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pecorre  +   1105d ago
Looks like this game is not targeted to me, a Dead Space fan.

Good, I just saved $60.

Dead Space 3 can go to hell with Resident Evil 6. I give it 3 months before it's in a bargain bin for $20.
Lou Ferrigno  +   1105d ago
lolz.. what a Bunch of cry babies everywhere here..Would you all like some crumpets with that wine?.. Pathedic,if you have any sense of what the world and economy is going through AT LEAST you can realize that HOLDING a job for longer than a few months is a struggle ..

Look what happened to THQ recently.. Some of their games (Darksiders comes to mind the most) were really awesome and had a cult following ..Tell me,where are they now?.. sold off out of THQ's,now there are only 2 games of Darksiders sitting on shelves where hardly anyone bought it and left nothing for THQ and Vigil to go off of..

Dead space 1 and 2 were AMAZING,to say the least ..The first one-while being the best of the two and winning multiple awards-sold the least and basically was a flop..

I mean,what do you expect them to do with a SECOND SEQUEL??.. just expand the story? could have DLC for that ..Changes have to be made regardless and if any of you played the demo and actually played the first two all the way through then i have no idea why you are complaining.. is it because it's cool to hate nowadays?.. smh
FunAndGun  +   1105d ago
"don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when hes angry."
Sketchy_Galore  +   1105d ago
Wine and... Crumpets?

You do make a fair point that the dumbing down and fistpumping up is probably necessary to make a profit and stay in business these days with the costs of making these kinds of games but then that just says to me that maybe we're bitching at the wrong people and we should probably focus our bitching on the shallow and idiotic public who will only pay attention to the dumbest and most generic of titles. It doesn't say to me that we should just sit back and take it. Whoever's to blame, something is very very wrong here and something needs to be done about it.

If there's nothing left to do with a franchise but turn it into a generic bromance shooter with absolutely nothing creative about it maybe you should think about letting the franchise go. If all we can expect of a second sequel is uninspired lowest common denominator crap that doesn't mean we should just accept a slew of second sequels that fit that description. It means second sequels should stop happening.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1105d ago
must suck being a developer who work for EA
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1105d ago
golden age of gaming 1995-2005
animegamingnerd  +   1105d ago
the dark age of gaming 2006-to who knows when this crap ends
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1105d ago
EA also ruined SSX2012 by stripping the game of its charm and personality so not really shocked they're doing the same thing to Dead Space.
arbitor365  +   1105d ago
dead space 1 was an atmospheric, original, masterpiece of survival horror

dead space 2 was wattered down, action schlock with a few scares.

dead space 3 looks like its diving headfirst into the realm of casual garbage.
doomtrain  +   1105d ago
dead space 1 was a generic masterpiece of horror that mimicked the thing and the 1st alien movie , a formula that fans of horror had seen time and time again , even in game format with the 1st 2 silent hill games and resident evil 1 -3 .
dead space 2 was more of the same but with a more expanded story and alot more action , a formula seen in alot of sci fi action movies , mainly the 2nd aliens movie ( a great move by visceral and an honest nod to the things its taken inspiration from )
dead space 3 ........... i have no idea because i have not played it yet.

my dad has never played a deadspace game , i got him to download the co op demo and he had to take a break every ten mins because he could not handle the tension .
there is a seriously obvious reason you all are used to this formula and its called desensitization , look it up .
the problem is the repeated formulas the franchise uses , not a problem for me as its the story and atmosphere that im interested in lol
hankmoody  +   1105d ago
Quite frankly, if you don't want to support the microtransaction system, you don't have to. The fact of the matter is, microtransactions are here to stay. The Dead Space games have been mining for dollars ever since the first one, which had for its time, a ridiculous amount of DLC in the form of suits and weapon packs upon its release.

What really matters here? I played the demo and thought that it did a fantastic job keeping the feel of the first two games. Yeah, sure you now have Issac diving and rolling around and taking cover but I think they've managed to keep the game tense and scary, even in co-op. To boycott the game or to say that you're going to pirate it is really just a pathetic, not to mention entitled excuse not to shell out your cash for the game. You know, maybe if less people opted to 'pirate' copyrighted works, the dev companies might not have to scrounge for cash however they can, i.e. microtransactions. Remember, it's a business and one with a constantly changing face. While I most likely won't fall in the microtransaction trap, I'll be playing DS3 day one.
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Roccetarius  +   1105d ago
Good thing i'll be saving $60 for a game that deserves it.
hadouken007  +   1105d ago
And I was wanting this game too, having a EA game these days is like that nasty cop that's searching u and he's in your pocket touching your balls lol just kidding.
ThyMagicSword  +   1105d ago
Outch! Scary ...
pandehz  +   1105d ago
What is an action fan? WTF is this?

I love Dead Space and Im a fan of action movies and video games that have good action but Dead Space 3 is just generic action filled blah. Thats not what I want.

I love so many other games but even iphone games that I play are Infinity Blade most of the time and Angry Birds Star Wars. I dont want Dead Space to become like them at all. They are for breaks, in between installing stuff etc etc

What made Dead Space so great was the chilling atmosphere and the mechanics working to complement the story and atmosphere. Dead Space 2 had the atmosphere and improved gameplay etc but it was paced and written like an action movie and not Dead Space.

Im assuming Dead Space 3 will be like Arnold action film in space?

Publishers and Devs have totally lost track.
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1105d ago
welcome to Michael Bay of video games, this where gaming is headed
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1105d ago
kids these day have less attention span for puzzle solving, vulnerability and suspense in these type of video games, they need constant action packed stimuli
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s45gr32  +   1105d ago
I cant stress enough but the problem is not the game. Hell ds3 has a perma death mode along with 19 chapters for a single player campaing. But I need your help to inform EA to drop the microtransactions plus offer say dlc at half price during a summer sale or drop the $60.00 dollar fee and retail option go with the free to play model. So if we come up with a sign in sheet or email EA about it then we will see a change in our hobby of gaming.
Yodagamer  +   1105d ago
That is total bullcrap, even the android dead space attempted to be a scary game so clearly they wouldn't need to dumb down horror for mobile gamers. They are simply going after cod/gears of war fans just like re6 did.
s45gr32  +   1105d ago
This is a flamebait article I strongly suggest reading the cvg interview that is linked to this article along with:


It really gives an insigth of say game. Now I am not defending EA, I am just pointing out that while the game is shaping up to be a great gaming experience its business model is horrible. Meaning EA should sell this game via digital distribution only like the playstation store, xbox live games on demand, steam, etc. due to the fact of being a free to play game. The microtransactions are there along with dlc content and probably an expansion pack. Selling this game for $60.00 via retail is just being greedy. The other option is to drop the microtransanctions and offer dlc at half price via a summer sale. Is up to us gamers to inform this company the type of business model we want for this game and are you willing to help me out on this or just rant. I cannot do it alone.
s45gr32  +   1105d ago
This game could easily be a freetoplay game. I mean it has microtransactions and dlc content down the pipeline. Sadly the gamer is going to get charged $60.00 plus tax despite its microtransactions and dlc content (gamers say retail is better than digital sure this game proves otherwise). Is an action game with horror elements sprinkle on it; nevertheless, it shows how antiquated physical media is , EA along with Capcom are using the free to play model and combining it with the retail model that's why they come off as greedy. Could of street fighter 4 worked as a free to play game yes with $5.00 per character and $40.00 for its two or three expansion packs. Are they not making money, yes they are.
After reading this article along with the two interviews ds3 is shaping to be a great game. 19 chapters for single player campaing, hardcore mode which is basically ds3 with perma death, co-op that will play like the thing film (were gamers would question as to trust or not trust say partner plus both players will experience separate unique events that would further push their trust among one another), etc. That is really great news and the making of a great game but I do want to point out that combining free to play model with retail model is going to be the downfall of this game. Is not that the game is bad or mediocre the problem is the business models these companies are using that is the problem.
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kingPoS  +   1105d ago
You mean people expect AAA on their phones now?

25¢ for a health pack
50¢ for weapon upgrades
99¢ for platinum amour

Lets see what happens if EA tries this approach.
TechOne  +   1105d ago
I was kinda looking forward to this game, but now I'm just sad after reading that :'( .
AlienFodder  +   1105d ago
"There are action game fans, and survival horror game fans, who are 19 and 20, and they’ve only played games on their smartphones, and micro-transactions are to them a standard part of gaming."

I find this kind of argument ridiculous in that it sounds as though people who play games on mobile devices actually like the concept of micro-transactions. From what I've heard so far, most people are rather annoyed by it so I don't see why EA would see this initiative as one that would attract the "smart phone" crowd.

Also, when you purchase a mobile device game you don't have to fork over 60$ right off the bat. It simply doesn't make any sense to me...
Warj  +   1105d ago
Right now, micro-transactions are optional to the game and not a huge issue. Appealing to a wider market at the expense of the fans is terrible from a creative and maybe even moral viewpoint, but it is financial beneficial to a business. Do I think this game is going to be absolutely terrible? No, I think there will be people (Like with Resident Evil 6) who defend it blindly and refuse to admit anything is wrong with it, and others who hate it out of principle.

The core and frightening problem is if this game makes more money than previous titles, or possibly even the same, EA and other publishers will believe that it is okay. It will push that line a little closer to the day when micro-transactions will not be optional, when single-player modes will not be available, and when literally everything will be an action shooter.

The problem is this is a future of our own making. We will buy the game, love parts of the game, look forward to the future of the franchise, and then wonder where it went wrong.
KontryBoy706  +   1105d ago
So first you're completely ignoring the PC fan base by giving us a dumb-ed down port. Then, you make these dumb in game micro transactions... LIKE PHONES.... THEN you say this. I'm definitely not buying this game. 3 strikes no thank you.
Feldman9000  +   1105d ago
Everybody buys Call of Duty. We should make our game just like Call of Duty. This is what people want.


No one ever.
MYSTERIO360  +   1105d ago
Why do EA start something good then serve to destroy it over time. They must of had the idea at the start to make dead space a horror franchise but for some reason they want to stop with what made the DS franchise great and turn it into action.

Why cant they realize that the ''mobile phone gamer'' are more interested in their games and probably think COD is the best game for them - nothing compares. They should stop focusing on them and more on the fans how loved and supported them when they made the first.
lizard81288  +   1104d ago
That's the same thing they did to Resident Evil and look how that turned out
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