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DivineAssault  +   1120d ago
Of course!!! I think the differences wont be as bad as this gen in software tho.. unless MS has some incredible deals for xblg memberships, i have a feeling that many MS fans will jump ship on the the orbis of vita
mochachino  +   1120d ago
I always eventually get at both non-nintendo consoles a gen but in terms of my main and first console...90% of my favourite games are multiplats so the console with the superior looking multiplats will get my dollars. If they are both the same graphically, I'll go with the cheaper online.

I can wait for a couple price drops to get the other console to play Halo/Gears or Uncharted/Killzone/GOW.
mochachino  +   1120d ago
No Brand Loyalty
No Brand Hate
No Brand Love

Just the brand with the best games.

They're soulless corporations. The console with the best and best looking games will get my dollars. That's it.
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