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Kidmyst  +   1037d ago
Can't wait, really excited to get not only a new Killzone game but a goof FPS on the Vita.
ThyMagicSword  +   1037d ago
@remanutd55, I am commenting here, because I have the right to comment on here. I am not a fan of one particular brand, but acting like you won 1 million dollars, because two "good" Ps Vita games are announced is a little bit childish and sillish, do not ya think? I do care, because the shooter genre has gotten a little bit too popular for my taste, while other/better genres are dying. Where are the good RPGs on Vita? Do not come with some japanese underground JRPGs or Soul Sacrifice, please. They still have not learned since the failures of the Sony PSP, having only one handful of good games for the PSP says a lot, now my PSP gathers dust and I wont buy the Vita for two shooters and three platformers.
remanutd55  +   1037d ago
Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4? the system hasnt been on the market for a year yet, perhaps sony will announce more rpg games coming to the system soon, and no i dont find people's excitement over Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway (coming from 2 of sony's ELITE studios) childish and silly, people get excited when new games are announced, new info is released, its just common sense, human nature. anyways i do think sony needs a RPG dedicated studio under their repertoire, heck level 5 would be great but i dont know if they are looking to get acquired (besides they have a great relationship with nintendo as well), give it time maybe the games you want to play get announced soon.
danny818  +   1037d ago
Day one for me. I will buy a few copies so i can play with some buddies
Arctura  +   1037d ago
I've dumped hours upon hours of time into the KZ series, so to be able to play this on the go would be an amazing experience. I really hope the devs take the proper time to do the game justice.
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DomceM  +   1037d ago
this game was crap on ps3 and it will be crap on vita.

I liked kz2 way better.
mayberry  +   1037d ago
Absoutely love Killzone 2/3 on PS3. Any FPS fan should be very anxious to experience these titles! My Vita arrives soon!
contradictory  +   1037d ago
MP of Killzone?
on Vita?
now i'm interested.
gamingmaster2013  +   1037d ago
when i saw the screenshots i was like 'wtf is that on a vita?'. definitely preordering it when its available in game/gamestation, also hope there's a special/collectors edition!

this game is going to be another example of proper developers showing the shitty half assed devs like nihilishittic how to make a proper fps on the vita!
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