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Hufandpuf  +   948d ago
Both these games suck multiplayer-wise anyway.
InMyOpinion  +   947d ago
Halo 4 sucks multiplayer-wise? You must hate multiplayer gaming then, or it's just that you suck at it.
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Mathew9R   947d ago | Spam
profgerbik  +   947d ago
I am not defending Halo, only enjoyed the first one when it was on PC. As usual, everything that mainly moved to console became shit simple. That is why I don't even waste my money on console FPS anymore they want to hold these kids hands the entire way and make it easier for them to play.

Bottom line I am ranting because who the fuck sucks at these newer FPS, you just are really bad at FPS period if you can't get by with this crap FPS nowadays that even give you the option to have auto-aim.

I enjoy a challenge. FPS on console or sadly FPS in general lately are shit simple.

I mean fuck I remember games like Tribes, Quake, Unreal Tournament or Half Life 2: Death Match that actually took insane skill to play. Having to bunny hop, while trying to shoot someone in the face that is also moving at insanely fast speeds..

Now you play these games where you can barely jump three feet off the ground and about the only thing anyone does is move around fairly slow and end up crouching, in prone or better yet just camping...

FPS are so far from how challenging they used to be and maybe that was the problem people wanted things easier so that is exactly how they made them but I don't like easy. Especially when it comes to games like this that try to be competitive how can you have a competitive game that takes no skill to play?


Can you cut the tired ass lame argument that these games are filled with idiots, the entire world is filled with jack assed bafoons. You also know there is lovely feature on MIC's called a mute button, there also this even lovely-er feature in almost all games like that where you can actually mute a certain individual if they are annoying you that much.

So what basically these kids are stupid for trolling in games but you are smarter by not muting them and just listening, instead bitching about it when the problem is easily avoidable.

Why do you think people troll? Simply to get arise out of another weaker minded individual who is not smart enough to ignore or mute their asses.
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StreetsofRage  +   947d ago
Mathew, if you are an adult which i doubt, than all you have to do is utilize the party chat feature and you don't have to worry about everything you said. As an adult you should of known this.

Halo is out of MLG because of Virgin Gaming and Microsoft joining forces. Virgin Gaming is the new home for Halo 4 and ultimately the new king of competitive gaming.
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StrongMan  +   947d ago
I agree that Halo 4 sucks but not Black Ops 2. BO2 is a step in the right direction, Halo 4 feels 10 years old to me.
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shivvy24  +   947d ago
no , bo2 was same and boring, i stopped playing in less than an hour in and returned it back to my friend
Lvl_up_gamer  +   946d ago
You need a 360 in order to play Halo.
dazzrazz  +   948d ago
Never played any Halo game but "call of doody" turned into one big pile of steaming shit
Intentions  +   947d ago
That's cause Halo can't be in both gaming networks. Cause of the contracts.
AJ Hartley  +   947d ago
Shame , wonder what the halo pros are gunna do if theres no halo on the pro circuit some of them will probs get a team together for cod , cods a skilled game but it takes more skill to play halo anywho lets see what happens.
isa_scout  +   947d ago
I primarily game on my PS3, but I have a 360 and having played a helluva lot of Halo 4 online(current SR rank is 101) I can tell you that Halo is FAR more skill based than COD. It's not even close to Halo. I challenge anyone who is good at COD to try Halo online. You WILL get your ass kicked plain and simple. As far as multiplayer on CONSOLES there isn't a better supported game than Halo. People act like Halo is hacked wide open or something; it's not.In fact my whole time online I have yet to play with a cheater or hacker. I like my PS3 better for exclusives and my 360 better for multiplayer. People need to quit being fanboys and just except the obvious, Halo's multiplayer is better than COD's and better than any multiplayer on PS3.
Tontus  +   947d ago
Yeah I've always preferred Halo's multiplayer to COD, and it's true that there's no multiplayer games on PS3 that are as good for now... but I think God of War: Ascension is going to be better for me, I put more time into the beta than I have any multiplayer game since 2011 and it's going to be even better by launch, plus I love hack 'n slash games and this is the first one to ever have an awesome multiplayer component. Still, Halo 4 is my go to FPS to play online FPS.
isa_scout  +   947d ago
I agree completely Tontus GOW: Ascensions beta is pretty awesome. Been playin it since I got the beta key from IGN, but what I don't understand is how it seems most PS3 gamers don't like to admit that on the FPS side of things the xbox was just better designed for that type of game(all the way down to the triggers on the controllers)I'd still pick my Uncharted over Gears, and my God of War over just about anything, but the nice thing is I don't have too. I think most PS3 fanboys would be lying if they said they didn't wish that Halo was on the PS3.
Jeez people you can get a 360 for cheap, now is the time. Your missin out. As my good friend Delmire from O' Brother Where Art Thou would say, "Come on in boy's. The waters fine."
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Monstar  +   947d ago
I dont get this, COD is far more NOOB friendly than HALO. Its WHO shoots firts, With Halo it involved accuracy and precise aiming/movement due to taking more than one shot to kill. Not to mention the overdone perks, etc.
Mainsqueeze  +   947d ago
Its because of a contract MS has with Virgin gaming that makes it so halo 4 cant be at MLG.
SolidDuck  +   947d ago
Halo 4 mp is def better that black ops 2. But honestly they both have mp I feel like I've played before. Not that halo 4 isn't fun, but is it that much better than 3's mp. I love mp, but I've just been in the mood for something dif lately. I wish my PC would play planetside 2. Also dust 514 looks pretty interesting. Hopefully mp shooters step it up next gen, it's getting kinda stale.
Dms2012  +   947d ago
Played Dust 514 beta for about a week and I did not like it.
parkerpeters  +   947d ago
MLG what a joke.

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