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broken_back-man  +   1110d ago
if xbl wasnt 60 bucks per year than maybe but why would I pay for online when I could buy PS or WiiU? its stupid the only thibg XBL has is chat but its becaude of the extra ram over ps3 and people that pay for xbl are dumb because you cant even use netflix or anything that you PAY for already with out xbl what a hoke haha
YodaCracker  +   1110d ago
My brain hurts.
DFresh  +   1110d ago
M$ has yet to encourage me to buy the first Xbox or the Xbox 360.

Things that need to be addressed before I'd consider buying an Xbox console.

1.) Offer more options for XBL Gold Members.
(Where's the option for people that just want to play online and don't care about the other useless Social Network features? I refuse to pay 2 play online.)

2.) Where's the original exclusives that I can't eventually get on PS3/PC?
(The days of exclusive 3rd party games dies next gen. Bet on it.)

3.) Will M$ be consistent with avoiding another hardware fiasco like the RROD on the Xbox 720?

Until those issues are resolved I'm sticking to PC, PS3 and Steam Box next gen.

Maybe I might consider a Wii U once a new Kirby or Super Smash Bros. game comes out.
jacksons98  +   1110d ago
PC + PS3 is the best combo. What you save in Live fees alone you could build a nice game library /w Steam. I bought Xbox1, they supported it good for about 2 years then starved players into buying 360. You see the same thing happening to 360 owners.
DFresh  +   1110d ago
I've already got 300 Steam Games on my Wish List and 200 GOG (Good Old Games) on that Wish List.
Those (2) sites alone together would give me 500 PC games.
Still in the process of building my PC right now.
AO1JMM  +   1110d ago
PC + PS3 + Wii U + 360 is the best combo. I can play any "exclusive" I want without some BS fanboyism dedication to a single platform.
legendof117  +   1110d ago
Oh yeah, It doesn't help that N4G is admittedly Sony fanboys.
BitbyDeath  +   1110d ago
Sony has more consoles sold so it's got to be expected that more fans exist.
SDF Repellent  +   1110d ago
And yet, I haven't seen a Japanese person(where PS3 sold like 30 to 1 to X360) posting on this board. Nice logic there, buddy.
BitbyDeath  +   1110d ago
Japan and US aren't the only continents in the world tho
DivineAssault  +   1110d ago
because Xbox is a multiplat system.. Little to no exclusives at all.. U can buy most games on PC & theyre going after the casual audiences too much.. Maybe they change that nx gen, maybe not.. I know im not betting on em & wont buy one until they give me a reason to
BitbyDeath  +   1110d ago
Embrace Kinect and you'll be fine.
wynams  +   1110d ago
To each their own .. I use my Xbox almost equally for gaming and streaming and have no major qualms with "a lot of apps". Does the author know about pins?
NathanM  +   1109d ago
I do know about pins, but you can't pin the whole Games Marketplace to your home screen can you?
Dfooster  +   1110d ago
Another article about next gen that amounts to a load of waffle about nothing. (Shrugs shoulders)
sdplisken  +   1110d ago
im not worried, then again im not getting a kinectbox 2.0
TheObserver  +   1110d ago
You guys have short term memory or what? Remember the Red Ring of Death? The disk scratching? The ads on XBL? The immediate termination of the original Xbox? Being forced to pay to play multi-player? I remember all of those.

I am not a forgiving person either, if I get shafted enough by a company, I remember. Personally, no RROD happened to me, but the disk scratching did. I still have a working 360, but not many of my friends do. The reason is simple, I don't play 360 enough. However, the signs are clear: The original 360s are unreliable. In the projected future, they will continue to charge for XBL and multi-player. If they release first, expect a RROD-like failure of some degree in order to beat Sony at the expense of reliability. Supporting that? HA! Forget about it. Introducing the concepts of DLCs. Not to mention pissing people off with timed DLCs just to hold it off a month or two on PCs or PS3s. Annoying as hell. There are many things MS that is non- gaming related, but more of OS side of things. That is off topic though. MS as a brand have done enough to made an enemy out of me.

"Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate."
Clarence  +   1110d ago
He should be worried. Xbox is cool but M$ relies on halo and gears. Nothing new comes out of their camp.
jacksons98  +   1110d ago
Microsoft will use the same strategy they have used for the last 2 generations. They will launch with a multi-million possibly billion marketing campaign. They will front load the Xbox with great exclusives and even buy them. Then as the generation goes on they will limit there releases to 1-3 titles per year to starve hardcore gamers into the next generation. Rinse and repeat
Jacobster  +   1110d ago
How can anyone make a buying decision on something that is not even out yet! Such a pointless post yet again
tommygunzII  +   1110d ago
They should be worried. Sony has the momentum of a train right now.
rapidturtle  +   1110d ago
MS should be worried. They don't have the exclusives, still insist on charging for Live, and gamer's will be a bit skeptical to become early adopters after the RROD fiasco with the 360.
Foxhound922  +   1110d ago
God it's sad to see when people say that exclusives don't matter. Seriously? Wtf is wrong with society when having quality and quantity is dubbed as being a bad thing. The 360 started off with a strong line up, but failed miserably to keep up with the fast pace they brought from the gate. Also, it seriously pisses me off when people say "oh well ps3 exclusives don't sell as well as 360 exclusives or multi plats." Really, how daft do you have to be to conjure up something that idiotic. Ps3 exclusives don't sell as well because they aren't marketed and plastered over every billboard in the country, and they are also less likely to sell because there are more of them causing gamers to have to choose more. Besides the fact that Sony cant market worth a damn, and most people don't even know of any games besides call of duty and madden, who the fuck cares about sales. Since when do the sales of a game decide whether a game is good or not. Sure, a game can sell very well if its good, doesn't mean that is always the case. Many ps3 exclusives with meta critic ratings in the 8's and 9's barely even get noticed. Doesn't mean they are bad game, in fact, its quite the opposite. People are saying "we'll Microsoft always has a good launch line up". First of all, the original Xbox didn't have an all that stellar line up, second, this time it's different. It's clear that Microsoft cares more about sales, than fulfilling the dreams of their loyal fans. Don't expect them to all of the sudden pump out tons of exclusives when the 720 launches, just because the 360 had a decent line up. Microsoft gas purchased some new first party studios, but I'm willing to bet money they are mostly going to be arcade, and kinetic or motion based gimmicks. Sony got off to a bad and late start. But what drove them to excel past the 360 was their loyalty to their fans. It's just sad to see that most Americans think call of duty is a 360 exclusive. Kudos to Microsoft for their tremendous authority to sway gamers and provide them with a branding of an all American gaming machine, when in reality it's the same, if not worse than what other companies have to offer. But hey, that what capitalism is all about.
TBONEJF  +   1110d ago
The real question is YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED if Microsoft will still use out dated DISC when their still using DVD for storage on games
AO1JMM  +   1110d ago
You lost me at "hardcore" and "gamer" being in the same sentence.

The next Xbox will have plenty of AAA games. If you think not you are obviously a fanboy of another system.
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PS4isKing_82  +   1110d ago
I doubt Microsoft will do much in investing in new ips next gen.
They know their current plan still works.
Flood out halo gears and forza with cod every year and rely in multi plats for the variety.

Meanwhile Sony will continue pumping out new exclusives that push boundaries while Xbox will keep coming with "shooters syndrome.
Max-Zorin  +   1110d ago
After the Red Ring fiasco, I doubt anyone will trust the Xbox brand next gen.
PS4isKing_82  +   1110d ago
Me either.
I got my twin brother's 360 on launch from GameStop and the next day, ridge racer 6 started freezing on the replays.
We took it out to clean it but it was fine.

It got worse and worse over the next few months so we sold it i think before it died.
Then I bought one for myself in early 07 and had a blast until that summer when mine started dying.

My DVDs and games would start having bright green patches all over the screen after awhile on playing them.

Then the red light finally appeared and it died. :(

I really loved my 360 but I won't own another Microsoft console.
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lovegames718  +   1110d ago
in response to dirt hurts.....

What said stands ps3, not xbox will be known this gen. for tht robust software you sathy can muster. Micro dropped the ball on tht everyone knws that so i dnt even knw why your response was "you do knw their a software Company right" thts irrelevant.

Sony been in console buisness longer and tgis gen proved thy make tht software shine on ps3. For all on Micros. computer knowledge thy faltered with selling faulty hardware and then ending with few good exc.

This also the computer giant since you mention pedigree tht made the horrible os vista and moved alot of consumers to mac. Not to ,ention Windows 8 has its issues especially gaming related.
So thnx for telling me who micro is, but i have a good idea lol
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1110d ago
As someone who's primary console is my 360, even I am beginning to lose faith in MS when it comes to hardcore games and exclusives. The original xbox had tons of exclusive games and the 360 started off the same way. Somewhere down the line MS wanted some of that Wii money thus Kinect was spawned. No matter what I will be getting the next box and a ps4 to sit next to my pc and Wii U, but MS had better focus on every type of gamer and not just the casuals or I will be making R2 my best friend instead of RT...
AD705  +   1110d ago
I agree! The original Xbox was amazing with its games library. They started out well with it on the first few years on the 360 then all of a sudden they stopped giving a Damn. Nowadays you're lucky to get 2 games per year. They rarely invest in New games and when they do it's just kinect silverware. MS lied to us about kinect! They called it a revolution yet every game they have is a generic knock off of a Wii game from years ago. Not to mention horribly blotchy and unresponsive.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1110d ago
Well said sir...bubbles
shivvy24  +   1109d ago
PS3 > 360 ( Ba Dum, Tss )
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1109d ago
You wouldn't be worried if you have already seen this comming down the path the last few years of 360s life... the saddness will trickle over!
FlyShootRaceSims  +   1109d ago
I'm not worried. When it comes I'll buy it along with its proprietary peripherals like I would do when the PS4 comes out.

People that bitch about prices shouldn't be playing in the 1st place. Dumbasses here in N4G would like to claim they'll go out and purchase 4k hdtv's when they come out yet they cry about $60/yr or less xbox live gold memberships. Pfft, what a bunch of hypocrites!
Droid Control  +   1109d ago
I think they'll screw us again.

The 720 will come out with some hardcore games for the first 2-3 years and then they will switch to casual focus again.

That's why I say screw THEM, I'm moving over to Sony - they stuck with their fans and the hardcore for the ENTIRE generation.

Don't fall for M$' BS again - they'll promise hardcore games, feed you a few, get you to buy the console, then drop you in a few years.
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