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kataloni10  +   995d ago
BlackWolf  +   995d ago
Well, this is stupid. No worth as a game for me.
Knushwood Butt  +   994d ago
This is going to sell some Vitas.
Haha123  +   994d ago
yh to horny perverts that like fantasy over real women
knifefight  +   994d ago
For example, me.
RustedMan  +   994d ago
sonic989  +   994d ago
haaaahaaa cool i enjoyed the video that's for sure
i would not lie and say i didnt XD ( being honest )
anime girls >>> real girls and the same goes for guys
dtweiuiusdfi   994d ago | Spam
Snookies12  +   994d ago
I'm getting this imported for the hilarity factor... I almost lost it at the end when their clothes were ripping off hahaha. This is going to be great to randomly show people and see their WTF reactions.
r21  +   994d ago
This is going to sell like crazy in Japan and may help increase sales for the vita. Them folks love stuff like this.
izumo_lee  +   994d ago
Reminds me so much of another anime series called Ikki Tousen, which ironically has games made by Marvelous as well.

This is nothing to be shocked by, compared to other anime series Senran Kagura is pretty tame in my opinion. Pure fan service through & through, gotta love Japan for their boldness as usual.

I wonder how this will do though. The 3DS games are side scrolling beat'em ups while the Vita version is more the side of Dynasty Warrior type games.
J86blum  +   994d ago
-fap fap fap-
HarvesterOSarow  +   994d ago
Ninja Bitch FTW. And I would play this on the off chance that it ever left Japan. (Which it won't)
Veneno  +   994d ago
where's the gameplay?
knifefight  +   994d ago
Licking the screen, dude.
Veneno  +   994d ago
FlyingFoxy  +   994d ago

but imagine this, oculus rift on PC + a hentai game.. *fap fap fap fap*

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