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blackopszombiegirl  +   1105d ago
i downloaded the season pass and i still dont have the option to download the new map pack?? any ideas? all i have is nuketown available to download
caffman  +   1105d ago
go on the game. Go to store and it should be there. It was for me
bubzkillah  +   1105d ago
hey go to multiplayer go to store and its the 3rd to the right its revolution!! its not an automatic update you actually have to download it your self its 1.86gig good luck and see you there
nicekimmi33  +   1105d ago
my "store" wont even come up now :( grrrrrrrrrrrr help me! did you go to the storefrom the multiplayer menu or the zombie multiplayer menu?
Wrightylfc88  +   1105d ago
Don't bother with the new zombies game mode turned its absolutely dreadful.
nicekimmi33  +   1105d ago
I am also having trouble finding it! i have season pass too.. when i go to the store from zombie multiplayer, its not even an option.. just nuketown and season pass is there, and we have both... help please
tonnybode1   1105d ago | Spam
bubzkillah  +   1105d ago
from regular multiplayer store not zombied store

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