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BX81  +   820d ago
Congrats on having the ability to take someone's video and add your lisp!
3-4-5  +   820d ago
He doesn't have a lisp but just a weird accent.

He has an Australian + Texas / American accent.

I'm guessing he's a transplant.
christine15   819d ago | Spam
Tctczach  +   820d ago
This guys voice is awful. Weeewooooweeeewooo
the_eddster  +   820d ago
Please someone tell me the accent! Its really annoying.
3-4-5  +   820d ago
Australian + Texas
KnightRobby  +   820d ago
I'm always excited to see snow back in Call of Duty. Loved their snow maps in Black Ops. And I am also a big fan of China's architecture.
samarablanchard33   820d ago | Spam
HoustonTexaz713  +   820d ago
Looks Fun wat bout jungle maps that woul be kool
007Bond  +   820d ago
They really need to give up these current zombie characters, they suck really bad. Bring back the American, Japanese, Russian, and the German soldiers back.

Die rise does not look impressive at all, they have yet to top Der riese and Acension

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