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joefrost00  +   1041d ago
Now we trying to decode which RUMOR has a portion of truth to it
So I'm going to tell you what I heard from a certain guy that works at EA
Now you ps3 fans going to call bull
Now said the system all together the xbox destroys the ps4 but and this a big one is divided and assign to do Pacific things like. It had 3 different processors 1 for backwards com. 1 for with 4 cores for kinectand the OS now for the 1 that matters. 8 core and not as fast the ps4 but they did get the ram right though
mochachino  +   1041d ago
If PS4 is going to be more powerful it will be my console of choice. MS should learn that casuals can't be relied on - look at Wii U. They already dropped Nintendo for their phones and iPads.
Tsar4ever  +   1041d ago
Don't know if this latest rumors are true, but if it is?

DAMN YOU, SONY!!!!! HOW could you GIMP on the orbis's RAM spec after all the complaints game devs were griping about all through this gen? Only 4GB? You fail!! you fucking failed it again! I don't give a rat's ass how super fast is GDDR5 RAM is, It's still only 4GB!! It's RAM capacity that benefits vgaming in the long stretch, not RAM speed! Ram speed only benefits CPU/APU's & GPU's hardware that could be OVER-CLOCKED!!!

This means the neXBox WILL have better, sharper and more highly detailed visuals worlds in it's games, especially large open world games such as, WOW, EVE online, Battlefield, Assassin creed, Elder scrolls, Far cry, Crysis, GTA, & Mass Effect series, because it has 8GB, The RAM capacity needed to buffer out those detailed visuals in strong rez.

Damn you, sony. You haven't learned jack shit!! FUUUCCK!!

There, that my rant to this latest rumor, If this is all false, and the orbis end up having 8GB RAM like the earlier rumor article from nowgamer, then.....never mind.
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SITH  +   1041d ago
You are overreacting. Nothing is official.
BitbyDeath  +   1041d ago
Guess you didn't read it all?

"it looks the PS4 will be engineered to be a pure gaming machine with more power, the 720 will fall in between the PS4 and Wii U in terms of power"
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Tsar4ever  +   1041d ago
Read the reddit article link, and it doesn't make me feel any better. The guy is not saying anything different than the article link a the top of this post. The neXbox is using slower DDR ram with more volume and the orbis is using faster GDDR ram but less of it. To me, that's still a DEAL BREAKER. Ask any self taught pc builder and they'll tell you in the long haul, for multitasking & gaming, hardware built with more RAM is far more beneficial, even if the RAM happens to be slower. And do you remember the ps3 has fast XDR memory, which is way faster the 360's DDR3 ram and look how THAT turn out, especially when it came to multi-plats. The 360 still had more RAM volume to offer devs which is why 360 games looked rez sharper & performed better. Ps3's 1st party games succeeded 360 was due ONLY to the help of the cell BE, to compensate for the lack of RAM & overall capabilities of that outdated crap gpu nvidia screwed Sony on.

It's good that Sony is investing more on the orbis's GPU capabilities than the anything else this time around. But I still don't see the logic with gimping on it's RAM volume. Devs want "MORE" RAM. I never read anything about devs asking for faster ram. And not only that, did you read the part in the other rumor articles that the neXbox's 356bit bus rate has smashed the orbis's 256bit? I really hope this rumor is false and I'm hoping that the rumor article from "nowgamer" is more accurate to the truth as far as RAM is concerned, by this is what it showed.

PS4 Tech Specs
An APU with a fast GPU.
4GB of DDR3 RAM.
CPU is an x86 system with 256-bit bus.
A more off the shelf design than the modded Xbox 720. "We all feel Omni is more of a pc in it design."
Capable of 3.2TFlops of data.

by this at least it still has 8GB!!
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BitbyDeath  +   1040d ago
Well it is all still rumour at this point. But once you take the OS RAM out of the picture you get-

PS4 - 3.5GB GDDR5
Xbox3 - 5GB DDR3

Now i don't know that much about the differences of the two RAM types but if GDDR5 is twice as fast as DDR3 it'll then deliver more ram (6GB) in the same amount of time the DDR3 delivers 5GB.

Now i don't know if GDDR5 is twice as fast or more/less but even with it having a speed advantage would mean over time it would catch up and overtake.
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ziggurcat  +   1041d ago
"A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit"

seems legit /sarcasm

if anyone thinks that something posted on *reddit* is even remotely true, they deserve a smack upside the head.
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Sgt_Slaughter  +   1041d ago
Sony is in a financial hole right now. I don't think they would put THAT MUCH into the PS4. It's going to be powerful none-the-less, but not a big gap from the PS3.

Buying it on launch so I don't care which option they pick.
Platinum_k  +   1041d ago
Screw Kinect and non-hardcore non-lazy gaming!!!

It looks like it'll be the Sony Console for me again this generation.

Glad to hear Sony is still the "power-horse" and could prove to have more potential than the other consoles once AGAIN.

I'll have to wait and see.

NONETHELESS, next year gen, come at me BRO! =)
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Smokeeye123  +   1041d ago
I came here just to say that I can't wait to watch Django on my Durango.

That is all.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1041d ago
I feel sorry for all you "gamers" who think they have to choose a side. It's not a war going on its just video games...I'm lucky enough to have always been able to play any console game I want because I don't limit myself. I can't imagine the thought process of someone who would walk into a game store, look at a game they know they want but refuse to buy it because its on a different system. Makes no sense to me. But hey to each his if you'll excuse me in need to to change the inputs on my tv using my Wii U pad so I can smash some fools in halo while I wait for my digital psn copy of devil may cry to download. Ahhh the good life...
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the new king 74  +   1041d ago
Steambox/Ps4/720 I'll have all 3
younghavok  +   1041d ago
So all 3 consoles are looking pretty close in power. Its shaping up to be PS2,xbox,Gc all over again. This generation will be all about the exclusives, in that regard itll be a helluva fight between Nintendo and Sony quality wise, but if sales are any indication itll be Nintendo that comes out on top again. Hopefully E3 will shed some much needed light on things. MS needs to build up a portfolio of titles. Multiplats dont really sell consoles once you get to a certain point.
SITH  +   1041d ago
Absolutely nothing in this article is new.
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mdkgod43  +   1041d ago
so the ps4 will have less ghz then the ps3? the ps3 is at 3.2 and they say the ps4 will be 2.9 i believe
EffectO  +   1041d ago
Consoles will be $300??
Profitable too

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LKHGFDSA  +   1041d ago
Even the Pii Pu is $350, and it's a weak POS!
(Remember the deluxe model is even more, $430 RRP.)
Pillsbury1  +   1041d ago
Whatever the ps4 will be it will be beast. I love the rumor of the idea of backwards compatibility available on a dongle you can plug into the ps4 separately.
Dr Face Doctor  +   1041d ago
An anonymous source on Reddit? Sounds reliable bro!
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TheSauce  +   1041d ago
Next gen for both:

Sony- They seem to want to focus on power and fidelity so that their games will look the best. They want to be able boast about their 1080p,60fps for the first couple of years. They also want to start integrating cloud into the console in preparation for the cloud gaming of the future.

Microsoft- From what I can tell about their focus on OS, they want to bring more MMOs and free-to-plays onto the next console. They want to tout their console as the all-purpose entertainment box. They are also investing gaming peripherals such augmented reality and Illumiroom in order to create their own new ways to game to attract the masses.

Both of these consoles have different goals but, in the end, both will contribute greatly to gaming.
Newsman  +   1041d ago
No beans were spilt here, just a jar of hit seeks
Drainage  +   1041d ago
Playstation U with screen on controller with Playstation all stars 2 as the launch title and LBP Karting 2 in launch window. Backwards compatible with PS MOVE and includes the new PS Move Plus. New game announcement Gran turismo 6 to be released 2018 and Socom 5 promising classic Socom2 gameplay but not really.
Npugz7  +   1041d ago
Another unreliable article! don't trust anything said here!!
kingPoS  +   1041d ago
It's going to fun watching all this drama unfold over MS & Sony's new consoles. I can't help but wonder what 3gb of ram is needed for, Or figuring out what the super companion chip is for.
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MadMen  +   1041d ago
More ram is better than faster ram, ask a dev
PS4isKing_82  +   1041d ago
Looks like we're gunna have another 2001 on our hands this year. Back then, the original Xbox and GameCube launched just 3 days apart from each other.

Xbox on nov 15th 2001 and GameCube on nov 18th 2001.

And btw the title for this article is a tad misleading.
They have NOT been unveiled.

Although I feel we are very close to an "official" unveiling, it has NOT happened yet.
Oh and PS4 will be mine on launch day, even if I have to camp outside best buy in the freezing cold lol
EffectO  +   1041d ago
I like how he says "MS will maybe include Kinect".

No developer in the know would speculate about something like that.
LKHGFDSA  +   1041d ago
Reddit has fake shit like this all the time. I doubt it's true.
Most of it is plain assumable while other bits were already known.
No real breaking info here.
TemplarDante  +   1041d ago
For those saying "Sony is in teh financial holez, can no bring power tech next gen"
you're mad. watch the CES 2013 coverage. Look at that £500 Xperia Z. Sexy as hell. Its a Quadcore phone that wipes the floor with the competition.
Now, you forget, the head honcho at Sony, Kaz Hirai, got to the top through SCEA. Oh.. PS4 is coming.. and its going all out to kick ass! :)
IRetrouk  +   1041d ago
I kinda want that phone but have recently got an s3, which will be close enough spec wise for me to be able to wait awhile and buy it when a sim free sale happens.
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