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BlakeA  +   793d ago
I'm actually pretty excited about this.
Theyellowflash30  +   793d ago
Yes, this is Xenoblade 2 or a game in the Xenoblade Universe. Check out this article here.
RuperttheBear  +   793d ago
Just look at the size of the monsters, wow. Whatever it is, it's going to be special.
stuntman_mike  +   793d ago
sadly I never got to play Xenoblade chronicles (not for the want of trying, people are charging way to much for it.) this looks amazing tho, maybe they will release the first xenoblade in HD along with it?
vallencer  +   793d ago
Search around at gamestops. It's still only 50 bucks and it's completely worth it.
stuntman_mike  +   793d ago
I'm in the UK they don't have any gamestops where I live only GAME. But luckily I found it for £20 used at blockbuster today, result!.
PygmelionHunter  +   793d ago
Well, those spiky hills growing up to the right at the beginning of the trailer do look like the ones on the Bionis' Leg. That guy near the end of the trailer is IDENTICAL to Shulk and I'm not gonna spoil it but, yeah the mech explanation in the article makes sense to me because I thought the same after watching the trailer.
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Adnan_rules  +   793d ago
exactly made sense to me too
TuxedoMoon  +   793d ago
I'd say it is Xenoblade 2. The character at the end looks way too similar to Shulk. The sword animations and battle system bar are the same too. I guess the only major thing is that red X. That's the symbol most associated with Xenogears, but even Xenoblade 1 had that X, so yeah...

Then way Xenoblade 1 ended does open the game to a sequel.
I'd just be super surprised if it's not associated with Xenoblade at all.
mi_titan27  +   793d ago
somebody please read the title to this article and tell me if something is missing???
RogueStatus28  +   793d ago
Xeno universe but not blade. Not exactly Shulk but maybe his father including some lore on the universe? Also some Mech duels with your friends on MP would be cool.
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DivineAssault  +   793d ago
xenoblade was great but over rated.. This looks like a different game but possibly in the same universe. Xenomechsword the lost world
deafdani  +   793d ago
I don't think it was overrated at all. It's easily one of the very best Wii games, if not the best.
Theyellowflash30  +   792d ago
No it was not overrated. The Battle system was great
Blastoise  +   793d ago
Could title make sense?
RogueStatus28  +   793d ago
I can imagine you and your 3 friends getting into Mechs trying to defeat a skyscraper sized Dino, that would be epic.
LastXeno  +   793d ago
Square Enix: "HD Towns are impossible"
Monolith Soft: "Yeah, well we're going to do canyons... In mechs"
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Ranma1  +   793d ago
Square Enix should be called Square Anus from now on
Kevlar009  +   793d ago
But can they do HD Towns in Mechs? That's the important question

(Also what instance are you referring to with SE?)
Adnan_rules  +   793d ago
Cant Wait for this game, need a Wii U for this game!!
LastXeno  +   793d ago
Square Enix: "HD Canyons?... It's Imposibruhhh!!"
Monolith Soft: "we're MonoSoft, bitch"
josephayal  +   793d ago
Maybe yes, Those graphics look AAA + AAA Outstanding, Finally a game on Wii U that looks better than anything on and
Adnan_rules  +   793d ago
so true man!
MasterCornholio  +   793d ago
Is Xenoblade like Monster Hunter? Because the trailer makes it appear like its a Monster Hunter style game.
deafdani  +   793d ago
It's similar in the sense that yes, there are big creatures in the game, and yes, you can engage in fights with them, and use the materials collected from their corpses to upgrade your equipment, clothes, etc...

However, in Monster Hunter, hunting monsters is the whole point of the game, whereas in Xenoblade, you really don't have to engage with them if you don't want to, unless it's somehow part of the main story mode. But if you don't, then you won't level up fast enough, and well, it's way too fun not to do it...

So, I guess, yeah, Xenoblade is a bit similar to Monster Hunter. :P
JohnApocalypse  +   793d ago
The character at the end looks allot like the protagonist from Xenoblade
Instigator  +   793d ago
Iwata said a few months back that the game is unrelated to any existing series:

I don't think the similarities are enough to say that it's Xenoblade 2, although for convinience sake it's probably the best way to refer to it.

A lot of games are open world, and it's not unusual for developers to adopt similar battle systems as their previous games. I mean, look at Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

I'll admit the character does look like Shulk, but I don't think we should read to much into it. None of the characters in the trailer looks like that, and if the game really is going to feature online co-op it might even let you create your own character.
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rainslacker  +   793d ago
He also said that Xenoblade was going to have the same kind of spiritual feeling that was present in XenoSaga, and that XenoSaga was a spiritual successor to Xenogears. They take place in different universes but overall they have that same kind of feel. Saga was heavy on the Sci-Fi, Chronicles and Gears had kind of a mix like this game appears to have. Granted XenoSaga was pretty much all the prequel we could get, but the similarities of themes and stories compared to Gears were vast.

I'm really excited for this game. Monolith Soft is one of my favorite developers when it comes to RPG's.
zalanis  +   793d ago
i cant believe the scope of this game. i thought skyrim had a perfect draw distance, but this is so much more grand. the scale of this game man. wow
zalanis  +   793d ago
im not surewhy people be thinking that the guy at the end is shulk from xenoblade chronicles. im pretty sure shulk has blue eyes not green, but how could it be him if its either a sequel or a prequel, he doesnt look like he aged either weay.

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