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Bimkoblerutso  +   1104d ago
I have literally never paid a dime for any progress I could unlock by simply playing a game.

So I know I ain't part of that BS.
kostchtchie_  +   1104d ago
ha ha indeed, seems more and more games are going that route
JohnDread  +   1104d ago
I see the tendencies too, and I'm a bit worried also. However, right now I'm still confident this model, which is cancer to gaming, will not become too popular.

The day Pay 2 Win aka "Free to Play" will truly take over gaming, will be my last day as a gamer. And I'm a gamer for 16 years now.
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Faelan  +   1104d ago
Pay-to-Win kinda reminds me of the great time I had playing Dungeons and Dragons (and many other tabletop RPGs) back in the 80's and 90's. It wasn't called Pay-to-Win back then though. It was called 'let's bribe the dungeonmaster with some beer, pretzels and pizza!'.
PersonMan  +   1104d ago
I have to admit... when I bought Skate 3, all I wanted to do is skate. I didn't care about the story. It's just an open world skating game to me. So yeah, I bought the DLC that unlocks everything in the game. I wouldn't have unlocked it otherwise.
Davoh  +   1103d ago
Although I would never use money to buy success, I can understand the people who would.

Some people aren't good at games and just need a helping hand which money bought weapons, armour, etc., can provide, and then there are some people who just want to skip the bread knife and head straight to the rocket launchers so to speak, which in normal gameplay could take hours to unlock.

If anything, I don't believe developers should be charging to unlock the content within a game which a customer has already bought. And the ability to unlock a game's full content should be available to who ever wanted it, which reminds me.. what ever happened to games having cheat codes which essentially did all of this? ^^
bluetoto  +   1103d ago
I'm actual quite split on this issue. On the one hand, while I don't need help leveling up or completing a game, the older I have gotten the less time I want to devote to grinding in my video games. It's just not fun anymore, for me, a big waste of time.

I just don't find it entertaining having to play a game for 20 hours before I can really start to enjoy the game. (By the time I leveled up my character in deus ex I had 2 or 3 chapters left to beast on everything and then it was over without the possiblity for a NG+ playthrough where I could focus soley on the story and not upgrades. Not to mention I had to play a certain way to get the max points allowed, no killing. not cool)

These games become less about the story and gameplay and more about grinding to falsely extend an otherwise short game.

Really don't understand how so many people can be fooled by the same tactics over and over again. "we have a 40 hour game" but what you don't know is 70% of that time is grinding. NO THANKS. Most sound minded people don't find tedious tasks enjoyable.

On the other hand I can see already how devs and pubs will corrupt such a feature by limiting the in-game gear you can acquire and extending the already long grind longer to bore you into spending real money. Looking at this gen and how so many people are blinded for whatever reason lends me to believe pubs and devs will use it to hurt gaming and help themselves.

I think most people aren't even against it for the right reasons. My guess is they are overly concerned with noobs getting powerful weapons easily and using them in the MP portion of games. Heaven help these people who would then have to rely on actual skill verses an overpowered weapon against lesser opposition.

Hope future games find a way to keep SP gamers who care about the story separate from MP, or balance it all without having to adhere to MP gamers who only care about beating somebody else for bragging rights.
drizzom  +   1103d ago
Who is "we"? I haven't accepted that garbage business model the moment it was brought up and I still don't now.
Hicken  +   1103d ago
When every game with an online component has this- or even a significant percent- then we can say yes.
csreynolds  +   1103d ago
Yep, as well as a hack-to-win generation, but I'm not buying into either.

I'd prefer to suck than pay/cheat my way to being a 'pro'...

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