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pgnuk  +   953d ago
Its always nice to hear something good around the world instead of all the bad things we have going on.
Nitrowolf2  +   953d ago
This is pretty awesome, my respect for Bungie just keeps getting higher and higher. Such a nicely detailed helmet to. Hope all goes well for the family.
IAMERROR  +   953d ago
This story made me cry, I love it when people do this kind of stuff.
TOGC  +   953d ago
Good Guy Bungie.
THC CELL  +   953d ago
That's good, nice to see some developers care.for people
Mister_V  +   953d ago
Dat helmet.
Belking  +   953d ago
Bungie is good.
juaburg  +   953d ago
Fucking awesome :)
jakmckratos  +   953d ago
Forget Good Guy Greg..remember your Best Boys Bungie.
PtRoLLFacE  +   953d ago
why is it you don't see other developers doing stuff like this, is a shame!
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RuleofOne343  +   952d ago
Gearbox did something similar for a passing fan before & after they even have him mentioned in the game .
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TisMayo  +   952d ago
Aww that's cute and very nice of them! :)
shaun mcwayne  +   952d ago
Get well soon little fella!

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