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stuntman_mike  +   1112d ago
I'm disappointed I was expecting something new (then again it is Capcom who likes to reboot their games to death). at least the controls will be better on consoles.
CatXFlash  +   1112d ago
Why cry? this is a real Resident Evil game finally on consoles. Save the tears for DLC and on disc DLC ..just my advice do do as you want.
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stuntman_mike  +   1112d ago
nothing to cry over they could have put thier resources to something new and fresh so do do as you want :)
Treian  +   1112d ago
awesome. A true RE game!
younghavok  +   1112d ago
The Vita is the Wii of the handheld world so dont expect too many ports for them outside of what sony does. As for this game, I owned it on the 3ds and enjoyed it quite a bit, I'll definitely be adding it to my Wii U collection as well. Capcom is really giving Nintendo alot of love as of late. Its like the PS2,GC,Xbox era all over again.
007Bond  +   1112d ago
Please have split screen coop!
CatXFlash  +   1112d ago
Capcom (have not used that name in a long time have been using crapcom for very long) Finally makes a right move? is there a catch? DLC per pixel maybe haha!! we have to pay per polygon? xD come on Capcom is this trailer real? hehe anyways all joking aside expect this game to sell like hot cakes its a true survival horror game finally.
clyde san  +   1112d ago
To be honest with every one. I bought my 3ds for revelations. But support Mario land 3d quickly became my favorite game much better than revelations. That's to those who say there isn't much reason to get a 3ds.

Revelations was OK. I beat the game already it was fun. I'm a fan of true survival horror and preferred the earlier resident evil games over 5 and 6. That being said if you have a Wii u zombie u is a much better game.
younghavok  +   1111d ago
agreed. In the world of Survival Horror on consoles right now Zombi U is king. But for those who want more Revalations will be a good suplement
2pacalypsenow  +   1112d ago
I miss the old RE with the old mechanics RE0
MooseyXTC  +   1112d ago
The real RE6 is coming!
Subzero200  +   1112d ago
the game is ok, but the story really real zombies.
Qrphe  +   1112d ago
When was the last time we had actual zombies in a RE game?

I forget
sitharrefus  +   1112d ago
Code Veronica if your following the timeline :p
Treian  +   1111d ago
if you read the lore, they are a variation of the t virus
Max-Zorin  +   1111d ago
Resident Evil don't even revolve around zombies.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1112d ago
Doubt I'll buy it since I own the 3DS version, I can't imagine it'll look or be much better on the other platforms but it's good for those who never got to play it. I recommend it to everyone, it's a brilliant game and probably the best survival horror in a long time, definitely the best Resi game since 2005.
ShaunCameron  +   1112d ago
So much for a Wii U-exclusive RE game, but this will do.
boybato  +   1111d ago
when Capcom says:

porting Revelations is what they meant. :<
Doctor_Freeman  +   1111d ago
Loved Revelations on the 3DS, one of the best handheld games I've ever played. I'll be keeping on eye on this.
JallaJunS  +   1111d ago
I have a 3DS but never really felt like buying this for it. But now that it's coming for the Wii U I have to play it.
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