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zugdar  +   1040d ago
I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan and even I agree with him. Pretty stupid headline if you ask me.
broken_back-man  +   1040d ago
metroid32 is obviously blind toeverything, he tells people that are backing m $ and sony to grow up but last I remembered nintendo wii and wiiu are more aimed towards children. and I canpromise the ps4 and 720 are goibg to make the wiiu look a gen old when they come out just like last gen, I think when 3rd party developers are already dropping suppord for the wiiu its pretty sad just look up the crytek article the wii u is introuble and the new counsles havent come out yet, but good luck playibg the same games over and over ill have both systems that have 3rd party support lol
Drainage  +   1040d ago
sony is putting a screen on their ps4 controller. enough said
Phil32  +   1040d ago
Just reading the comments section here is proof enough why gaming isn't considered a legitimate hobby yet-- Grown ass adults bitching and trolling about electronic toys. So embarrassing. Makes me ashamed to be called a gamer. :/
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IaussieGamer  +   1040d ago
Of course Sony will stay with Blu-Ray next gen. What other choice do they have going backwards to DVD and limiting their console? Blu-ray will be required for next gen as data of the games get larger. Just look at the 360 and some games having 3 or even more disks to fit the games on.
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Gaming4Ever  +   1040d ago
N4G still proving it's one of the scummiest sites on the web I see.
modesign  +   1040d ago
patcher bashes ps3 = "pachter is insightful, he is spot on, he can predict the future".

patcher bashes 360/wii = "pachter is a moron, he cant predict anything, why isnt he dead yet, OMG hes a moron".

same old same old with these kids.
JaggedCarpet  +   1040d ago
I think you got those backwards.
lilbroRx  +   1039d ago
When and how often has Patcher bashed the PS3, or the 360 for the matter?

Almost every sentence that comes out of his mouth has Nintendo in it.

As for people calling Pather a moron for bashing the Wii. Are we reading the same comments?
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Orionsangel  +   1040d ago
They are? Duh! Haha! Everyone knew the Wii was a slightly more powerful Gamecube with no HD and few online games. That didn't matter though. They managed to take over the industry with a fascinating gimmick. Personally I think motion control has seen it's best days. It came and went. Now it's that silly oddity we all laugh at while still using Gamepads for the majority of games we play.

Anyway, the Wii appeared at the right time and basically won this gen in terms of numbers. I don't know about relevance though. Wii ran out of steam. While 360 and PS3 kept going strong and games like Call of Duty and Mass Effect made lasting impacts this generation. Nintendo is trying to do it again, but again they're gonna be left behind when 720 and PS4 come out. The Wii U isn't exactly setting the industry on fire at the moment, but it doesn't matter though. Nintendo will release Wii U Mario & Zelda game and they'll flock to the Wii U. On the other hand, judging from the Launch. It looks like Wii U will be the new Gamecube this gen. A good system with great games, but it could never quite make it to the top.
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Bowzabub  +   1040d ago
This doesn't require any analysts....
broken_back-man  +   1040d ago
I agree but last gen I had lots of casual gamer friends that picked up the wii because of the price, the wiiu isnt doing so hot because they mostly have ports from counsoles that are cheaper and I also believe the wiiu is already in trouble because they are already loaibg 3rd party support this early in its life
dani25pr  +   1040d ago
give a fuck what Pachter says that I have a ps3 and xbox360 and buy the WiiU mind now and I like it much more than ps3 and xbox360
MadMen  +   1040d ago
I agree, Nintendo has become a waste of gamer space

SONY and MS are where its at.
Hassassin  +   1040d ago
Wii sold more.

As far as best gaming machine (costs not considered) you have to go PC.
sway_z  +   1040d ago
We're entitled to our opinion about Pachter, like he is entitled to his...whilst I don't agree with a majority of what he 'touts' ...I agree with this notion.

Nintendo will always be behind in terms of software support, and here's why.......Besides Nintendo (and a few 3rd parties) Nobody makes money on Nintendo hardware.

Nintendo need to build better third party relationships or their users (YOU) will miss out on some awesome games that aren't Mario, Zelda etc..

Nintendo diehards will tell you they only need Nintendo's franchises to justify lack of third party support...but then they get Black Ops 2 and start hootin and tootin lulz
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wiiulee  +   1040d ago
that clown and haters like him....yup nintendo always a couple years late...thats why the 3ds is beating the psvita by a long shot...thats why the wii motion controller was copied by the competition..thats why the wii won last generation by over 20 million systems more sold then the competition...thats why the wiiu gamepad will be copied by the competition , thats why miiverse and tvii will be copied, even that clown said so...oh sony and microsoft will bring out a better version of miiverse and tvii admitting that the competition will be copying nintendo...go figure..haters will hate though
Fel08  +   1040d ago
Pachter, go home, you are drunk.
360ICE  +   1040d ago
I agree with mr Patch for once. If Wii U had been released in 2010, same year as the iPad, that would probably be pretty impressive. Are anyone really impressed by a pad controller with those specs in 2012? or 2013? After Vita cross play and smart glass even...

Btw, not saying it won't sell (even though it would sell more if it had the "wow" factor), just saying that it's not really all that impressive to tech geeks.
lilbroRx  +   1039d ago
The controller has no specs, its just a controller. And Nintendo released "that type" of controller long before the ipad was ever a thought. It was called the Nintendo DS.
360ICE  +   1039d ago
Really? The controller has no specifications?
I could have sworn things like
6.2″ inch touchscreen, WVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels), 16:9 aspect ratio
Regular button control layout on the side of the controller, with two analog circle pads
Speakers (left and right)
Infrared sensor
NFC and Bluetooth support
Stylus/pen support
Headphone jack + volume slider
Compatible with 3DS as a controller
Uses Wii U sensor bar to track and determine 3D position

would have passed under "specifications". But who am I to judge something that everyone agrees with me on? It's not like Nintendo lists gamepad specs on their official site, or anything.

ALSO: I think it's fairly easy to see how Nintendo DS is not a tablet, like the ones the Nintendo Gamepad is often compared to. Though of course it would have been even less impressive if DS is was "that type" (though I never really used that phrase) of a controller. So your point kind of makes no sense.
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DivineAssault  +   1040d ago
Hes kinda right.. Nintendo messed up imo.. Miiverse is cool but thats all the wii u has that makes it kinda cool.. Now if Sony or MS make a social app thats a bit more mature, wii u wont have anything that will make people want it for anything other than its own published games.. Im sure there will be a handfull of gems from 3rd party on it but im almost positive that nobody is going to jump ship from PS or Xbox & stick w nintendo.. Its going to remain a secondary console to core gamers nx gen.. Even this gen its secondary for me anyway.. Hopefully some firmware updates to the UI & features will improve it a bit in the future cuz right now, theres absolutely no reason to buy one.. It needs original & exclusive core titles & fast before its too late
HeroReborn  +   1039d ago
Agreed they pushed themselves into the market, and in the proccess lost the casual gamer with bad marketing and a intimidating controller. I own one myself and beside being a really good game at parties to play I'm hopeing that they have some more support for titles because the device itself has so much potienal
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Viper7  +   1040d ago
Only a few?
silkrevolver  +   1040d ago
While agree that Nintendo should have kicked up the Wii U's specs up quite a bit, Pachter seems to rag on Nintendo a little too often. They rarely stumble enough to fail.
thecurseddevil  +   1040d ago
no shit
Benjaminkno  +   1039d ago
"Microsoft is a few years late on that RROD"... oh wait, he didn't say that! XD
Pachter's "expertise" is always a welcomed in the land of Nintendo!! We need more fodder for the desperate fanboys that can't stand Nintendo anymore. Let them consume the glimmering hope that their brand demands. It's like hanging a carrot over your heads. Can we get more investment advice from this guy? As far as I can tell, Sony has been a safe investment, aside from the company actually being underwater. Why not see this for what it really is; criticizing Nintendo while you emulate everything they do.

Keep flinging your dung, I thought I smelled bullsh*t...
HeroReborn  +   1039d ago
If what he says is true about multiplayer games than Microsoft will have to restructure the whole idea of Xbox live.... I will be damned if I were to pay a subscription fee twice. Tell you the truth I don't see how it is possible for devs to squeeze money out of the gamer on a monthly basis in the fashion. Know that some of the big MMOs do it but just don't see it for consoles
The_KELRaTH  +   1039d ago
I'm not sure why so many feel the Wii U will be directly competing with the next Sony/MS consoles.
The most likely scenario is it will end up being at a much lower, more affordable price bracket by comparison and still take the " children/family" entertainment segment over the gamers segment.

When mums start buying Sony/MS consoles for themselves like they bought Wii's then maybe Nintendo will have to rethink their strategy.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1039d ago
Nintendo just needs some more inovaion.
bozebo  +   1039d ago
Performance/tech wise, sort of but it's the way they do business. Other than that, they make sure it suits them - they did motion control "right" for the Wii, though motion control wasn't new. This time they are the second to put a screen on the controller (Dreamcast) but I suspect they will pull it off better (probably due to their brand rather than the merits of their product, though they do keep releasing good games too).
Nevers0ft  +   1039d ago
PRO TIP: Pachter gets his opinions on Nintendo from a Magic 8Ball.
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