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SugarSoSweet  +   925d ago
a 7670 or 6670 are BUDGET cards u buy them a best buy with pre built machines hardly a gaming gpu at all
MilkMan  +   924d ago
I gotta say, I am a Nintendo fan through and through. But you cant cover the sky with your hands and pretend its not there.
My 5 year old son knows that you need hot and CONSISTENT games to keep interest alive.
I think the big N fucked up this time around. If they don't come out of left field with some awesome games. I fear for this new console.
and I say this with a heavy heart.
ozzywazzy  +   924d ago
I gleefully want to watch the wii u burn! I can only imagine the stress Reggie is under! :)
andshesays  +   924d ago
this is bad but its nintendos fault
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Deku-Johnny  +   924d ago
Wii U's weak sales? Whoever wrote this has been reading too many Nintendo doom articles. The sales are just fine, do you remember how many people bought a PS3 when it was first released? People need to stop comparing Wii U sales with current console sales until it's been out nearly a decade. The fact is Wii U sales are similar to PS3 sales right now because Wii U has only just come out so it hasn't had chance to create a fanbase yet, PS3 is at the end of it's cycle so people aren't buying it anymore.
cee773  +   924d ago
ps3 6 weeks past launch 1,000,000 (US)

note less than 400,000 ps3's were available at launch in US ps3 was also 500-600$

wii U 6 weeks 890,000 (US)
wii U price 300-350$
dani25pr  +   924d ago
if WiiU can be in crysis and is inexpensive to be on ps4 and xbox 720 which may cost about $ 500 I ever and had playstation but if the cost of PS4 is too high will not buy it I have Wii u too and I think it's their excellent console games look better than the current PS3 and Xbox 360 that spent more than 7years to see good games gráfically when WiiU has the same time as they would then graphically Wonder you play xbox360 ps3 and they looked as they look now
gamingmaster2013  +   924d ago
i hate negative 'doom and gloom' articles, especially the stupid retarded journalists who write them. then when the console does well and all the great games come out for it they the same journos jump on the bandwagon stating how much they love the console and suck on it and wank over it etc. its happened to consoles like the ps3, the 3ds etc; starting to happen for the psvita and will eventually happen to the wii u and the other next gen consoles.
Jek_Porkins  +   924d ago
I'm enjoying it, but they really need to show off a 3D Mario, new Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bro's ect...

I am really digging it, but there needs to be some great games out for it to entice people. I mean I have New Super Mario Bro's U, ZombiU and AC3 for the Wii U, but I want some exclusives. I'm of the opinion that exclusives sell people on a console at launch.
jester1122  +   924d ago
I mean you wii u fan boys can all get butt hurt , but what are you playing on it Mario still or a lot of ports that came out over a year ago..Cause your not getting anything soon really, no dead space 3 ,bioshock, metal gear rising ,dmc, metro 2034 ,tomb raider the list goes on.. You get aliens and some lego game in march and that's it... That's just 3rd part if you have ps3 you get sly, god of war ,and last of us all by may .Xbox has gears of war I don't like that game personally but it's still a big game....
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Thepcz  +   924d ago
nintendo never change do they

i suppose nothing is better than shovelware though. quality, not quantity
dcbronco  +   924d ago
I'm not sure what Nintendo was thinking. Powerful machines are what makes gaming. They were silly to think they could do what the Wii did again. Not much new to the Wii U. It would have been better if it had been a Wii with cutting edge power.
Jason143  +   924d ago
I sold all my consoles to go strictly pc but i have t admit that lego city looks so cool and monster hunter is a no brainer. If wiiu gets fire emblem ill have to pull the trigger again just to play MH and FE. Tech aside Nintendo still has fun games. As the above poster said it more cutesy and what not but for me it is a trip down memory lane every time i see the nintendo logo.
Kos-Mos  +   924d ago
Crap article from crap journalist and crap people on this site gets horny because of crap.
The truth is always stronger than opinions.
younghavok  +   924d ago
Im enjoying my Wii U quite a bit. AC3, Blops2, ZOmbiU, NG:RE are all great titles that occupy my time nicely. It also helps that the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with the Wii so that when Pandora's Tower come out ill be adding that to my collection of games as well. Sales wise its beating the ps3 and 360 in the same timeframe and both of those consoles went on to sell over 70 million. In the coming months we get Rayman (xclusive) and MH tri (exclusive) as well as an incredible looking Lego game (exclusive) and some decent looking 3rd party multiplats with Aliens and injustice. As somebody else said its mainly the people who dont have a wii u that are complaining. And to the people who keep bringing up the PS4, its not announced, no idea what will launch for it, and going off of rumors its not that much stronger than the Wii U, at least not strong enough to make a huge differenc.
megamanX2  +   924d ago
This just sounds like my 3DS experience. The severe lack of games in the first year really put me off the system and it is now collecting dust."

lol lack of games? have you even seen the library, and as for the vita its gasping for air since it has nothing going for it.
Tzuno  +   924d ago
Nintendo is the result of their own arrogance.
PygmelionHunter  +   924d ago
Wow, I now officially weep for humanity after reading these comments, watching the agrees/disagrees count and..... DID THEY BUBBLE UP AKUMA?!?!?!

R.I.P - N4G's comment section.

Come on! Bring back that comment section that was specially made for trolls and trolls only!
metroidfusion2  +   924d ago
Wow people love thinking they know the future lol and I could go on and on about so many things but all I will say is just wait peopke seem to forget gaming history or just don't know it at all ha lol and unlije so many people I am giving the system a chance
kupomogli  +   924d ago
As of this very moment, the Wii U is in a pretty bad state. That's not to say it won't ever pick up. It's right now.

Almost every game currently on the Wii U is on another console or handheld and is a port. Very few are exclusives. Out of the massive list of 10 games that are released until April, only two are exclusive. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is on the PSP, while Ultimate 3rd is nothing more than an enhanced port that's on both the 3DS and Wii U.

So that leaves Lego Undercover and Rayman Legends. The newest Rayman game was great, but as poor as it sold on every console it was released on, this isn't going to be a system seller, and Lego Undercover definitely isn't.

Every other launch window title that's been announced has been delayed.

For those that already own a Wii U exclusively, this shouldn't be a problem because the list of games plus any Wii games you may have missed, as well as Pandora's Tower, should have no trouble getting you through this six months.

But for Wii U sales in general, this only pushes more sales towards the PS360 and for this next six months, the Wii U sales are still probably going to be low. The reason is simple. Cheaper console and a lot of interesting games that the Wii U doesn't have.

Not including anything the Wii U is also getting, there's Ni No Kuni, Dead Space 3, Sly Cooper, Crysis 3, Revengeance, Tomb Raider, God of War, Gears of War, Army of Two, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Island, Splinter Cell, the Last of Us, and Beyond Two Souls. Remove the exclusives and there is still a great multiconsole lineup along the PS360.

With the lack of games on the Wii U and possibly the best first and second quarter line up to grace either the PS3 or the 360, the Wii U is going to be ignored the first half of the year.
OSIRUSSS  +   924d ago
Ninty's first party games won't save the U!

Did Mario/Link/Samus save the Game Cube? Nope. The 64? nada! And they won't save the U.
Khordchange  +   924d ago
well obviously they did because they were profitable systems
Kennytaur  +   924d ago
I'm glad I held off, might pick one up in a year or two when there's a good library of strong titles.
Plagasx  +   924d ago
The Wii U has been dead from the moment it launched.

I love Mario and Zelda as much as anyone else but it's not enough.

When the TRUE next gen systems release this year it's going to be done for.
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KaptainJ  +   924d ago
Its launch is better than both the PS3's and 360's. And the economy is worse now than it was then. How does that make it dead?
PopRocks359  +   924d ago
"When the TRUE next gen systems release this year it's going to be done for."

Just like the DS, Wii and 3DS. Oh wait.
Whymii  +   924d ago
"The sky is falling. The sky is falling!" Talk about trolling masked as 'intelligent' reporting. Sad, very very sad : (
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Morgue  +   924d ago
The rental agent guy at my building keeps raving about the Wii U. He told me 3 months before it was released that it was going to the " most powerful console ever "

I asked him if he had PS3 or 360 he said no. " Only play the Wii "

He bought one and raves about it. I asked him a few days ago what games he had.

" oh I only play Call of Duty Black Ops "
ElectricKaibutsu  +   923d ago
At least he realized the Wii U wasn't just an add on for the Wii I guess. It's so easy to forget how little the non-hardcore gamers know about games.
Morgue  +   918d ago
He's still ranting about it.
tweet75  +   924d ago
nintendo will need to do 2 things to bring wii u back to success levels. 1. reduce price. 2. keep a constant stream of high quality games coming
sway_z  +   923d ago
Nintendo seem to be profiling the Wii U in a similar way to the a mix of core/casual. But even the (arguably better than PS2 technically) Gamecube struggled to get third party attention.

Outside of Nintendo's own studios and a few select third parties, nobody makes money on Nintendo hardware. Nintendo need to build better third party relationships or their users (YOU) will miss out on some awesome games that aren't Mario, Zelda etc..

Nintendo diehards will tell you they only need Nintendo's franchises to justify lack of third party support...but then they get Black Ops 2 and start hootin and tootin lulz

It's not really their fault tbh... 'cos that's always been Nintendo's achilles heal...they're more interested in their own IP's than giving their users a more rounded console experience.

Nintendo stuck on pride & ignorance.
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