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sdrawkcab  +   1117d ago
It's heating up for this years E3.
Can't wait!

Will Sony fail again with their ridiculous pricetag at launch?
Will they build a product that is hard to program for?

Will the 360 be stronger or weaker?
Will M$ focus too much on Kinect?

Just some questions I'm looking forward to getting answered.
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stage88  +   1117d ago
I don't see this being true.

MS = cater to casual
Sony = cater to hardcore

Why would MS need a more powerful system?
StitchJones  +   1117d ago
No one in the world yet knows what the specs are for either the next Playstation and Xbox console. There is no way to say which will do what until they actually announce it to the world.
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supergravity  +   1117d ago
This is just whacked out b.s., the sick thing is I keep com'n back for more of it. I love this time of the cycle though, kinda feels like I did as a kid when it came to XMAS the antipation, trying to figure out what goodies i had in store. But now I'm pretty much ready for E3 or GDC, to give my sick hunger a little rest.
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