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shinrock  +   988d ago
i didn't know Sony could tell M$ what they can and cannot do.that's funny.
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landog  +   988d ago
BOTH sony and ms have been stalling way too long as they lose more and more marketshare to pc, mobile phones, tablets and even the wii u....

its been way too long without new consoles and the average consumer can not honestly care less about what the ps3 or 360 have to offer, yes the die hard gamers like us on N4G are still pumped for new games like last of us, ni no kuni (cant wait :) gears judgement ect...ect.....but most of the people i know in the real world are just waiting for the next call of duty and won't buy a single thing until then....its sad....but ps3 and 360 have been around too damn long, consumers look at them as outdated tech....

many of my co-workers and freinds show me their iphone games and say things like "dude this shits on anything on ps3, these graphics are amazing"

"i put more hours into this game than anything on my xbox 360 all year"

new consoles HAVE to come out very, very soon!
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badvlad  +   988d ago
Only sheeps think that these two giants dont talk with each other about their next gen at daily basis
cleverusername  +   988d ago
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Thunderhawkxbox  +   988d ago
Sony officially scared this is what happened to last generation they waited for Microsoft to announce Xbox 360 and they changed ps3 spec to make it more powerful by giving excuses to delay releasing ps3 blaming a fault in their laptop batteries they had to recall them and saying they had to delay ps3 release date because of that and now they want to do exactly same thing again
kenshiro100  +   988d ago
...No, no, and no.
hardcorehippiez  +   988d ago
hahaha someone has filled your head full of shit. if you honestly believe that drivel i dont know what to think
WitWolfy  +   988d ago
Who knows maybe its true... Just because PR talk didn't confirm it doesn't mean it isn't true.
hardcorehippiez  +   988d ago
no it was shortages of blu ray laser diodes which is something that also pushed up the price of standalone blu ray players sheesh people do some research
sdrawkcab  +   988d ago
I know I'm not the only one who puts the caption "599 US DOLLARS" next to the picture of Kaz.

Giant enemy crab!

Here's to yet another memorable E3!
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sdplisken  +   988d ago
YodaCracker  +   988d ago
Apparently not, according to Sony.
Gaming_Guru  +   988d ago
The funny thing with that comment it turned out to be true, XBOX 360 added an HDMI port to their consoles after the PlayStation 3 released.

In all honesty, people take the PR comments too seriously and have to understand they need a slogan to get into people's heads that says they are better.

Like the slogan, "it only does everything" in the literal sense no, but in a multimedia sense yes.
Yodagamer  +   988d ago
The next gen console starts when the first 8th gen console comes out, oh would ya look at that it's already here.
ghostrider32  +   988d ago
I assume you desperately want Sony to have a monopoly on the Industry.
AO1JMM  +   988d ago
Fanboys are going to be going nuts off this for weeks.
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Kran  +   988d ago
Sorry but "Sony Will Let Microsoft Make First Move"...

that just sounds like bitch talk.

I'm not on Sony's or Microsofts side, but I just don't see why the devs have to talk this way when it's clear both consoles will sell.
Kos-Mos  +   988d ago
I`m so glad Nintendo doesn`t have a douchebag attitude like Sony and ms.
Gaming_Guru  +   988d ago
I say with next generation it's safer to wait, but as with this current generation it was better being first. A lot of buyers were naive about HD content, multimedia devices, and digital content. Hell Microsoft's 360's first generation console had no HDMI port, even though Microsoft said games will be in HD, and people bought into that.

With multimedia devices more common like phones, tablets, and smart TVs buyers will be more educated this time around. I find customer inertia is the only thing stopping people now to convert.
Bolts  +   988d ago
I'm already disappointed in the nextgen from both sides, Sony and MS. Seems like these clowns are releasing 1080p gaming consoles in the face of a 4K future.

The nextgen, whatever it is, is going to be under whelming as hell. Yawn.
Veneno  +   988d ago
I actually think you have a point here. From PS1 to PS2 was a shift frkm CD ROM to DVD. From ps2 to ps3 we had dvd to blu-ray, while microsoft and nintendo didnt innovate. And its looking like there will be no major shift in format coming from Sony. It might be possjble that this next generation will only be a small upgrade instead of a quantum jump like we've seen before.
Raoh  +   988d ago
Relax people.

Xbox gamers are more desperate for a new console than playstation gamers.

While PS3 games are only getting better and better, xbox 360 games are only seeing small improvements and mostly its just better development tricks with lighting etc.

While sony has God Of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, The Last Of Us, Puppeteer. Not to mention the oferrings of games from free to play like Mag, Killzone 3, Dust 514 and DC Universe. As well as Playstation plus offerings if your inclined to add $50 a year for what can be considered a rental system similar to netflix/hulu but for games with some of them being able to be kept permanently even if you do not resubscribe to plus.

360 has Gears of war judgement and the timed release of Bungie's Destiny. You could bring up som XBLA games but then you also would have to do the same to PSN games.

Also as mentioned on neogaf, that's just the when to unveil comment. Release, price and specs are later, meaning MS could announce in March with plans to release in november 2013, Sony could announce in may/june and release in september/october/november at a cheaper price.

We still don't know what is going to happen.
Ezz2013  +   988d ago
you are talking with logic ..that don't work on n4g

and yeah as ps3 owner i'm happy with what they offer of amazing exclusives
FrigidDARKNESS  +   988d ago
Hes scared to release thebps4 because all reports says it jis not as good as the 720..
My thought is if you confident in your new system then go ahead and release it regardless of competition. This type of act from Kaz is unacceptable.
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Daves  +   988d ago
check out 'vgleaks'

Don't know how up to date it is.
isyourhouseonfire  +   988d ago
Translation: "You're going to win, but we're going to make it look like we wanted it that way."
TheKayle  +   988d ago
Proelite on Neogaf (he is a true insider)

"Originally Posted by deanos:
- I still dont get how these Data Move Engines are going to close a 50% gap.
Sounds like nothing more than a wishful thinking.

- Deanos, I've already received word from special sources that the special sauces will not only make up the gap, but overshoot it like jizz launched from a wizard's penis."

Talking about the "special sauce" that Data Move Engine (that sort of blitter that is inside the durango ) should be (and still seem that on the diagram miss something) as Aegis said
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slampunk  +   988d ago
The only reason Sony would wait is due to issues or being behind in development.....i'm sure after this gen whoever is ready first, will announce first....

Previous gen.....2011 sales worldwide....
PS2 - around 150 million plus
Xbox - around 24 million

Current gen
360 - around 75 million
PS3 - around 77 million

MS have easily won this generation if you look at the market share they have taken from has taken the entire gen for Sony to catch up / why would Sony want to wait makes absolutely no sense?

I will purchase both consoles as i have this gen.... but prior to this gen i had only ever played sony consoles.... delaying made me open my horizons towards MS and although they aren't perfect, they did offer some great things this gen....They (MS) would be over the moon with how far they've come this gen and i'm sure have exceeded their own expectations will sales etc.....

If PS3 released at the same time as 360 Sony would have a far greater market share coming off the amazing success of the PS2...
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   988d ago
Slow and steady wins the race, good move Sony.
BladerunnerZX  +   988d ago
It seems that many gamers have forgotten Sonys 10 year plan for PS3.

If you are a PS3 owner just enjoy the upcoming AAA games like the Last of us , God of War ascension , Beyond Two Souls and hopefully the Last Guardian within the next year or so.

No way does the PS4 launch this year.
mr_kubrick  +   988d ago
Some ppl are just getting tired playing 720p Games on FullHD TVs.
I mean, upscaled 30fps Games are so 2008...
NBT91  +   988d ago
That's the thing, with all of those and others. Not to mention awesome multi plats like Tomb Raider, MGS5 / Phantom Pain and MGS Rising (and Ground Zeroes?)
I just can't get excited for next gen consoles. I would much rather be able to play all of those than buy a PS4 and play MotorStorm

Will buy the next gen consoles, sure. But no way their launch line ups are going to be even HALF as interesting as the titles launching this year on current gen and really... What's the point of having a more powerful console if there will be barely anything to play. I hope PS4 has B/C compatibility.
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AhmadSA  +   988d ago
Hey, Motorstorm is freaking awesome.
Bolts  +   988d ago
Very few of the current gen of games are actually full 720p native. Just look at the texture resolutions in most games, many are really sub-HD. The fact that tablet games now have higher native resolution than the current generation should be a wake up call.
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Max-Zorin  +   988d ago
N4G is gonna be Saving Private Ryan next gen.
urwifeminder  +   988d ago
May have to sell some more assets to pay for it all choke sony.
susanto1228  +   988d ago
I think Sony's tired of playing catchup in any case I don't think MSfot is doing anything special to please Sony. I might even go as far as saying that right now Msoft is dictating the Console market just the way Sony was doing back in the day...sad really
Ps_alm3k  +   988d ago
I HAVE A DREAM,.. that one day, next gen console owner will not talk about what console they own is better. But about what exclusive they own.
jerethdagryphon  +   988d ago
first ps1 games 1994
last ps1 game 2005

time games made 11 years

first ps2 game 2000
last ps2 game 2013 (pro evo soccer 13)
time games made 13 years

first ps3 game 2006
last ps3 game unknown
time 10 years projected

so far sonys kept there word and games were made
dubt72  +   988d ago
C'mon Microsoft, sweep the leg!
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jacksheen0000  +   988d ago
Both Microsoft and Sony will mostly come out at the same time or close to one another.

Remember it takes most DEVs about 6 months to a years to master a gaming console.

Not to mention, most game in development takes 2-3 years to make.

So lets say if Sony releases the ps4 in 2014 it would give Microsoft a 2 years head start.
bocajbee  +   988d ago
Meanwhile with the Wii u...
AhmadSA  +   988d ago
Keep waiting for each other. I still have tons of games I haven't played yet!
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