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Bowzabub  +   910d ago
PS3 & PSVita with PS+ is the best console experience you can find anywhere. Oh yeah, XGC too if your friends have both..which mine do.
Ritsujun  +   910d ago
PS3 + PSV + PSP + PS4 (soon) + PSN + PS+ = The Complete Package
OldSnakePS3  +   910d ago
Sony cares about the core gamer and have since ps1
which is why i support them

new ips, ps plus, free online, bluray, quality hardware
1st party studios, diversity,
just look @ the ps3 lineup this year :)

when sony leaves the gaming industry i go with it
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GABRIEL1030  +   910d ago
Plus is the best product that I've bought in video games. The service is fantastic cheap and very nice.
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rapidturtle  +   910d ago
I can see this becoming a huge selling point for Sony in the Next Gen. They learned their lesson about launching a console that is priced to high, and also are supposed to making the next system easier to program for. If both systems launch at the same time, Sony can harp on the value of free online play, and a subscription service that gives you content for your $$$'s.
turnerdc  +   910d ago
To be honest I think OnLive has a better implementation of a subscription service. The only thing that sucks is the support right now but OnLive has been hinting at big things coming later this year so we'll see. You get to trial almost any game on their service for free even without a subscription. With a subscription you get 30 percent off any hardware or game purchase (no exclusions, anything you buy gets the 30 percent discount) plus access to the PlayPack which you can play on your TV, tablet, or phone. The PlayPack also stays pretty consistent and not many games have been removed. Like I said, support sucks right now but if they're able to deliver and consistently add quality titles to the service and the PlayPack then it's a definite winner.
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listenkids  +   910d ago
I spend £1 a week on ps+ sub, how can you justify anything against that, that's less than 1 bottle of pop, a week.
ALLWRONG  +   910d ago
FreakyFox  +   910d ago
I still cant get over the fact that i had to have a Gold subscription to use the web browser on Xbox 360, what a complete joke.

Next gen is going to be all about Services and Software, and Sony has them in the bag, also with the cross game chat proven on vita, so i think we are going to see even more live subcribers see sense next gen, now they can see what bang for buck means.

I did'nt want to come over harsh to XBL fans, but the proof is quite clearly in the pudding.
ziggurcat  +   910d ago
love this service. i think i've obtained close $1,000 worth of free/discounted content in the time i've had PS+ (since day 1).
supremacy  +   910d ago
ps+ is great, i already have few games on both my girldfriends ps3 and on my vita. Will need a bigger memory card though,but thats a small price to pay considering whats being offered here.

Ps4 is being built to mirror the next xbox, so you can bet your money that a better memory architecture will be in place. meaning xchat,party or whatever you want to label it will be feasible and most likely launch with the system on day one.

i wonder what the difference will be then.

i also am wondering what gaikai's role is going to be in all this, perhaps ps+ will become a netflix for games while still keeping a basic model around reflecting whats currently available.

idk, but ps+ is a difference maker in my book.
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TheTwelve  +   910d ago
Xbox Live gets pretty well put into its miserable place in this article.
BladerunnerZX  +   909d ago
Playsation plus is the best option for console gamers. Its a great value in everyway possible.

Steam is the best online option for pc gamers.

Xboxlive is a wall between a gamer and the game that he or she has already paid $60 for. yes back in 2002 to 2006 xboxlive was worth the cash for a console gamer . now all that has changed.
mechlord  +   909d ago
How in the world can someone not see the value of PS+? No really, how come? can people not from time to time see things for their real value instead of bitching about *that* or *this* JUST BECAUSE its from company *A* or *B* ?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   909d ago
Leave it to Jim Sterling to bluntly state the obvious.

PS+ is the best value in gaming.

Eventually the competition is going to have to respond with their similar program. I'm expecting something at E3.
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Karpetburnz  +   909d ago
Im surprised not many Xbox fanboys are having a hissy fit about this. maybe they have realised their beloved XBL isnt worth the money after reading the article.
tarbis  +   909d ago
Jim praising Sony? The end of the world must be really near. I can't even see a single dirt where Jim is a master of digging in the article. Did I just missed the announcement of doomsday or something?
tubers  +   909d ago
I think I would have already sold my VITA if it weren't for PS+

I very much appreciate it how it holds my hands until I find a personal system VITA seller (just couldn't pass up the ACL BF 2012 bundle).
5eriously  +   909d ago
Be fair mate the only reason a certain gaming faction pays for their M$ service is for cross chat, what a rip off. Off course M$ always know how to screw their most important customers so they force their hand by excluding online privileges completely if you do not pay. Sony of course been wiser and not a con artist company makes every online service for free, you only pay by choice for the additional services like netflix and to gain access to free and discounted games and also some other nice privileges but in case you cannot afford that then you are not excluded from the gaming community like a leper.

I cannot understand how certain idiots can argue negatively about this model. I presume not everyone was born equal in the neuron department.

AS for the so called effect on the industry, what a joke. All games become cheap after an initial period. This model give those that could not afford the initial price a second chance to acquire and play the game for free. The developers get another splurge of income from deals with Sony opposing the pre-owned market where they the devs would not get a cent on a resold game at all. It also gives me personally a chance to experience and play games I would not have been willing to spend money on, many surprised me so completely that I wondered why I did not initially buy the game.

Think about it haters, but use your head not your dick.
EffectO  +   909d ago
I guess he never heard of GameFly.Not surprising for Jim Sterling.
It will be certainly interesting to see what Sony does for PS4 launch,will they give PS4 launch games for "free"?
Stay tuned...
kingPoS  +   909d ago
Currently my Plus subscription doesn't expire til May 2014.
What will happen in between that time is anyone's guess. For me every month with psn plus is spent with excited anticipation. Maybe it's just me, but I like knowing that they'll always be something of value offered every month.

But even discounting the discounts & supplemented games, what I appreciate the most are the autoupdates & cloud saves. I cannot understate just how valuable those two are. I'll give a couple of examples.

A few weeks ago in tekken tag 2 I had accidentally defaulted the customized soundtrack I spent over 50 minutes perfectly matching. The meaty 16mb locked cloud save from the cloud almost brought joyous tears to my eyes. lol

Gigabyte patches or updates no longer scare me.... Bwahahahahahaha... I just simply sleep it off. lol
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sdplisken  +   909d ago
PS plus owns ripoff ad filled xbl anyday

microsoft could snap their fingers and have a similar service and free online..... but theyre greedy bastards
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o-Sunny-o  +   909d ago
500gb....ran out of space to download...Nooooooooooooooo!
Time to get another ps3 HDD.
kingPoS  +   909d ago
I know right! Between psn+ and downloading tons of stuff using the web browser, 500gb can disappear with a quickness.
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DanSolo  +   909d ago
I have a years PS plus subscription and it is definitely worth the money!

When Plus first came out I had no interest in it at all, but it has proved itself to be very good value for money, particularly for those who spend a lot of time gaming.

I don't spend that much time gaming now as I realised I should make better use of my time, but I would still recommend plus to anyone as for that price you are getting a good deal.

That said though..... although PS plus is great value for money now, people shouldn't get too carried away, as there is always the possibility that once the user base has grown to a point that Plus is fully accepted then the value might start to creep down as often happens in products and services. So I'd recommend getting plus now and taking advantage of it's good value, but keep an eye on it and be ready to complain and/or cancel at the point where it's value degrades!
oldassgamer  +   909d ago
PS+ is a nice value, and I believe it is the subscription model you will see for the next gen. The model will provide day 1 digital (i.e. Gaikai). No more discs, if you don't want them, you just pay to play. Of course the disc model will still be supported, but the cash cow will be PS+ (A.K.A - Gaikai)
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ceballos77mx  +   909d ago
I don't tinkering developers loose too much money on PS+, they give you the retail game but not the dlc, I got hooked on the walking dead this way got the 2 first episodes, had to buy the last 3, but I wouldn't had bought them if I hadn't played the free ones.

I see this happening with sleeping dogs and future PS+ games.
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