidfca  +   948d ago
Good friend of mine worked on this! It's also mad fun. You should buy it.
barefootgamer  +   948d ago
I've been interested in turn-based tactical games since XCOM. I might have to give this a shot!

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