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doomtrain  +   1106d ago
the last 60% of dead space 2 consists of nothing but shooting lots of monsters that run at high speeds , granted a few antigravity sections and a few hallucinations are featured but the momentum for deadspace 3s setup has been in motion since the start of the original dead space , maybe some of you have not really been following the set up from the previous 2 games but co op has always been a part of this games future , and as for those of you that claim it has never been a generic action game need to check out the weapons and boss battles lol ;).
whats next , a petition to have the game taken down off the shelf ffs...........
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1106d ago
GTFO!!! Hope sony will make an exclusive horror game. I can't wait for Amnesia!!
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ajax17  +   1106d ago
This is what happens when you work for E.A.
ferelinstincts  +   1106d ago
Capcom tried doing the same thing with Resident Evil... Look how that one turned out. ;)
banjadude  +   1106d ago
Obligatory: "What is this, I don't even...."!
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1106d ago
YAY lets water down another game/genre for the current fans so we can try to sell more copies to people that dont appreciate it. fucking morons
LAWSON72  +   1106d ago
They clearly want simple and easy games that are quick to jump into. Too bad the devs went along w/ ea's idea.
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rodellison  +   1106d ago
Order cancelled, will wait for the game to be basement bin (2 months?) and then play their micro-transaction game.
dazzrazz  +   1106d ago
They took the survival out and shoved in microtransations expecting to sell 4 million copies to stay afloat.. Giant fuck you Visceral, hope you will not hit that number... not with my support
EverydayGuy  +   1106d ago
Fuck you John Calhoun
Drainage  +   1106d ago
lol scre these guys then. I wont buy this shit
Sp1d3ynut  +   1106d ago
As Yoda would say...

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brish  +   1106d ago
"We Need To Appeal To Action Fans Who’ve Only Played Games On Their Phones"

Shouldn't they be making a game that appeals to Dead Space fans and console gamers ... because the game is a Dead Space game being released on a console!?
floetry101  +   1106d ago
Headline should read 'Dead Space 3 Producer on Puppet Strings:'
Rayko  +   1106d ago
I feel that gaming is getting more boring than ever, thx to games like COD and all other games playing exactly like COD or any other action/millitary game. Thanks to Nintendo, I still enjoy playing. They know what fun gameplay is. Resident Evil used to be my favourite franchise. Now I would not even play RE6 even if I got it for free.
Platinum_k  +   1106d ago
well he DID say," ...NOT ALIENATE our fans at the same time"

I'll wait for the reviews to be online. Rent it first then maybe buy it afterwards...
DFresh  +   1106d ago
F***ing B.S.
MasterCornholio  +   1106d ago
If they want to do that they could just create a sequel to the DeadSpace game on ios and android. What they shouldnt do is mess up the Dead Space games on consoles.
first1NFANTRY  +   1106d ago
So sick of games being toned down to appeal to new crowds. What about the people who have been supporting and buying your games since the first?

Reason why i bought the first DS is because of the horror not action. If i wanted action i would have bought Black Ops 2
tigertron  +   1106d ago
I'm a Dead Space fan so I will be buying this on day one, but I can't hide my disappointment with the demo. It just wasn't scary, and it was even less scary with a partner.

Maybe the full game will be better.
landog  +   1106d ago
now i KNOW i can wait for this game to be $5 on a steam sale this halloween or sooner

was considering grabbing this, but$5 is all i'm investing, and I'll only have to wait about 8 months or less, i can deal with that
Themba76  +   1106d ago
And my prophecy is coming true this is why COD needs to die the franchise is the sole reason gaming is on a decline. i mean everyone wants to make COD now. soon every game will be a Michael Bay action flick.
chukamachine  +   1106d ago
I've only played the demo and enjoyed it until normal enemies starting appearing. Just wanted the horror. So few of those types of games left.

Reminds me of how the movie industry works these days, massive fx little story.

Best film I've seen for awhile. argo.
linkenski  +   1106d ago
I simply won't support EA on this. This demonstrates how much developers have lost vision and passion imo.
urwifeminder  +   1106d ago
True if the want that dollar they will have to change things up i think deadspace is as overated as bioshit.
kesvalk  +   1106d ago
there must be a manual out there called "how to piss off your fanbase" that all the devs nowdays are reading.

because this guys go out of their way to make their fans mad.
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snake_eater  +   1106d ago
liquidgravity  +   1106d ago
I really like the Dead Space series because of the horror it brings but if it starts losing that like RE did then im out. I lost interest after RE3 because it lost that horror feel and went to more of an action base....and i dont like that :) .......stick to the scares and horror
godslayer429  +   1106d ago
stupidest comment iv ever read, what happened to making games because you loved gaming, now its just a business makes me sick
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