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rbailey  +   1113d ago
A great article right here and as a Vita fan and owner I couldn't agree more with the points raised in this piece.
FriedGoat  +   1113d ago
all I can say is Vita>3DS x100 for first year support.
Infact, i've had about 20 games for 3DS and around 15 or so for vita, and I'm having more fun in the first year of vita than I have had with the lifetime of the 3DS.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1113d ago
Jason143  +   1113d ago
My vita has been collecting dust. I decided to buy a psn card and picked up disgaea 3 and dracula x chronicles. I havent had so much fun with a handheld before. so much that I now must get a 3ds to even out all the killer titles. I have had some doubt in my $250 purchase but this last week being sick and playing my Vita have opened my eyes. The free mobile games has introduced me to a platform I would otherwise ignore. I probably have 5hrs on lemmings alone :)
forevercloud3000  +   1113d ago
I think its a bit unfair that many say the Vita is not being suppported or that it has no games when neither is true. Vita support is pretty good right now. We JUST got AC:L, COD, etc for the system. Now the effort going into these titles is definitely up for questioning.

Assassin's Creed:Liberations was a very good entry into the series on handheld. I have it and personally like Aveline more than Ezio. Ubisoft has been decent when it comes to making portable titles (Rayman). Now Activision is another monster, whom after promising a Vita title was later found not to be working on it at all for lack of care. Since this gen started Activision has been in bed with MS and spite Sony at every turn. Sony had to come up with a dev themselves to make the COD game which was promised to come within a year of release. The whole thing was sloppily handled by the devs,Sony, and Activision.

COD was the only BAD game to hit the Vita in a while. We still got AC:L,P4G which is AMAZING, Smart As, and LBP Vita which are all stellar titles. People just like to ignore the good stuff to justify their non purchase due to bias or jealousy.

PS. Fear of no Vita titles on the horizon is also moot. I was just at Gamestop and got lists of upcoming games for Vita and 3DS. 3DS only has about 10 official ones and Vita has like 5. Not that big a difference. I personally cannot wait for Soul Sacrifice, Warrior's Lair, Sly,Killzone: Mercs, Tearaway, etc.
Godchild1020  +   1113d ago
The system is not a failure nor is it a disappointment. IMO

The lack of developer support is a disappointment. How Sony is handling the situation is a disappointment. This is their second handheld console and they weren't the first to hit handheld next generation, so they should have had the developer support way before the release for the first two years with at least one game a month.

They didn't learn from their mistakes nor the mistakes from others. I do believe the Vita will pick up in sales and the support will turn around for it.

In Life(Vita) we trust.
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LOGICWINS  +   1113d ago
"The system is not a failure nor is it a disappointment. IMO

The lack of developer support is a disappointment. How Sony is handling the situation is a disappointment."

Best comment I've read all week.
KangarooSam  +   1113d ago
Some might say it's... logical
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Nerdmaster  +   1113d ago
A system's success isn't made only by hardware itself. As you said, it has lack of developer support (even from Sony), Sony is handling the situation badly... As the article says, "There are a variety of games available both at retail and for digital download for the Vita, but very few must-own titles that help justify owning a Vita in the first place".

I also think that it's possible things will change. But if it stays the same, can you honestly say that Vita is a success? Or that you didn't expect more from it? By "the same" I mean with bad support from developers and even from Sony, and games that are good, but not system sellers.

3DS was called a failure once because of the lack of games, but everybody knew Nintendo was going to release games from its popular franchises eventually. After that, Mario was released, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, even a new Pokémon was announced, and 3DS picked up pace.

But what about Vita? Uncharted was released, it wasn't a system seller. The same with Little Big Planet, or other games that should've been good but weren't, like Resistance or Call of Duty. So what can we expect?
GribbleGrunger  +   1113d ago
'This doesn’t mean that the Vita has been a failure for everyone out there, but it has been a reasonable disappointment for some.'

Now that I can engage with. This here folks is how to be unbiased
THC CELL  +   1113d ago
Hey my vita past my time in hospital having pipe removed (cancer) 5 week's of hell I.had. Vita cheered me up everytime I played it. I.just wish remote play would of worked
LOGICWINS  +   1113d ago
Cancer? WOW..I'm VERY sorry to hear that. I had a cousin that had cancer that unfortunately didn't make it, but I wish you the best for your recovery.
tachy0n  +   1113d ago
wish you the best mate!

you should try to play some 1080P movies on the PSVita, you will have a great time with the OLED screen! :D
bicfitness  +   1113d ago
Wish you the best. Lost my mom to lymphoma almost a year ago to the date (29th). Funnily enough, I was spending so much time at the hospital (she was having 'induction' therapy, so was there all the time) that I had preordered a Vita to keep me company while she was sleeping or getting tests. Unfortunately things didn't work out as planned.

So a strange, bitter-sweet fondness for the hardware exists with me too. Anyway, all the best.
KangarooSam  +   1113d ago
I seriously could not have said it better myself. I think the author stated what a lot of Vita owners are thinking. I've invested probably close to a grand in my Vita and game purchases to support developers, so I think if there's anyone else out there with a love for Sony like me then it should be alright.

Also, let's not forget we were promised plenty of announcements this year and also Destination Playstation is next month with PS3 and Vita announcements confirmed. I really hope Sony pushes the Vita and announces a ridiculous amount of new first and third party IPs as well as possibly some spin offs or sequels. People need to be aware of how great this thing is!
bicfitness  +   1113d ago
Vita stumbled from the get-go with botched backwards compatibility and a near totally redacted remote-play option. Not to mention the two Tales games and numerous JRPGs just sitting in the East with no foreseeable Western release.

Sony needs to get serious with remote play and with localizing those games over here asap. Its not as if Western developers are cranking out the AAA hits, so that's the software pool to choose from. I wouldn't say I'm unhappy with my Vita, but it certainly isn't living up to its potential or the potential Sony themselves painted for the device.
kayoss  +   1113d ago
I agree with you. But the problem is that Remote play is more of the developer isnt it? I thought the developers need to implement it. The only remote playable games so far are all owned by sony and they were HD remakes and re-releases. The lack of user base for the Vita is causing developers to think twice if they want to spend more resources for a patch that people will not pay for. Sony didnt think about this i guess. If i was a developer I dont think i will allocate time into making a patch for a game that i've released 4 years earlier. But there should be no excuses for not having remote play for new games that are compatible with the Vita.
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forevercloud3000  +   1113d ago
I do have to agree with you on that point. Sony botched the Vita release big time by letting a bad media air sit around it as it launched. Why the hell does Sony always gimp features before they release a device? Anyone else puts the system out with the feature, then tweaks as they go along. Sony spends WAY too much time product testing it, even after Vita released. BC is something that should have been avaialable day one. Same for many of the Apps it has taken them a year to release. Also, the price has to drop before we see any level of decent sales. There is a market stigma that when one of the leaders in the market drops price everyone expected Sony to follow suit. No one wants to fall for what the 3DS early adopters did.
shivvy24  +   1113d ago
i reckon they should add Google Play on vita , it would definately help
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Kevlar009  +   1113d ago
This is what I fear for the WiiU, great hardware and potential, but no drive for 3rd party to support it. It's tough when you care about something that doesn't get the attention and love you think (and probably rightfully) it deserves. Even though I don't own a Vita or have deep affection for Sony, it does have a lot of features that don't look to be taken advantage of yet

I hope mentioning the name "WiiU" didn't turn people off, but I do see a potential connection between them in terms of 3rd party support. It takes a few bold developers to sell a system for the rest of them. Again I'm not too aware of how much effort Sony has put in 1st party-wise, but it takes a firm commitment from outside and within to push hardware into the limelight. It's a challenge Sony has to face, and for fans to endure
chestnut1122  +   1113d ago
SONY's known for supporting their product for a period of time., What matter's most to them is how to improve their system by learning all the mistakes they have in the earlier year of it's life cycle., As for Nintendo., I know they have something up to their sleeves and we all just have to wait for them to announce what they've got these Year., Patience is a must. Getting Impatient leads to disappointment.
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joeorc  +   1113d ago
100% true to word in my opinion.

"Patience is a must. Getting Impatient leads to disappointment."

the games made for the PSVita Take longer to make, its just that Simple. Not Ports but games like Tearaway, gravity rush, Killzone: Mercenary,Phantasy Star Online 2. all those Game's alone take Quite a bit of development resources and time to make. Many it seem's to me keep looking at the PSVita like they do the 3DS.

Which kinda makes you wonder. How do many gamer's even think that the two system development software investment's are going to be anywhere near the same unless it's a PSP Mini or a Playstation Mobile type of development investment.

Time on development for PSVita is like the Time of development on living room game console's. while the Time on development for the 3DS is pretty much lower spec smartphone development; Not that you cannot have good fantastic games on that level of lower spec. smartphones but the truth of the matter the PSVita requires more time, resources and development advanced tool chain's in order to take advantage of the Hardware that is in the PSVita. I hear many times, where is the exclusive unique games for the PSVita?

Yet, you could make those quick fun games for the PSVita like you could for lower spec machines. But if you want unique invested exclusive games like Tearaway for instance that requires a larger team and extensive investment. nothing of which is going to be fast.

Many's expectations for quick turn around on Games for the PSVita this early, in its existance is quite unreasonable. if you want quick turn around on games, there is PS Mini's, Playstation Mobile. PS1, and PSP back catalog of games for the PSVita, and some great but small list of PSVita exclusives right now to maybe keep you interested. if that cannot keep you interested right now, than maybe the PSVita is not for you. And maybe the Nintendo 3DS would better serve your gaming need's.
kayoss  +   1113d ago
History shown us that Sony always come back strong. Right now I'm holding onto my PS vita and being patient like when the PS3 first was launch. I was patient and now I feel like i've been rewarded with great games. I just hope this is the case with the Vita. Im really cant wait what announcement they will make in Playstation destination.

I totally agree with you 100% as well. But One thing that really bothered me though. I understand PS vita games takes longer to develope and most of us can live that. What I dont understand is why Sony dont make some of the PSN games Remote Playable or compatible with the Vita? games like unfinish swan, Journey, Papo and Yo, etc... I understand if you have a game Like God of war ascension and you released it for both vita and PS3 of course you will have conflict of interest. People will pretty much buy the PS3 and you just lost money on the PS Vita. But for PSN games you still making money because people will either buy it for only one console. Why not have it be Remote play or compatible with both console?
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joeorc  +   1113d ago
"But One thing that really bothered me though. I understand PS vita games takes longer to develope and most of us can live that. What I dont understand is why Sony dont make some of the PSN games Remote Playable or compatible with the Vita? games like unfinish swan, Journey, Papo and Yo, etc... "

well they cannot force the 3rd party developer's to do that,It is offered as an Option to developer's, but unless the developer choose's to do so than it's Not upto Sony in that case. like for instance Angry Birds is a Mini that works on the PS3, but the game in fact would be able to work on the PSVita. but Sony just could not Take rovio's IP and do anything they want with it. The fact that Some reason's may be Rovio may want the option to make a PSVita ver. to sell to consumer's. or Maybe they want to make a whole new experience.

There is Games being Made on Network that are buy once and it works across PSP,PS3 and the PSVita also. Like i stated it's a slow going process because the PSVita is pretty New and is a High end device. for instance 3RD party Game engines can be used on the PSVita that may cost more for indie's to use for the platform before they can make a sizeable investment into and man power etc. than you have review process to go through. Its not clear cut always why off the bat Sony does not offer something, because unless it's an 1st party IP, you can never count on something right off the bat.

Look at SEGA's release of PhantasyStar portable for the PSP. in all likely Hood that game and its sequel could very well run just fine on the PSVita, but we have no way to have it. but yet PhantasyStar online 2 is going to the PSVITA!

Will we get the PhantasyStar Portables 1&2 for the PSVita? who knows all Sony can do is ask.

that's mainly the Problem, 3rd party has the say so. Sony with it's own 1st party offering's are doing more of cross buy, cross play for their platforms.
WeAreLegion  +   1113d ago
I feel like Vita owners don't actually PURCHASE games for their system.

If they did, they would have nothing to complain about. It has plenty of games. I play mine every day.
Knushwood Butt  +   1113d ago
Yeah, use mine pretty much every day, and most of that is for gaming.

Just wish they would release a 64GB memory card, and reduce the price of the cards while they are at it.

Next up:

Soul Sacrifice



Plus a ton of stuff from PS+
WeAreLegion  +   1113d ago
Great choices! I highly recommend PSASBR, by the way. It brings the hardcore fighting mechanics and balancing to the brawling genre. Every character feels different, too. No copy cats...even with Good Cole and Evil Cole. Completely different.
kayoss  +   1113d ago
I hated PSABR... not because the game suck... it just because i suck. I play against my wife and she knows my weaknesses in that game. She would pick the same character as me because she knows that i lose track of my player very easily. I swear to god for a whole match i thought i was beating up on her until at the end of the game I found out I had only 1 kill and 6 deaths. Im a Scientist and in my line of work i need to be coordinated but when it comes to gaming I really really suck. When i play a 2vs2 battle and there are people using the same characters a me... I always find myself running into the wall at the bottom corner of the screen and trying to beat the wall up.
But the game is a fun game if you are coordinated. I think its better than smash bros. I just wish this game had a Life bar instead of relying on finishing moves.
Perjoss  +   1113d ago
I think the Vita is a fantastic little machine. If I had to make complaints about, I'd say motion and touch controls that feel like they have been shoehorned in for the sake of it, and the lack of Bioshock.
MasterCornholio  +   1113d ago
The Vita is a great handheld unfortunately its very expensive for many people and it lacks franchises as popular as Nintendos Mario games which is one of the main reasons why it isnt selling as well as Sonys expectations. I know that in the future there will be great games like Tearaway and Killzone Mercenaries but they need to get other franchises like MGS, GTA and God of War on that machine in order to boost sales by a large margin.

I stated there was an issue with the price and that is very true with the memory cards. I honestly dont believe that they are incredibly expensive to manufucture and in my opinion Sony priced them high in order to offset the loss that they receive from the Vita. But they really should reduce the price because in my case my 32GB stick is almost full and i really dont want to delete anything on it. Another 32GB stick would cost me around 100€ which is a bit to much in my opinion.

P.S The only reason why i have a 32GB stick is because i got it for free from N4G.
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Protagonist  +   1113d ago
Among the hardware and gadgets I got the PSVITA is the cheapest I bought. My Xperia Is twice the price of the Vita yet I use It less than my Vita (and the Xperia will probably be replaced next year and I will be paying the same amount for a new phone while the Vita will last me at least five years). Games for the Vita are cheap and with sales and second hand from GS I´ve almost paid nothing for them. I would love too see some more commercials for the Vita but with all that has been implemented Into the Vita IMO the support has been great. Lots of games are comming for it but If the criteria for succes Is everyone walking around with it, then no handheld gadget has been a succes except for the Iphone.

Great article btw.
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megamanX2  +   1112d ago
its a failure to sony in sales, and shows there wont be another just cant touch nintendo.

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