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Bumpmapping  +   885d ago
Oh cool The Thing 2.
ShugaCane  +   885d ago
The art of ruining a good licence. No surprise it looks like Capcom's Lost Planet.
RAVEN81  +   885d ago
Conzul  +   885d ago
Meh, I'll probably get it anyway. I like the franchise for the dismemberment physics and sound effects. And if I get startled at all, that's just a boon.
ame22  +   885d ago
Of course it wouldn't be DS3 if they didn't continue the trend, that was a poor launch trailer. Although the CG bits got me thinking what a next-gen DS game would look like, I'll give them that much.
Karpetburnz  +   885d ago
I love the Phill Collins remix. Cant wait to play this game.
Convas  +   885d ago
So, can someone tell me when Lost Planet became the be-all, end-all for snowy environments?

I mean, I'm not the only person who remembers Hoth, right?
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SideShort  +   881d ago
Hahahahahhah, noice.
r21  +   885d ago
Played the demo. The only thing scared me was the god damned drill.
FarCryLover182  +   885d ago
I thought it was gonna get me.
Allsystemgamer  +   885d ago
I just stasis sed absolutely very thing. It had to of been the least scary thing I've played all year. Hell. I feared for my life in halo 4 legendary more than this demo!
r21  +   885d ago
Yup, that part panicked the hell out of me. Not only were the necromorphs/zombies with ice picks getting in the way, the drill was just so random.
Sketchy_Galore  +   885d ago
I honestly wanted this game to be good but the demo was the most disappointing thing I've played in a loooong time. Maybe it's just that I had more hope invested in this franchise than either DMC or Resident evil but I feel like this is a worse bastardisation of a franchise than either of those two.

I hoped I would at least get a scare or two but at 2am with all the lights out and headphones turned up loud I didn't get so much as a pinch of fear. Dead space 2 was already a little actiony for my tastes but it still had a decent amount of scares. This demo just couldn't have been less tense. I'm holding out a little hope that it was just a crappy demo for a great game a la Dead Space 1 but that hope is very little. I don't see how the full game could make the arcadey enemies jumping out of the ground like they're in Altered beast or the cliche gun zombies scary.

I could even possibly handle the franchise going more actiony if it did it well but they just haven't changed the mechanics enough (the game mechanics, not Isaac) to make it work. The dismemberment mechanic was great in the first game because it meant a single enemy could be a hassle to take down, making every encounter incredibly tense. When you're confronted by waves upon waves of enemies the dismemberment just makes for fiddly and frustrating gameplay. The first game had some of these annoying moments toward the end, the second game had more and this game looks to be entirely based around those annoying moments. Except of course for THE worst cover shooting I have ever experienced. Isaac doesn't so much take cover as hold his thighs against a wall like he's trying to warm his balls on a radiator.

Anyway, rant mode off. Let's just say I was not a fan and I finally get why the DMC and RE fans were so upset.
Ser  +   885d ago
Phil Collins? Heck yeah, Phil Collins!
LightofDarkness  +   885d ago
Ahh, even the tag-line is trying to appeal to the dudebro. "Take Down The Terror(ists)!"

Seriously, trying to appeal to the COD crowd using key words like "takedown" and "terror." I'd like to think I'm reading too much into it, but I know marketing and PR people, and this is EXACTLY how they think.
nikrel  +   885d ago
I don't know what to think, I thought some of the stuff in the demo was tight like the fact you collect materials and make items, that was nice.

What was with all the cussing, I think I heard S*it and F*ck at least three times, I can't even remember cussing in the first two.

The third installment seems more Jack in the Box than eerie setting.

Here is my idea how this series is playing out, The first game was slow and scary Issac had no clue what he was up against, so it was creepy/scary. It was an isolated area as well. Issac was a complete newb.

The second game, Issac knew what everything was but still holding back, He started to have to deal with human resistance more so than the first game, bit more action.

The third game is full blown action, Issac surly knows what he is up against and going after, no fear, balls to the wall action game.

It's a progression of the series imo, issac can't be a newb forever.
doomtrain  +   885d ago
exactly !!! its called momentum .
nicely put @nikrel , nice to see an intelligent comment here for once , also there is a bit of cussing in the second deadspace game and also the 1st ( but in the 1st game it was mainly from my own mouth )
nikrel  +   885d ago
Thanks, Yeah the first game was the first horror game I could finish, built the nerve to do it. Great game.
jagstar44  +   885d ago
Does anyone remember the dead space 1 trailer with the fucked up children's song all creepy that was unique and now they choose to do something like this, it just looks like a generic action game *explosions explosions falling down explosions* *sigh*
CYBERHATER  +   885d ago
Nobody is giving this game a chance but I will wait for the review. It still feels Dead Spacey to me for some reason.
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doomtrain  +   885d ago
me to , the atmosphere felt exactly like the 1st 2 , even though it was mostly outside in the light .
i think alot of people here just like to romanticize about the past lol
Oldman100  +   885d ago
Yah bra, I'm totally looking forward to this one bra. Let's have a few brews and do up some of that coop bra.

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Psycho_Mantis  +   884d ago
Wow! Nice Phill Collins remix! :D

And that ending left me wanting to know what in the hell Issac is going to the with the markers. :D

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