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ChipChipperson  +   1039d ago
The title should have read " Capcom Explains Why Their Bullshit Excuse Is a Bullshit Excuse".
tarbis  +   1039d ago
It's coming to the PC. So, pirating it is the best option if you don't want to support Crapcom =)
wiiulee  +   1039d ago
its not profittable on the psvita..
arbitor365  +   1039d ago
i dont know why my fellow vita owners should be up in arms about this. ive played Revelations, and the game is mediocre at best.
Yodagamer  +   1039d ago
We all know capcom, and many third parties, don't think it's profitable on vita. They made their money on the 3ds and now their porting it over to other consoles, which ironically this will probably be the best resident evil on consoles in a while.
boybato  +   1039d ago
Capcom = No balls.

Take Sega for example, considering their current financial state they've managed to bring titles fo the Vita. (Miku, Sonic Racing, JSR, Super Monkey Ball and Phantasy Star Online 2)

I would understand if they're hesitant to release a full pledge Resident title but for crying out loud it's a PORT.
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Yodagamer  +   1039d ago
You're acting like capcom is the only third party devloper or publisher to ignore the vita. As much as i love having a vita, i'm not gonna be upset with only capcom when many other companies are doing the same.
boybato  +   1039d ago

I am not upset with Capcom, a little maybe, disappointed - very much.

Anyway, I'll lol if this retails for 59.99.
Ulf  +   1039d ago
This is pure BS. Developing for the Vita is FAR easier than developing for the 3DS, and frankly not much different than developing for the 360.

The 3 cores available on the Vita (the fourth core is for the OS) are not as fast as the 3 Xenon cores, but they're still decently fast, and the memory architecture is very easy to use, just like the 360. The 3DS, on the other hand, has two cores, one of which is mostly devoted to the OS, and both of which are individually slower than a single core on the Vita. On top of that, it has a *severe* lack of memory, relative to the Vita, 360, or PS3. There's NO reason this game couldn't make it to the Vita, if it goes on the 3DS...

Except one -- Capcom probably doesn't think it can sell enough copies on the Vita to justify a port.. at least not yet. That, or they are making a different RE game for the Vita, and don't want to self-compete across two teams and dev budgets.

Porting to the Vita is cake -- even though I am a random internet stranger, take a leap of faith and just take my word for it. Any time a company doesn't want to port a game to the Vita, the reason is basically due to the low number of Vita units sold, to date, and that's all. The Vita is an *extremely* capable handheld device, and moving any game engine from the recent 360/PS3 gen to it, just isn't very hard to do.

That "screen isn't big enough to provide the proper experience" blubber is just 100% BS. It's "number of potential customers", plain and simple. A shame, since its a vicious cycle that the Vita doesn't deserve. I hope some publishers with some b#$%s eventually decide to take the leap and help the Vita grow into its awesomeness.
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P45cal  +   1039d ago
My friend told me only good things about RE:R, well he owes a 3DS n I only owe a Vita. Capcom we deserve a Resident Evil Portable plz just make it happen. >;0
strigoi814  +   1039d ago
capcom you already messed up resident evil so why waste time right???
Smokingunz  +   1039d ago
Haha! The vita sucks thats y.
Qrphe  +   1039d ago
They could've ported the PS3 version to the PSV since it's already been shown it's a relatively simpler process. Truth is, the projected profit from the game probably wasn't worth the effort for them.
Novistador  +   1039d ago
Why would you port any game to the Vita? The damn system can barely sell.
chukamachine  +   1039d ago
Not sure why people think Vita is dead. Stop measuring against 3ds.

3DS sales are people just jumping from DS, so they can use there old games. Trust me it's not the 3d.

The screen is nowhere near as good as PSVITA and neither is it's power.
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Funky_Homosapien  +   1039d ago
These assholes have run the resident evil franchise to the ground.
etownone  +   1039d ago
Awesome game. Reminded me of RE4
o-Sunny-o  +   1038d ago
I already played it for my 3DS. Now I wanna play it for my Vita what's wrong with that? I'm not playing this on big screen around that time it comes out. I got Last of Us and God of War by then.
oldskoolgamer702  +   1038d ago
Ok folks just face the fact that sony screwed you again. just like the psp.
Adolph Fitler  +   1038d ago
Please mate, stop typing so much sense & basing your posts on reality, as it's not the thing the kids find "kool" & "hip".
Your not supposed to make sense & use rational on the interwebs known as N4G. The only ones we are allowed to bash these days are Sony, because apparently Sony have committed horrendous acts on 100's of millions of people, that is akin to murdering there children, raping there men, & sending there women to work down in the deep Sony Japan mines to extract minerals & other such materials to send to there Chinese factories, where these same peoples grandparents are slaves to building the PS3, PSP, PSVita & PS Orbis, & will die in these pits of hell, they call production plants.

Thus, Sony bashing,.....YES......Capcom bashing,.....NOOOOOOOO....... Sony bashing,.......YESSSS,.......M S Bashing,......NOOOOOOOOOO,.... ..More Sony bashing,.....Hell yesssss,..........Nintendo bashing,......F%$K NOOOOOOO,.........Sony bashing,......Yesssss,.......A ctivision bashing,.......Noooooo. You all get the point.

Capcom have made some of my favorite games of all time, amongst them is Ghouls'n'ghosts, 1942, DMC, Rival Schools, Resident Evil 1 & 2, StreetFighter 2, Final Fight, just to rattle off a few......but Capcom have always been overly greedy & rip offs, as evidenced in the early days with multiple, barely changed SF games.....I mean, even SF4 was overly raved about, overly hyped, & overly praised by critics, for reasons I still can't fathom. I mean, the game was solid, but comon, it was just another SF2 with polygonal based graphics, as opposed to sprites. I truly can't believe it scored the way it did, & got away with being the same old 25yr old car, with a new 2pk paintjob.
Mortal Kombat was a far better redo, of an old fighter.
Then, to keep slapping us upside our heads, Capcom, 6-12months later after SF4 hit shelves they popped in 2 new characters, put a Super at the front of the title, then released this exact same trash for poor, stupid SF fanboys to buy again at full price........then Capcom strike again 1yr or so later & stock store shelves with Super StreetFighter 4: Arcade Edition.
And now Capcom just do the same thing, only instead of the expense (for them) of putting it on a game disk we've already bought, but to get these already included on the disk, "extras", we have to pay for them (again).

And now, because of this & the fact that MANY FOOLS have been snapping up this content, like there using a stolen credit card, & these Capcom & Activision, overly enthusiastic fanboy content whores, have let ol' Cappy & Acty (amongst other developers), let these greedy, filthy rich basterds know that we certainly DO NOT want to get value for money, we want to keep giving Capcom money to re-release extra games, or chunks of games, or just adding another word to the start and/or end of that title.
Adolph Fitler  +   1038d ago
So Capcom may just sell us a copy of SF5, on our PS4's & 720's, then 3 months later they will offer Super Street Fighter 5, as a downloadable ONLY (FULL PRICE) title. So then we will find out that the smallprint on the PSN store states that you will require the original SF5 game disk to play this supposed "NEW", Super StreetFighter 5 ......then, for another FULL retail cost to us consumers 8mths later, we will PAY THROUGH THE NOSE, for another new SF game, only to find that, again, to buy this "NEW" SF game, we will need the same original SF5 game disk to pay to get what we already have sitting on the disk......we will once again be expected to pay full fricken retail bucks for what is ultimately the exact same game as SF5, only it may have Ultimate, Super, Alpha, or something of the sort, at the end or start.
I mean, there greed in re-releases, as well as content already on disks that Capcom recharge you for, beats even Activions samely tactics.
Kohven  +   1038d ago
You f***ed up Capcom.
CatXFlash  +   1038d ago
Just say it Vita is not selling so you can't get any sells from Vita no Vita RE. FFS we can read you like a book we aint stupid do devs really think we are all simply tools to milk.
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