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Kalowest  +   1115d ago
ME2&3 suck
Son_Lee  +   1115d ago
ME2 & ME3 are the best in the series. ME1 is dated and very hard to play.
Blacktric  +   1115d ago
"ME2 & ME3 are the best in the series."

What's wrong with current generation summarized with one sentence.
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darren_poolies  +   1115d ago
Correction: ME2 is the best in the series.
DeadlyFire  +   1115d ago
Here is how the design timeline went with Bioware influence. It shines through like a blinding light. The parts that EA skimped around.

First game had power and immersion to 100% some bugs yes, but the game was solid and the atmosphere was unlike any other game out there. Granades were like mini bombs. EA took that for a ride later, but less immersion to a degree in the final game. The original goal of the series that Bioware stated disappeared overnight when EA took charge. Stating that decisions in the first game had different effects for the third game. EA clearly took it and did what they wanted with the series.

In itself its still a decent series though despite the changes that EA inflicted upon it. What will bioware games be in 2013 and beyond with all EA influence I wonder.

ME 1 - 100% Bioware
ME 2 - 70% Bioware 30% EA
ME 3 - 40% Bioware 60% EA

Bioware leads/creators laid off pretty much.

ME 4 - 100% EA
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WolfLeBlack  +   1115d ago
Well, that's a tad harsh.

What's your problem with the games? Personally I thought 2 was the best in the series in terms of the story and characters, while 3 claims the best combat gameplay and I'd even hazard the best levelling up options in the series.
Irishguy95  +   1115d ago
Completely agree with you. Amazing series, ME3 had some of the best tps combat i've played. Biotics helping with that.

ME1 is too flawed to take on 2 imo, I was sad to see some things from ME1 go but ME2 held it's own and comes out on top. What I would have liked was an improvement on the Mako and planet exploration aspect, not removing it. But either way, ME2 wins.

I was also sad to see some things go in ME3, but it picked up even more with the combat so it is still a great game. The last 10 minutes were just an unfortunate thing which alot of people including me are critical of. I loved the Indoc theory too. Haha

Also Blacktric, ME1 is still flawed, the combat is dull now compared to Me2 and 3. The elevator parts/geez- The Side quest/planets were too repetitive - If someone likes ME2 and 3 more who are you to say that is a problem of this gen. Again I say, I wish the improved on ME1's faults instead of removing them but in the end ME2 is still a more fun, rounded experience.

Take the game for what it is, not for what it isn't.
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Son_Lee  +   1115d ago
Glad to see a lot of people agree with me. Sick of seeing all the hate for this series on here. ME2 and ME3 improved combat, graphics, stability, and the leveling up in ME3 was the best. I can't decide what is the better game: ME2 or ME3. I even loved ME3's ending without the extended cut, probably the only person in existence that did. I love leaving certain things open because the best stories allow you to theorize your own ideas about what happened while still having enough closure to feel satisfied.
TisMayo  +   1115d ago
IMO this is the best sci-fi saga I've ever experienced.
ChippyDee  +   1115d ago
I wouldn't say it defined this generation. Not one single franchise no. There are other games too.
rainslacker  +   1114d ago
By define I think they mean glitchy bland-looking unreal engine games. Lets face it, that's been pretty defined this gen.
SuperSonic266  +   1115d ago
Mass effect defined generic
OmniSlashPT  +   1115d ago
A Franchise that defined a generation? lolwut no one gives a fuck about ME anymore, it wasnt even in the top 5 games of last year and it is far from 'defining' this gen.

If I was to pick a game/series that defined this gen I would say Uncharted 2 for example, because it brought so many new things to the table and influenced so many other games, that it can truly be called gen-defining. But ME? It's not even an RPG anymore, it's a TPS with some lousy moral choices. Pretty much like a complex inFAMOUS. And I love ME, but I don't think it changed the industry at all.
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dirthurts  +   1115d ago
Really? Uncharted is basically a cut and paste of every other action adventure game that ever existed. It didn't do anything new. It did what it did very well, but nothing new.
gillri  +   1114d ago
as much I Love Uncharted 2 and 3 you cant compare a linear action game to an entire universe

Mass effect is my favourite new IP this generation (which Assassins creed, dead space and uncharted behind it) and has created a universe more interesting than Star wars or middle earth

ME2 is in my top 3 games of all time, UC2 would struggle to make my top 10
rainslacker  +   1114d ago

While true, to define a gen, you would have to see the effects of that game prevalent in many other games throughout the same generation. Very few games tried to do what ME did.

Final Fantasy 7 could be considered a generation defining game, because many of the things that it did were seen throughout the entire generation of it's time...and even through to today. Full-CG cut-scenes, heavy story influence, non-linear gameplay, etc. All those things could be seen in many many games that came after it, even outside the RPG genre.

I really can't think of a single game which defined this gen for me.
grayfoxx881  +   1115d ago
Personally I liked all of them. If I had to rank them it would have to be 2, 1, then 3. I always managed to finish a new M.E. game within a few days, which doesn't happen too often with me anymore.
ceballos77mx  +   1115d ago
This series went from being the best, to being overrated at the moment it went to the ps3 (that's what I've noticed on this site).

Got the trilogy for ps3 and I agree its not generation defining (I think not a single series or a single game is), its one of the best, also its true that it's better to experience it from the first game.
Linko64  +   1115d ago
They are right. This generation has all been about watering down games in order to cater for people. It's also a fine example of people preferring spectacle over quailty. Mass Effect 1 and 2 were great, 3 felt forced and lacking the ME charm (for me anyway). I look forward to more ME titles where the game becomes unrecognisable as a dull rehash of the MP. Least they gave us Mordin and Garrus.
aLucidMind  +   1115d ago
ME3 lacked the charm for me as well, the feel of the Normandy especially. The Normandy in the previous games just had a feel where you were doing something grand and important while it also felt like I actually was in a space vessel. In ME3 it felt like "I'm in another ship, bleh". kind of feel.

I may have really enjoyed ME3 but it was very watered down, especially the immersion (which was only if you've played the previous games as well).
gillri  +   1114d ago
as mucyh as I loved ME1, ME2 is the best...but I do prefer the story, style and feel of ME1
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1114d ago
A great series that was tarnished by a horrible ending in ME3.
ginsunuva  +   1114d ago
Those days of ME1 and 2 that gave me so much enjoyment. Then me3 ruined it all. It keeps sending shivers down my spine.
linkenski  +   1114d ago
The ending itself and especially the controversy around it has left me hating Mass Effect, not because i think it's bad, but because even though they are incredible games, all of them, the sound of the words "Mass Effect" just makes me negative, because of what it reminds me of.

So much went wrong in those last hours of ME3, and i wish to death that i could just enjoy it and say "Nah, oh well the last bit sucked, but the rest was great" but i simply can't after all the hate i've been hearing.
LAWSON72  +   1114d ago
Me1 is just a awesome game. Too bad they ditched their original ideas and fanbase and redid everything poorly for 2 except shooting mechanics. They made everything too run and gun for the last 2, imo. The 1st was all about exploring a exciting universe and learning about it. The second was about talking to your squadmates instead, which 1 did a good job at to begin with. The third game was a bit more in depth with rpg elements unlike 2 and actually had a lot of armour and guns. It is just to bad 3 ended ME story for me, and if i ever touch ME ever again it will because of decent coop or i get trilogy on pc.
linkenski  +   1114d ago
I really did appreciate the change of pace for ME2 though, because it felt like you had this amazing introduction that really sold you on the universe in ME1, and then ME2 expanded upon it while making it more about the characters and more cinematic. I don't know why the hell ME3 had to be about all-out war though. Sometimes the scenarios were like cheap CoD/WW2-like knockoffs.

A lot of things went wrong just at the beginning of ME3. And the dialogue had stupid parts to it in all games, but it was a real shocker to see how fucked the ending got in 3 compared to how amazing it was in the other two games.

Completing ME1 and 2 always felt like this to me: "YOU have saved the universe through YOUR choices" It always makes me smile because i feel like shepard is an incarnation of myself in the games, because of all the customization choices we get.

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