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tubers  +   793d ago
At least it looks like a game that would run on VITA's native res (game looks very sharp).

I hope the polish the lipsynching for a better feel on the production value.
Baylex  +   793d ago
Why didn't I learned japanese at school??...
Merrill  +   793d ago
Work on your English first ;)
Army_of_Darkness  +   793d ago
LMAO!! that actually made me laugh.
memots  +   793d ago
That's racist bro. ;)
Baylex  +   793d ago
Your English sucks just like mine!! ;)
belac09  +   793d ago
i hope we get this game here in the states
Tei777  +   793d ago
I'm confused why have we only seen the same battle over and over again. Is this game just a battle arena styled thing?
d3nworth1  +   792d ago
Some what. Unlike monster hunter's maps which are made up of a bunch of small zones God eater's maps are just one big zone. But this makes the game challenging since running away is not always option since the monster can chase after you anywhere on the map.
Tei777  +   792d ago
Eww, count me out of this game. not my cup of tea.
Toon_Link  +   793d ago
This game looks cool, I'll have to keep my eye on it.
AdmiralSnake  +   793d ago
This looks beautiful.
strigoi814  +   793d ago
Why not have a regular sized weapon that they can carry normally..not dragging them then @ actual gameplay its like a feather weight
r21  +   793d ago
I want this.

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