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Cocozero  +   1041d ago
There are going to be a lot of ps3 fanboys with egg on their face come feb 7th......
Bumpmapping  +   1041d ago
Egg on their face?
mwjw696  +   1041d ago
Sony is post its 3rd Quarter (I think) numbers on Feb 7th. Their stock is already at a near low. Most people are thinking it will be very bad for Sony again. Well smart people not the PS fanboys on this site.
Godchild1020  +   1041d ago
I'm starting to think this holds some weight now.


If they have shipped 75.9/76 million consoles, that means, as of right now IDC is half way to being spot on.
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cleverusername  +   1041d ago
You sound like a proud fanboy yourself!! It's all a bit pathetic don't u think? Unless u have shares in Microsoft, do u have shares in Microsoft?
majiebeast  +   1041d ago
Nope i play games not sales and ps3 has more games so i win.
Intentions  +   1041d ago
Who would buy a console now, when next gen is coming soon...
Godchild1020  +   1041d ago
The Wii U is here and people are still buying Wiis, 360s, and PS3s. Hell if Sony didn't discontinue the PS2, people would have still been buying that.

Next Gen doesn't mean people will stop buying previous consoles. Also we still don't have an announcement of Next Gen from Microsoft and Sony. Just rumors.
Intentions  +   1041d ago
For me once i buy one console i stick with it till next gen.

(still keep the consoles tho).
NastyLeftHook0  +   1040d ago
when did sony discontinue ps2? bubble for the link. i just have to go to work,,thx
MikeMyers  +   1040d ago
Quite a few people actually. The price is lower and the library is large. The next gen will of course be more powerful but it was also be more expensive and have way less games to choose from. We also don't know if they will be backwards compatible.

I do think the Xbox 360 is getting dated and new systems are more exciting to me. I doubt many would have thought the Xbox 360 would still be around while going into its 8th year and still selling rather well. Microsoft should just drop the price dramatically and focus on the new hardware at E3.
black911  +   1041d ago
RROD has ended.
PS4isKing_82  +   1041d ago
This is only normal since its close to being a decade old in a couple of years.

Hardly worth noting considering today's consumer electronics are updated on a yearly basis.

Again, this is normal it's declining.
This is just another sign of many that the industry is ready for new consoles.
Prodigy-X  +   1041d ago
Why can't yall wait till 1st week of April for Sony to unveil their numbers before yall start hollering who is leading who.
Thirty3Three  +   1041d ago
TheKayle  +   1041d ago
this gen is already end.....sales dosnt count if they dont give profits..
and we know already who did profits this gen ninty>ms>sony
2pacalypsenow  +   1041d ago
The Gen continues until the last console end production
abzdine  +   1041d ago
i think xbox isn't appealing enough to catch new customers. kinect doesn't work games are all about shooting, you need to pay to play with friends, no bluray built-in...

2013 is pure awesomeness for PS3 owners. With new IPs (Beyond, Last of Us, Ni No Kuni...), great exclusive sequels (Sly, God of War...) i think PS3 deserves all attention.
GreenRanger  +   1041d ago
Am i the only person on this website who could care less about sales numbers?
MasterCornholio  +   1041d ago
Meh even if the 360 is ahead the PS3 still has a ton of great games for it this year.

Seriously fanboys are acting like if the PS3 is in 3rd place developers will refuse to produce games for it and with an install base of over 75 million units that wont happen any time soon.

BTW i do care about sales because if a certain console doesnt sell at all then developers wont produce games for it. But once the console has sold enough to earn heavy developer support than i could care less about sales. Also Nintendo fans dont want to admit this but sales dont always determine which console gets the best library of games. Look at what happened to the Wii it manage to outsell the PS3 and 360 yet it failed to earn support from many 3rd party developers like Rockstar, Bethesda, Epic Games, Rocksteady Studios, Irrational Games, Crytek, Arkane Studios etc....
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shahrukh339  +   1041d ago


PS3 is way more powerful then xbox360 and that why it was more pricey when released and some years later. everyone purchased xbox360 as it was cheaper and affordable and that's why sales of xbox360 were higher initially plus the ROD issues some times..

Now this gen is about to end, the prices of PS3 are reachable for a common consmer hence people are buying PS3 now which is powerful and blu ray and thats why sales of XBOX360 are falling.. VOOALA!! Simple as that..

And by powerful i meant( Free LIVE-Bluray-AND BETTER EXCLUSIVES)

Remember i am an xbox360owner only and i love both consoles...
CC-Tron  +   1040d ago
Funniest lie I've ever read. Thanks for that. LOL.
shahrukh339  +   1040d ago
HAHA dude accept it man dont be a fanboy.

PS3 has better exclusives bluray live psn and all that shit..

Xbox has better graphics multiplatform as compared to ps3 and has a great controller plus Kinect kicks Moves ASS...

Accept each consoles pros and cons and live in peace dude both consoles rock
Alduin  +   1040d ago
Bluray and more exclusives doesn't make a console more powerful.. specs and performance do. PS3 has many flaws. First off, who the hell uses bluray anyway? Second, PSN is forever getting hacked. XBL may cost $10/mo or $50/yr but I'd rather pay and have a secure system to play on that have my info hacked every other month. Third, everything looks better on Xbox 360.
matrixman92  +   1040d ago
not suprising...If I remember correctly, the only game Microsoft has planned still is Gears of War Judgment. Pretty sure 360 is at the end of its life...not much point to buy one now if you havent already.
TheKayle  +   1040d ago
To the ppl who continue to say this gen isnt end...
yeah in fact all ppl 8 months ago was still ALL EXCITED for the ps2 (still being in the market) ...pls give up...

also is clear that Ms is looking ahead ..and not pushing nothing on the x360...just coz they r not anymore interested in

this gen is end...everyone should do their counts

orbis and durango willl be announced in some months and obv any smart ppl dont go out to buy a console that in less of a year will be surpassed + rumors saying that both console have backward compatibilty so would be very stupid to buy an old console today.

As we know the cycle of Sony is always more long then others...also coz ps3 was sold at a loss for years..and they need some cash back

Ppl that buy old models r the same ppl that cannot effort to buy current games ( old console ala ps2 = old games ) this marketshare...(that exist) isnt that one that push foward the industry...they take their money without losing nohitng in production. This "money talking" is the best road for a company ....that dont aim to be the market leader. How work Apple? damn they put down the entire 17" laptop line!......they continusly putting out new hardware ...also if just a little bit "revisited" and try to make feel old models ala Iphone 4 compared to the 4S. Result -> industry isnt stagnant,hard to be followed by other companies , etc etc etc But of course they dont talk and dont follow the old models as they r current gen.

10 yaers after ps3 and x360 there isnt anymre nothing to say about this two system

1 was more powerful (ps3) 1 was more efficient (x360) ...1 cost more to the company (ps3) one cost less (x360) sold at loss (ps3) one after two yars made up money (x360) The average joe user...dindt see any GREAT difference in quality of games comparing forza / gt5 ...halo / killzone ...and most of the time being more efficient made end 3rd parties would run better on the lower specs system (x360)

How it end? ...Microsoft take all of what they could from this gen.....starting getting money from the console before sony...(beating them hitting the market before)...pricing the XBL ....(50 millions active users) ...and lately putting out a device called Kinect which also if is the most gimmick think ever ..sold more then 20 millions units at a price that was half of the ps3 console in itself

Microsoft did what Sony did in pretty much half of the time (first playstation out in 1994) (xbox out in 2001) owning now the 29.2% of the marketshare against the 28.3% of Sony

Ppl never learn the lesson ...and as much u love and like a company this dont mean that all of ur wishful thinkin r alwas true

ps. this mediocre bubble system block me to write other answer...when it just reward the Fanboyism behaviours of certain ppls over here.....its already clear that ill get a lots of what u like to call "disagree"...just coz i posted FACTS that everyone can take as true just doing some research on google

I wanna ask to moderators or to the webmaster or site owner to re consider this something they could improve in this comments system
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jut420  +   1040d ago
To the dude who keeps trying to push his agenda that this gen is over and no more good games are coming in the comments section....pls give up...

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