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Snookies12  +   1107d ago | Well said
Oh boy, his head is way too far up his butt. Gamers will quiet down when you idiotic politicians stop being so ridiculous about our hobby.
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zerocrossing  +   1107d ago
Well that explains why everything he says sounds like crap to me.
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Manchild   1107d ago | Trolling | show
PopRocks359  +   1107d ago

Big deal. He could be a genius in human peace and order; wouldn't necessarily make what he's saying right.

People have a right to complain when something harmless that they enjoy could potentially be threatened by irrational fear and ignorance. Gamers have every right to have their voices be heard by the very people who are supposed to be representing them.
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zerocrossing  +   1107d ago

That was either some high level trolling, or the single most ridiculous statement I have ever read on N4G...

Do yourself a favour, if you're going to insult every gamer with your ludicrous statements do it elsewhere, we like games here at N4G and we want to protect our right to play them un inhibited by out of touch morons like Lee, I couldn't care less if he's some bigshot he sounds like a total ass to me, if you're going to dictate to others what entertainment they should and shouldn't indulge themselves in you better have bloody good idea what you're talking about.

I have no idea what your doing on here defending the enemy of our beloved hobby, but what you're saying certainly doesn't sound like something a gamer would say, so what the hell are you doing trolling on N4G?
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JackBNimble  +   1107d ago
Do you guys need an s/ by every comment to understand when someone is using sarcasim?

Come on people lighten up, Manchild is clearly being facetious... I hope.
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zerocrossing  +   1107d ago

Actually no, he was just being a twat, this is his DM convo with me.



Are you actually a gamer or just here to troll? Cause I don't think any self respecting gamer could defend Lee's actions and spew the the ridiculous shit you just came out with.

Manchild 5

lol. Oh you uneducated imbecile!


"uneducated imbecile!" does that ever work on anyone?

Look I see what you're doing, you're a sad, lonely, pathetic little troll right? See Im not respnding to you or paying any attention to you anymore, so I would'nt bother replying but waste your time if you must.


Two words:
Fuck you :*

BTW i gtg can we continue this later? I'd love to wipe ur pathetic uneducated ass all over N4G's floor but alas, i gtg! Didn't your mother give you milk? And why didn't they provide you with sufficient education ?? Why were you born the wrong way???

Ofcourse you don't know!! Its not ur fault :) Cheer up, cunt"

His account is just over 4 hours old too, clearly trolling.
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Whitefox789  +   1107d ago
@Manchild I believe it was German philosopher Immanuel Kant who said, "Peace is an unnatural state for human society."

Though I digress the world was just as chaotic before the 66 years of existence of video games.
Blacktric  +   1107d ago
I totally agree with manchild. We should just sit here and say nothing as he, as a successful politican, keeps snorting his coke and having threesomes with a bunch of prostitutes while talking crap about other people's hobbies and ridiculing them for it...

/sarcasm ends
Alos88  +   1107d ago
He's powerful- that doesn't mean he can't be ignorant.
DragonKnight  +   1107d ago
Manchild is why they need to add an "Idiot" debubble option even though it would be immensely abused.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1107d ago
I wonder if he understands that he is undermining the fundamental principles of democracy by telling people not to speak up concerning political policy...

This guy needs to leave
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Mathew9R   1107d ago | Spam
Manchild  +   1106d ago
I was kidding.
Couldn't you tell? Sorry i hurt a lot of butts :P
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pixelsword  +   1106d ago
@ Zerocrossing:

It IS crap:

The only reason why politicians are going after games is because right now games have very little to lobby over, which means that a very lucrative industry is not giving politicians money for regulation; once laws are oppressing developers and they start being fined for making a game, then they will have to step-up on defending themselves, and then you'll see more lobbies and political groups for games, which means more money for politicians. Right now, there's basically one lobby, but politicians are trying to separate violent games from other games, which means violent game will have their own regulation, which means two or more groups will have to "render unto Caesar", if you follow me.

Why do you think everything is so regulated now, but everything is very bad for you?

Food is regulated, but you have things in food that can slowly kill you like hydrogenated oils. (look it up, it puts a coat of goo inside of your arteries that DOESN'T come out easily, if at all; which causes heart attacks and high blood pressure)

Medicine is regulated, but there are pills our there right now that can make a certain percentage of the population commit suicide. (others can cause things like gout, violent outbursts, insanity, depression, or even intensify the condition it's suppose to treat; again, look it up!)

Once violent games get regulation, rules will be enacted to make games very tame, and then developers will have to put money in the pockets of politicians to make games more violent, and that is what this is all about.
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MikeMyers  +   1107d ago
If his bill was struck down by the Supreme Court you would think he would quiet down.

The more he tells people to shut up the less likelihood people will.
Droidbro  +   1106d ago
This guy is what I call, and not seriously, a Mastermind. Someone who knows what is best for everyone. Someone put into power by God himself to look over the stupid masses and prevent us from destroying ourselves. He is no smarter than the typical citizen. If he were he would not be a politician who doesn't produce anything useful. He would be an innovator in the private sector creating products and services that enhance our lives. This is guy is a hack.
SilentNegotiator  +   1107d ago
These days, the only way to get respect in America is to play victim while acting above everyone else.

If gamers were to send politicians death threats for so much as discussing games, got expensive lawyers, and whined about how disrespected they are, we would be taken seriously. That's how all the "poor disrespected" groups do it these days.

Meanwhile, the media and politicians are going to continue to talk about gamers like they're ticking time bombs anyway.
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rainslacker  +   1107d ago
Nowadays, or perhaps always depending on context, the word "gamer" is used as derogatory. I'd wager that a majority of people that play games would not call themselves gamers. Over 80% of Americans play games in some fashion.

This guy just wants us to be quiet because he knows he has a weak argument. If his case was strong he should welcome the debate, and use it to prove why he is right.

To say we have no credibility in this argument is just laughable. I'd wager at least 1/2 of the people on here are more informed about this kind of stuff than he is, even if sparingly or generally so.

This same guy had issues with gun control, some of which I agreed with. I wonder how well it would have gone over if he told gun owners they should just quiet down because they had no credibility.

Edit: Since his facebook page was brought up further down the page, I thought I would post his response to this

Leland Yee
Gamers, I admittedly didnt use best words to SFchron. Meant video game industry has inherent conflict of interest in the gun violence debate.

End Quote

Again I say...should the gun manufacturers and owners also quiet down because they have a inherent conflict of interest? The answer is No. They have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to voice their opinion and provide data to back up their arguments. We may not agree with them, or him, but since he is bringing the debate forward, it is up to him to provide evidence to support his claims...if only to enlighten us.
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StraightPath  +   1106d ago
His more intelligent then the losers on n4g
caffman  +   1106d ago
"His more intelligent then the losers on n4g"
Congratulations. you've proven yourself right.
aviator189  +   1107d ago
These lawmakers and politicians don't know squat..
sonicsidewinder  +   1107d ago
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sonicsidewinder  +   1107d ago
"he introduced the 2005 bill that made sales of M rated games to minors a crime, which was later struck down by the Supreme Court."

Well he was right there. It should be a crime. That's the issue. He needs to appeal that and have it reinstated.
TekoIie  +   1107d ago
Yeh that seemed kind of moderate considering what hes saying now. Also I apparently have an interest in the gaming industry because its a billion-dollar industry.

... Am I owed money or something? I seriously thought I played games because I liked them but I have a hidden motive of course... /s -_-
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TheUndertaker85  +   1107d ago
Until you realize that in the same bill it also made it illegal for me to buy M rated games for my kids in the future. Shouldn't I as a parent have the right to decide what my kids play since I know my kids better than the government?
TekoIie  +   1107d ago
Oh really? Article didn't mention in that way but this guy is pathetic for trying to push that threw.

Did the bill make it illegal for you to buy the game for a minor or illegal for a minor to play the game... Or both?
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TheUndertaker85  +   1107d ago
The first. They basically wanted sales of M rated games to be handled like cigarettes & alcohol. As is you have to be 17 to purchase a M rated title. Buying M rated games for minors isn't prosecuted.

The bill looked to change that, prosecuting sales people(which is one thing, don't mind them enforcing already existing policies) that sell to minors but also individuals purchasing the M rated titles for minors, IE parents in many instances. Thus why the bill was struck down.

If they want to fine retailers or employees for selling M rated games to people under 17 that's ok with me. That policy already exists and wanting to enforce that isn't bad. Wanting to fine me for purchasing the newest Call of Duty game or something for my kids when I believe it's ok for them to play those titles isn't.
HammadTheBeast  +   1107d ago
So any minor can go watch a R-rated movie, yet playing a game is a crime? Ok then. How about we stop underage drinking, use of drugs and all that other sh*t first before putting in laws about games.
DeadSpaced  +   1107d ago
Actually, several states have added further age restrictions on R-rated movies. My state being one of them. -_-
rpd123  +   1107d ago
You can't appeal it, the Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority, there's no court above them to hear the appeal. And I don't the sale to minors should be a crime. Most stores have a policy in place that prevents them from buying it anyways.
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rainslacker  +   1107d ago
I don't think you can appeal once the supreme court makes their decision. Most you can do is change it in some way to make it constitutional.

I don't think it should be a crime. In 2008 the FTC found that 80% of the time minors were not able to purchase M rated games. They reaffirmed this in 2011 I believe. It actually went up a bit to 83% I think. This is because most retailers have that policy in place, and isn't something that needs to be regulated by the government.
AO1JMM  +   1106d ago
sonicsidewinder your opinion is laughable at best.
contradictory  +   1107d ago
i want politicians to shut up while i bash them.
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1107d ago
Exactly and we continue playing what we want to play!
STK026  +   1107d ago
I guess the NRA and gun-owners should quiet down and let the law makers decide what is good for them then. Yet, the NRA and many gun owners are all over the medias these days. Thanks for the double standard.
KMCROC54  +   1107d ago
Dear Mr. Lee with all due respect you need to STFU & stop try to blame the issues of the mentally unstable or unbalanced on those of US who can differentiate between right or wrong .if any & all blame should be place before parents,grandparents for not dealing with the problem of Thier young one's.
SAE  +   1107d ago
The problem of violence is in the governments them selfs . if they cant guide people and serving them then they must quit. if the laws they created cant stop them then the law is wrong and must be replaced for another law that actually works for people not to serving interests for small specific people . that's why we have religion but we must choose the right one to make us live right without harming anyone ..

in other words he should shut the hell up because his thinking contradictory xD
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MarkusMcNugen  +   1107d ago
" that's why we have religion but we must choose the right one to make us live right without harming anyone .."

Not true... Im an atheist and I dont want to harm anyone.
SAE  +   1107d ago
what i mean of religion is that they put laws that makes human fear to disobey them and because they love what they worship them. these laws encourage them to be oppressed rather then be an oppresser . some religions takes you much much more further by teaching you how life it works and understand everything but in the same time be practical in his life . that way he wont regret anything but the bad things he did and to be forgiven he have to stop doing them and make up by giving the poor or something like that...

it is complicated. many things to say and this way i wont give it justice ...

i heard in my religion that some people out side the religion went to heaven by having good maners and try to never harm anyone . so i like it . as long as you respect the living then it's good but that wont make you go further and evolve in life in my view because you are just living it instead of trying to understand it and the meaning of it.

you are like house right ?..making your own laws :) lol
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tachy0n  +   1107d ago
he said: “Gamers have got to just quiet down[...] Gamers have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry’s lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest.”

you idiot, we have the right to say what we want to say, its in the constitution of the United States, the people wont bend over in favor of your stupid new world order.

also you think people are buying that BS about banning "assault rifles" like you idiots call them due to the violence?, when in states that have banned firearms like chicago have higher crime rates than the ones that dont control firearms at all?

people please!!vote retards like these out they clearly have no clue on what they are doing!!
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Bigpappy  +   1106d ago
No you are talking about 2 different things here. I n the case of games, there is NO connection to games and any type of violence. Games are harmless. In the case of guns, you can not ignore that "assault rifles" are used to mow down innocent people in the US almost yearly. It is the weapon of choice for Mass Murderer. Chicago has lots of gun shootings because there are lots of kids there how have illegal guns, that are sold to them by people who buy them in mass and bring them to these poor, unstable neighborhoods. Could be the same NRA, to try and prove a point. My point is that Chicago is not less safe because guns are illegal, but because there are too many in the wrong hands. This kids are desperate because of their circumstances. You put guns in their hands, and you have Kayos.

Stopping the illegal gun traffickers from getting guns to these kids in Chicago, will do more to reduce crime than arming all of them with assault rifles. That I am sure of.
militant07  +   1107d ago
and that's gentlemen, why I think politicians are animals.
dktxx2  +   1107d ago
They're much less than animals.
tachy0n  +   1107d ago
dude thats an offense to animals.
ghostrider32  +   1107d ago
Politicians can go die in a fire.
ThyMagicSword  +   1107d ago
First of all, this man has not enough experience with videogames. Sure, the videogame-industry is a billion-dollar industry, like every other industry, right? Look at the art-biz, where some artists sell fake art for real money (some made millions with fake art for real money), just to make an example. There is also the "other-side" of the videogame-industry, there are also videogame-developer (people) who do their jobs with passion, they try to create fantastic "products" to be enjoyed by people like us so-called "gamers". I don't like to talk much about myself or my person, but I've had some difficult times in my life and some videogames (made with passion) helped me through those difficult times. I don't have billions like Mr.Yee and I don't care how successful or good this man is, what he does and so on, but he's talking what some might call "garbage" or "crap", or even "Bullshitgarbagecrap" ;. Although he is a lawman, he has no RIGHT to talk the way he wants, one important rule/law in life says: "first think, than speak/do", that rule/law has to be respected by this "so-successful" man too, before it starts to get embarassing for him and his kind. In front of the camera he may sounds rightful, but I don't know how this "person" lives his private life, he may sleeps with 20-years old girls (like many of his kind) or does cocaine, who knows the truth about this "man"? For me, he is nothing, counts nothing, he doesn't decide what I should do and what not, it's my choice and if I do something wrong, I do something wrong to myself, but he shouldn't generalize, even if the biggest part of the videogameindustry is selfish, there is also that 5 %, which isn't selfish. There was hope, there is hope, there will be hope, but for people like him I don't see a bright future, always the same, talking about things they have no clue about, generalizing (there are billions of gamers, they are not all the same), the same can't be said about politicans, it looks like they are all made of the same stuff (sleeping with 15-years old girls/boys, smoking, weed, cocaine, talking BS, making wrong decision, bathing in money, don't careing about the little people like gamers, the list could go on and on ...)
CaptainPunch  +   1107d ago
This guy is an idiot
ThyMagicSword  +   1107d ago
Those creators of misfortune should be punished. As if I or million other gamers would stop playing, because some chinese-american pancake-face likes talking BS, when he himself does probably a lot of BS. He has no rights, he can talk with his mommy or his wife or his hroupies about his mental issues. They way I live my life is none of his job, so sit back Mr.Pee and continue to do your .... job for once in your little pathetic life.
thebudgetgamer  +   1107d ago
This is his Facebook page
Maybe you should let him know what you think.
ThyMagicSword  +   1107d ago
He can stick his Facebook-Page onto his arse, I don't have Facepalm, or should I create an account just for him? He isn't the holy spirit, is he? May his groupies lick his arse until the end of his days, I bet that he is still on facebook after his death. On facebook he is immortal real-life he is one of many!
guitar_nerd_23  +   1107d ago
"This is all about their lust for violence"

Why do these people think wanting to murder virtual AI people is anything like wanting to kill real people!?

I just dont get it- at all.

Do i want REVENGE and SLAUGHTER in the most violent way playing as Kratos on a video game? YES

Do I want a real life Kratos to go and gut a primary school? NO

SeraphimBlade  +   1107d ago
*sees title*
Okay, this guy's probably just talking about the kind of people who threaten to kill you and your family over a disagreement while hiding behind the internet. I'm sure he's not generalizing us all us lunatics.

*reads quote*
ah. I stand corrected.

Y'know, I USUALLY do my best to read and understand the opinions of people I disagree with, but there's a list of people who just aren't worth listening to. This guy just joined it...
Rupee  +   1107d ago
What's funny is one day their generation will die out and we'll be the ones in office. So enjoy it while it lasts, asshat.
BanBrother  +   1107d ago
Haha very true. Althoug hopefully none of the fanboys become politicians as they will try and ban a specific console lol :-)
Hicken  +   1107d ago
I sure hope nnobody's listening to this clown.
DFresh  +   1107d ago
Yeah this politician and everyone else like him can just STFU about my hobby and what I do with my life.
ALLWRONG  +   1107d ago
Jack Thompson once said things like this. Jack Thompson is no longer relevant.
yeahokchief  +   1107d ago
ummmm okay...
Fatty  +   1107d ago
Leland Yee is a stupid piece of shit who needs to stop his anti-game crusade. You lost, go hang out with Jackoff Thompson.
CDzNutts  +   1107d ago
I don't really think this is what this guy means.

In reality.....there are gamers that DO try to post petitions on government websites because they don't like CHARACTER DESIGNS....(12 [pending for DMC as we speak).

That should quiet down undoubtedly.
BrianC6234  +   1107d ago
This idiot should be deported back to China. I believe that's where he's from. Maybe you can talk that way in China but not in the US. Why do voters keep putting these idiots in office anyway?
tommygunzII  +   1107d ago
Another example that this country is slipping into Communism.

Unfortunately a few bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch. Anytime pieces of your freedom are taken away it's because of the actions of one or a few individuals. We can hardly blame these clueless politicians for REACTING this way to situations by slapping a huge band-aid on the whole industry because that's how they operate in general.

The only way to curb violence is by PREVENTING it from happening by teaching our kids morals that they obviously aren't getting from their parents. Every one of those shooters that committed those acts of violence were picked on at some point by the people around them. Why not teach young kids compassion and empathy so that they can defend someone instead of jumping in like a sheep.
Since we have obese people out there they will soon be telling us what we can or can't eat as well. That problem can be fixed the exact same way, with education and prevention.

Get used to this because it is YOUR future. It can be prevented, but it will be up to your generation. Do your homework.

com·mu·nism [kom-yuh-niz-uhm]
a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.
( often initial capital letter ) a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.
( initial capital letter ) the principles and practices of the Communist party.
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unicronic  +   1107d ago
'Gamers have no credibility in this argument.' Until he shows us his achievement/trophy score HE has no credibility in this argument.
coolasj  +   1107d ago
California State Senator Leland Yee

Hey look, another person who we have to remember not to vote for!
smithsamuel   1107d ago | Spam
whamlollypop7  +   1107d ago
Go figure he's a lib, I love this myth that somehow the govt serves the people. The govt our society is diseased and broken its only a matter of time till the wheels fall off.
gpturbo81  +   1106d ago
i can say it until im blue in the face, their all fuckin crooks! so concerned with power, but in the end greed will destroy them all
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