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gamedebater  +   846d ago
Your Opinion: Will COD be Exclusive to the next gen consoles, on every console, or just 360 and ps3?
guitarded77  +   846d ago
It will be everywhere... they did it with CoD 2 Big Red One being on PS2 and Call of Duty on 360. They also had versions for Wii alternate to PS3, PC and XBOX 360. They will cash in everywhere.

The video also says Beyond may be a PS4 title... While it's possible, I'm pretty certain it's gonna remain a PS3 title. They bade it a point to express that the demo was running on PS3, and the URL to the official site has PS3 in it...
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gamedebater  +   846d ago
Very much agree as well, though with Nintendo coming up with exclusives choosing between 720 and ps4 makes it much harder. As far as which system to choose from.
guitarded77  +   846d ago
@ gamedebater

I'll get both... not because I have butt tons of money, but because I really hate missing a great exclusive.
NukaCola  +   846d ago
I'm excited to see what SuckerPunch and Media Moolecule is working on. SP has a fresh new IP and MM seems to be working on something Play Create Share alongside a new project.
NastyLeftHook0  +   846d ago
Manhunt 3 ps4 exclusive.

Half life wii u exclusive.

mario comes to psvita

halo goes to playstation 2.

and ps4 is called ps3 and xbox 720 is called box
Y_5150  +   846d ago
My brain is scrambled now.
NastyLeftHook0  +   846d ago
yes... i also gave beth her used toothbrush.
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Riderz1337  +   846d ago
Seems legit.
Gamer39  +   846d ago
I hope Witcher 3.
jay2  +   846d ago
Info wrong, Destiny is going to 360, beyond two souls for ps3.
stefan771  +   846d ago
Some of these have been confirmed as current gen

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