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CatXFlash  +   1107d ago
I would go insane having to make Kinect games that sounds freaking wack.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1107d ago
People forget that its business... It has NOTHING to do with MS vs Sony. I've climbed a ladder in a company before and left in the blink of an eye because someone else offered me 33% more pay. Bye bye!

Sony must've offered this guy everything and then some... And like any true professional he put loyalty aside and grabbed it.
BladerunnerZX  +   1107d ago
Andreas was one of the last remaining long time Rare employees.

This is good news for both Sony and Playsation gamers.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1107d ago
new killer instinct ps4 exclusive.
Adolph Fitler  +   1106d ago
Hey ZEBRAMOCHA.....At least Microsoft had a set of BALLS. Sony took the easy way out with Move and merely attempted to improve on the WiiMote and everyone knows it. At least Microsoft has been experimenting with hybrid games and full motion gaming and not just making "eye toy copy games".

Too bad they didn't have the BALLS to commit to BluRay or HD DVD....thanks to MS's lack of commitment & BALLS you speak of, they ensured BluRay's dominance & HD DVD's death. I applaud MS for having the BALLS (as you put it), to give us a crappy, innacurate, way of trying to look like a rip off of a foolish scientoligist in one of his better films, in Minority Report.
Please don't mistake MS for having BALLS, as if they had BALLS, this guy wouldn't be leaving them for a far better company, MS also would have held onto Bungie as exclusives if they had the BALLS to support them on anything other than yearly COD-esque Halo games, MS would also have not axed the poor bastards that slaved over Halo Wars, before the game even released & had a chance to prove itself (which, sadly for the developers, actually went on to sell well for MS).

If your asking me, Sony had more BALLS than MS, as they were taking Nintendo's much praised motion control technology DIRECTLY.....& there tech IS FAR better. MS, tried to avoid direct competition, (just like the whole BluRay vs HDDVD), & they went a diffrent direction.
A cowardly direction, as EVERYONE who has functioning braincells knows that Kinect is a farce, & we still are not at a level with that technology that allows us to play games accurately. I mean, we are nowhere near that level, & Kinect 2.0 that ships with 720, as rumoured, will be nothing more than a stupid, innacurate gimmick to allow navigation around the user interface/OS.

So please, while Sony have always taken on Nintendo direct, MS has always lurked in the shadows like sneaky child molesters.
Kos-Mos  +   1106d ago
Yeah, this will make a enormous change....
fourthpersonview  +   1106d ago
Big mistake. He'll be out of a job in a month or two.
nevin1  +   1106d ago
I wonder one of his reasons for leaving was MSoft might focus even more on kinect 2 for Xbox 720.
Adolph Fitler  +   1106d ago
"Big mistake. He'll be out of a job in a month or two."

He was probably gonna be out of his job in a week, or 2 working for MS. They have failed to make money in the console business for 2 gens straight. Xbox 1 costing them AT LEAST 3 billion smackeroos.

And, it is sad that Sony's inhouse developers are either being closed down completely, or all mixed & merged, especially considering 99% of them have been making top notch titles, that casuals, too stupid to play anything other than COD, Fifa or Madden or too big of fanboy losers like you are to play anything that is on another console, other than the one you ram your little pecker in the USB slot of, after mummy tucks you in at night.
black911  +   1106d ago
I just hope he's not working on any casual games.
xBASED_CONDUITx  +   1106d ago
superbot needs this dude
abzdine  +   1106d ago
waste of talent!! He finally realizes that following the money isn't what counts the most. Nothing is better than accomplishment. i'm excited to see what his position will be.
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A7XEric  +   1106d ago
: (

No shot of Kameo 2 now I guess since he was one of the main driving forces behind the first one.
cleverusername  +   1106d ago
Get The Getaway and Eight Days back in development!!!
freezola75  +   1106d ago
Hey I'm sure that this guy could have left along time ago if he chose to..

Regardless, I wish the guy much success whatever he ends up doing at Sony.

But let us reflect upon what was Rare before they became that game company formerly known as Rare..

I for one especially loved Killer Instinct. We've all wanted to see a KI by now...

Next, Jetforce Geminis oh man... that was a great game as well.. would've been a good game to reboot... someone should do it.

Everyone loved the Donkey/Diddy Kong series but I think they'll never be the same. We'll never see what could have been with such cool titles.

That said, the folks at Rare were a unique team of devs and it was really sad to see what happened to all that creativity. I know they are still doing projects of course.. but that creative mind they had as a team..

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