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violents  +   1035d ago
Why did he say nothing coming from ND. Isnt "the last of us" from ND and its scheduled to release this spring right.

Although a epic launch title lineup would be a nice change of pace, I could never understand why console makers dont bring out the big guns right up front, not only to showcase new hardware but help move units. The ps3 launch was disappointing, I bought a 600 dollar machine and was playing ps2 games on it for the most part, until about a year went by.
Adolph Fitler  +   1035d ago
@ FrigetDarkness,
"Kaz said it wont launch this year"
Hey, I'm not being a smarta$$, by any means, but I never heard him say it wasn't launching this year....
Are you able to give us a link of him saying that direct comment please????? I'm not doubting you, but I read many Kaz comments, & I never saw one that confirmed nor denied a release this year. And, in fact, I read somewhere that one of the Sony powers that be, a Japanese gentlemen, funnily enough (who'd have thunk it), hinted that PS Orbis would get a reveal in May, so this would easily give Sony time for there Xmas 2013 release date.

I'm pretty confident Sony will release PS4 this year, theres no way on gods green earth that Sony would hold off until Xmas, like some fruitcakes either believe, or are just being )falsely) hopeful, because either, like me, they have too many PS3 games they still need to finish, or, they have only recently upgraded from a PS2, or Wii, or such, & want PS3 to last the projected 10yrs without it's successor releasing before that 10yr period, or the 3rd option is that they are just plain batsh1t crazy.
Either way, PS4/Orbis will be out before Xmas 2013, that is a given......the only glaring question is long have some of Sony's big gun inhouse boys been working on titles for this machine, what quantity, & more importantly, quality of games can we expect on launch.....I mean, who wants a bunch of old (worn, torn socks) handmedowns, like Wii-U mostly got. I mean, the only Wii-U game with a skerrick of originality was Zombi-U, but then again, how can I claim a game titled "Zombi"-U has any originality weight, whatsover, as the whole Zombi factor cancels out any hope of originality....I guess the only touch of originality from that is that some idiot at Ubisoft was unable to spell Zombie correctly & so it stuck.
What if a developer made a game for Wii-U about a platform hopping fork.....would it be titles Fork-U. They could then do a sequel that included co-op play with Forks mother.....then it could be called, Fork-U & Your Mother, or MotherForker-U.
BitbyDeath  +   1035d ago
Kaz didn't say it won't be out this year, Friget is just trying to stir the pot.
Adolph Fitler  +   1035d ago
Anyhow, even if Kaz denied PS4 for this year, that is just an age old ploy & tactic of war, to give there enemies/competition a false sense of security. I seen a interview on here the other day where Kaz stated that Sony would let MS reveal 1st & wouldn't reveal PS4 before MS revealed 720, as he said that would allow the competition to see your specs & design, then try to one-up your companies product/s.

I just hope they include a modified cheap Cell chip to alllow full b/c with PS3 games......Even if they only do so for a limited time, & charge us $50 more to allow for it, even putting a small hdd in (60 to 120gig), so as to balance the cost of having better specs. I mean, a HDD is bugger alll to add, in fact, why can't they make it so we can just throw our 320, 500gig, PS3 HDD's into our new machines........& do it so we can just throw them straight in, & have instant access to all the content that HDD held, without having to reformat the HDD to that machine, as it is a painful process having to backup elsewhere, then some stuff won't backup, & so on & so forth....I mean, I had a painful time swapping out my orignal 60gig PS3's HDD with a 500gig.....I ended up losing masses of saved content, & having to redownload ALL of my PSN bought stuff. It was horrible, & there is no need to do it any other way, other than just chucking your PS3's HDD into the new machine & it just up & working with all your collective content up & ready to go, without any painful processes. That kind of easy functionality, along with the FULL PS3 backwards compatability, would really help Sony, & would be a godsend to most of us....I know myself for a fact.
ColeMacGrath  +   1035d ago
No way I'm gonna buy a PS4 day 1, think of the big price they're gonna put it, and the issues it might get, like what happened with the first PS3 model. Maybe the year after the PS4 release, I'll buy it, since its gonna get a price-drop within a year, I guess..
DarkBlood  +   1035d ago
remeber that stuff your wishing for wont happen if people dont buy the ps4 in the first place
ColeMacGrath  +   1034d ago
I agree, but that just depends on the features its gonna have, and I already bet that they will listen to their customers' suggestions, and what do they want it to have, if that's true, then I would expect a huge amount of units sold in day 1.
remanutd55  +   1035d ago
what is it that happened with the first ps3 ( the one i have ) what do you mean by that? i mean i have 4 usb ports, memory card readers and i can play ps2 games, 6 years and running like a champ.
ColeMacGrath  +   1034d ago
That's strange, as I've heard a lot of people on the internet suffering from YLOD, Fan noise, discs stucked inside, and overheating issues, you're probably one of the lucky people who has a perfect PS3. I really wish that they bring all of the features of the phat PS3 in a new model with touch buttons, sexier design and feel, and 500GB of storage, but that's not gonna happen since they already released the Super Slim model. :(
MasterCornholio  +   1034d ago
Strange i didnt hear many reports of first genration PS3 consoles suffering from hardware failures shortly after launch. You must mean the 360 now that console in its first year was plagued with hardware failures due to Microsoft poor quality control.

"But between 2007 and 2009, electronics warranty consultancy SquareTrade tracked the Xbox 360 failure rate at 23.7 per cent, and deemed it the least reliable console when compared to Wii and PS3. 12.7 per cent of that number is purely red ring of death-related failure."
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younghavok  +   1035d ago
Im pretty sure the PS4 will launch like pretty much every other console has, with a bunch of ports and maybe 1 or 2 exclusives. ND is still working on Last Of Us arent they? SM GOW:A and poly takes forever with Gran Turismo games. Well see though
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stefan771  +   1035d ago
No way it's launching this year
TBONEJF  +   1035d ago
MYSTERIO360  +   1034d ago
Thumb up just for having that awesome swat kat pic, loved the series
TBONEJF  +   1034d ago
Hey thanks what can I say I'm a 90s guy.
Funky_Homosapien  +   1035d ago
My only wish is not to have a single xbox360/ps3 port on ps4 on launch day
airforcex  +   1035d ago
They'll say it will launch this year (to neutralize people thinking of Xbox), and then delay until next year.
AO1JMM  +   1035d ago
BozoLoco  +   1035d ago
The Last Guardian and a new Crash Bandicoot game.

BitbyDeath  +   1035d ago
Motorstorm 4 is all i need in order to get it at launch.
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remanutd55  +   1035d ago
Next Gen Lunatics Unite!!!! i've been saying this all this time since the rumors started, gimme Motorstorm World Tour Sony and im pre ordering ps4 as soon as it becomes available, everything else will be a bonus to me.
dubberman  +   1035d ago
Hang on a minute;
"We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of first party launch titles.....Sony’s next move seems a bit too secretive and this makes us suspicious."

Yet gets the headline 'The PS4 WILL launch this year with a AAA line-up'

Seems about right.....
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Hozi  +   1035d ago
Alright I know it's every gamers wish right about now to just see the damn PS4/nextbox....but c'mon! Why get delusional and claim that because they havn't released certain games like GT and infamous, that PS4 will release this year? I say we get an announcement at most...SONY is not known for announcing a new console and releasing in same year.

correct me if I'm wrong.
remanutd55  +   1035d ago
Motorstorm World Tour sony, thats the first game i want to play at launch day.
black911  +   1035d ago
I'm hoping for new Ip's
juandren  +   1035d ago
New Crash Bandicoot PLEASE!!!
brew  +   1035d ago
Can't really expect a bunch of big guns for launch.

But launch , launch window , and summer =

Guerrilla Games
Evolution Studios
Planetside 2
MLB The Show 14

That's good enough to start with.

Then Holiday 2014 =

Uncharted 4 , boom
easthastings  +   1035d ago
The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA misleading title.


"Details emerge that the PS4 launch and it's AAA misleading title development team is being handled by, the leading game news and editorial website comprised of clowns."

Wow, I can't wait.
Kos-Mos  +   1035d ago
"The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA line-up"

"We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of first party launch titles"

Can you decide if it will or that you think?
IAmTheBest35  +   1035d ago
well at least we know next generation begins this year. whenever the psquadroople comes out.
chronohill  +   1035d ago
can't w8!I want infamous 3 and Valkyria chronicles 4...
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Knushwood Butt  +   1035d ago
I don't think there's any reason to have more than 2 killer titles at launch.

History has shown that hardware vendors are lucky if they can get an attach rate of 2 at launch. Your average consumer doesn't have the money or the time to pickup more than 2 games with their new console.

I'd rather they focused on 2 quality launch titles, then on follow up releases over a well spaced release schedule.

Look at the Vita launch; there were a ton of games, most high quality, but only a few actually sold well while the rest were left on the shelves. They should have kept a few key titles for the launch and then spaced the others out for weeks and months after.
linkenski  +   1034d ago
I just want Drakan 3!
MYSTERIO360  +   1034d ago
Forgot about that game,there should definitely be a sequel
linkenski  +   1032d ago
They should at least rerelease it for PSN or something! I'm dying to get to play it again!
MYSTERIO360  +   1034d ago
For me its
-Final fantasy vs 13
-New syphon filter
-The last guardian
-Killzone 4
-Zone of the enders 3
-New IP
-Lair 2 (much improved)
-All stars battle royale 2(much improved)
-Planet side 2
-New naughty dog game
-Demon souls 2
-Infamous 3
-Doom 4
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liquidhalos  +   1034d ago
Im not very happy with Journalism starting with the words "We think" Journalism is facts not guesses. Whats happened to N4G, this place used to be great, now its a whimper.
MGregory666  +   1034d ago
That's why it's called an opinion piece!
Divine  +   1034d ago
Killzone 4, last guardian,uncharted 4 just those alone call for an insane launch and then bring the rest within the next month or so .sony/ps4 is the future . i cant wait
Divine  +   1034d ago
and i cant for get GT6 Insanity
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