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zerocrossing  +   1104d ago
Man I loved this game, I hope they do a LO2 oneday...
Eldyraen  +   1104d ago
I never did beat it but I loved the game. I stopped playing at some huge factory/lab near or on last disc (don't remember) due to a pain of a boss fight and just never went back for some reason.

Some of the emotional storytelling was great (first disc especially, think near the end of it).
TM333  +   1104d ago
I think that's very close to where I stopped playing LOL! Too many games. I play a little of this, a little of that... and eventually beat some here and there. I should pick this one back up and finish it.

I stopped playing The Last Story after getting smacked repeatedly by some tentacle filled hydra thing. Eventually I need to get back to that one too.
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Root  +   1103d ago
It was the true FF13 game of this gen in my opinion

It was basically a classic FF game updated for this gen. I don't get how these guys can do it yet Square couldn't. They were like "Oh yeah lets change everything and ruin what the game is about

Side quests

Open map to travel to and from

Likeable characters...JANSEN was AMAZING :D ....however Cooke and Mac were annoying. Only kept Cooke in my team since she was a great healer.

Turn based combat with a twist

Great theme song...I'd take Sheena Easton over crappy Leona Lewis any day. It was like Jansens and Mings theme song :)

Great soundtrack

Lots to unlock, find, upgrade and explore

Yet there isn't a sequel yet...what gives. Is it they realised RPGs don't sell on the Xbox 360, if that's the case do it for Sony instead.
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zerocrossing  +   1103d ago
LOL Jansen's character ark was something else right? :D

Im really hoping for a direct sequel or FF style successor but It doesn't look much like we'll ever see one, the franchise has way too much potential to just be left collecting dust...
hazardman  +   1103d ago
Microsoft owns Lost Odyssey so it won't be making any PS appearances. I guess you can dream tho.. I guess your right that JRPGs don't sell well on Xbox but that doesn't mean MS can't try again!! Lost Odyssey deserves a sequal!!
N4GDgAPc  +   1103d ago
Sorry Hironobu Sakaguchi will never make a game on the ps3. Sony tried to destroy Hironobu because of one big flop which is FF Spirits Within. He said in an interview that he hates the father of playstation.

He did almost make Squaresoft close down. Seems like the reason Square and Enix combined because of him. Don't know if they would of combined still or not.

But he made great games with Squaresoft but almost killed them.

Sucks he won't make a game for ps3. He needs to get over his vendetta. I'm sorry anyone that usually makes something and loses that much money usually might get fired. U think FF14 was bad? This was much bigger blow to squaresoft.

I am suprised that he thought it was a great idea to make the movie westernized.

Really I don't know if his hate is just towards the father of the playstation(which is no longer with them) or playstation in general. I don't see him making a ps3 game but since the father steped down he might reconsider.... hopefully.

I think I heard he was working on 3 games and there all ios games.
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N4GDgAPc  +   1103d ago
Heres an article about it what happened with the movie.
Snookies12  +   1104d ago
I regret not playing this game... I owned it for a little while and played perhaps 2 hours, however never really touched it again. Ended up trading it in at a later point in time (back before I realized how stupid it is to trade in games most of the time.)

It's definitely one of those ones I really want to go back to and give another try.
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zerocrossing  +   1104d ago
You should go back and play it if you ever get a chance.

The characters are very likeable, Kaim seems a little one dimensional at first but he opens up and becomes more fleshed out as you progress through the story, the RPG gameplay is top notch IMO, truly great if you're a fan of the old school like me, the 1000 years of dreams segments are something else too, most of them are compelling story's and are incredibly well written.
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N4GDgAPc  +   1103d ago
The thing I was suprised about of the game was the short stories u could read. If someone tried to explain me about it I would of thought it would be stupid. But it almost became my favorite part of the game. It would be awsome to read a hole book like that.
cleft5  +   1104d ago
This is easily one of the best games this generation. The short stories in this game left me in tears, such an amazing game.
karlowma  +   1104d ago
Same, man. Both me and my roommate teared up a few times through this game. Made for some awkward moments between a couple of "tough guys". Lol.
nupes98  +   1104d ago
I hope there is another one made. AMAZING game
Gamer39  +   1104d ago
Lost Odyssey and Xenoblade best JRPG this generation.
SolidDuck  +   1103d ago
I would put ni no kuni in there too.
ThatEnglishDude  +   1104d ago
My favorite Xbox 360 game.
hazardman  +   1103d ago
Hopefully Microsoft is already hard at work on part 2. IMO its one of their better exclusive titles. They made the 1st one to try and break into Japanese market, but it did not workout the way they wanted. That being said they shouldn't ignore the western gamers that actually gave it more love. Bring Lost Odyssey 2 and Blue Dragon 2 for the Nextbox! And see if you can get a remake of Jade Empire aswell. There's plenty of room for both JRPG/Western RPG. Japanese devs need to support the xbox more with JRPGs too not just Playstation consoles. I know Sony is japanese but you have a Xbox audience craving some JRPGs. Which means more $$. Make it happen MS!! But if you don't ill still have my PS4 to play them on.
Jek_Porkins  +   1103d ago
They could always use LO2 as a release title for the next Xbox, if they truly want to get any foothold in Japan they will need to try and get some JRPG's like LO into the mix.
DivineAssault  +   1103d ago
this was a great game.. Too bad no more will be made like this on MS.. Last Story was great too & i think the dev team will stay with nintendo now..
hazardman  +   1103d ago
I hope your wrong, but if Mistwalker stays Nintendo exclusive. Who can they get to continue the franchise? MS owns the ip so maybe they can work something out with a top JRPG dev. Thing is even if it were to happen it won't be the same game you would expect from Mistwalker, damn!! Gets me upset just thinking about it!
Jek_Porkins  +   1103d ago
Even though I'm not a huge JRPG fan, I really got into this game and thought the story was done very well. Usually I don't like the crazy and over the top stories in JRPG's, but it wasn't too bad and it had a lot of depth and likable characters.
FaSCoRP  +   1103d ago
game is amazing. I invested in more 100 hours in this game. Worth the time
JeromeNtheHouse  +   1103d ago
Yea, this game was amazing!! Although I couldn't beat that damn side boss Professor K.
josephayal  +   1103d ago
LOVE this game and the classic battle system
baodeus  +   1103d ago
One of the best character in JRPG, if not the best, is probably Kaim, but u really have to read those side stories. If u play LO and not bother with the reading (u can read everything on YouTube by the way), u might as well not play the game; it is probably the most common complain about LO is that people don't want to read, they only want to play the game and expect everything to be told through gameplay or mostly CGI. People tend to forget that a book can always tell a better story and much more in depth then any movie ever could. Sadly, reading seems to be a deterrent for many gamers (just my assumption so don't quote me on it).

The reading are cleverly placed and delivered through out the game that connect everything together. Itt is like a window that open every so often allowing you to get into the mind of your characters so that you can see and experience everything through their eyes/perspective. I can't say enough how in depth LO can be regarding character development, which is and should be the main focus for any RPG game. Therefore, I would say that reading is mandatory if you want to play LO like it was meant to be played.

PS. I didn't have much problem with any bosses or enemies(it it is true that they can be pretty tough the first few counters) except the back stage challenge where u have to fight a guard and his dog without any armor,resist, or buffing while they ditch out tone of damage with poison on top that weaken you. That is probably the only part where LUCK might be involved. It takes me many tries and I think I beat him by luck.
Perjoss  +   1103d ago
Everything FF13 should have been, and then some.
BanBrother  +   1103d ago
You know, I also felt like it was a FF game of old, which is good. One of the best 360 exclusives. I have 2 copies of it because one disc out of 4 wasn't working lol. Also have the juicy game guide.

As someone mentioned above, the story was wrapped up nicely. I really wanted a sequel, but maybe it doesn't need one? Maybe tell a different story in Lost Odyssey. A prequel would be a cool idea, as the 'dream' sequences told so many beautiful stories tnat would be amazing to retell in a future title. That game had some very emotional parts to it. I cried a bit tbh, and I'm not ashamed. Wonderful game.

This is not to take a hit a MS in a 'fanboy' way, bt going off their track record, I'm not so sure if we will ever see Lost Odyssey continued in some form. If it is announced though, I'm sure people will be celebrating big time.

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