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TXIDarkAvenger  +   990d ago
Yeah man rumors about who's more powerful even though both systems have not come out or actual specs revealed....
girlwithturn  +   990d ago
Lol, misterxmedia is disgraced russian freak-blogger. Cant belive that this fantasy cr@p passed.
ahm  +   990d ago
We will see in soon time.
Phantom68  +   990d ago
Another stupid article on N4G.
1) the latest rumour states PS4 is 40% more powerful than 760 althou it has less memory
2) Who the fuck cares?
jjb1981  +   990d ago
Who cares, ill get them both!
Wikki  +   990d ago
This just in! Fanboy of one product says their next gen console will be better.... same old story, not even worth the read.
FITgamer  +   990d ago
Its funny how people are talking about the price, if the PS4 cost more than the 720, do you really think the 720 will be more powerful system? For those that are talking about the 720 being $400 you have to be an idiot if you think you are gonna get a "Next-gen" system for that price. If either system cost less than $600 they aren't worth it.
BrianC6234  +   989d ago
But if Sony and Microsoft sell their new consoles for that kind of price everyone will cry about them being too expensive. I don't think the PS3 was too expensive at $599. We got a lot for the money at the time. You have to make a next gen console like that for it to last years. People need to start seeing that. Do you want new consoles to be cheap and mediocre or powerful and more expensive early but drop later?
FITgamer  +   989d ago
I agree with you totally, but they are gonna have to just suck it up and dish out the $ if they want a true next-gen console. I doubt too many Sony consumers would complain about a $600 price tag. I mean how could you complain about a next-gen console being released at the same price as the current one?
BrianC6234  +   989d ago
If this is true the PS4 will win for sure. Xbox more powerful than the PS2, PS2 sells better. PS3 more powerful than the 360, the 360 sells better. 720 more powerful than the PS4, good news for Sony.
BrianC6234  +   989d ago
Too funny that I got two disagrees on this. It was a joke really. And what's to disagree with? Even though it is a joke it's the truth.
Parasyte  +   989d ago
Honestly, I really do not care which one is more powerful. I only care about the one that has better games.
iizMonterZ_  +   989d ago
I heard ps4 and 720 are rumors. Ps4 from psnetwork its self And 720 internet.
Fatty  +   989d ago
Quickly fanboys, whip out your electronic cocks to see whose is bigger, and thus is a better person!
cedaridge  +   989d ago
Xbox 720 & PS4 = must buy for me.
overrated44  +   989d ago
I get why speculation is a part of news in the gaming journalism industry, but it would be nice if websites presented speculation AS speculation and not fact.
typeN8  +   989d ago
O yeah who said? MS....Sony.....
stone_cold  +   989d ago
the article name is wrong
the right name is : next-gen ps4 will be more powerful than xbox 720 report
Kingthrash360  +   989d ago
There was once a rumor that I died.... Really true story... Thankfully it turned out not to be true.
My point believe what you see not hear(read).
Other point it doesn't matter, never has. example, ps1 vs Nintendo 64 or gameboy vs game gear or wii vs ps3/Xbox or snes vs sega cd or ds vs psp. Nintendo has been winning with less power with the exception of the 64. I even owned all of the said consoles and IMO the ones who lost had the best graphics and library of games but sold less due to price and kid factor. Kid factor sells that's why Pixar and Disney are so strong in everything they do from movies to toys. Nintendo is kid friendly so they sell.
That said though hardcore gamers like me like power and stuff BUT in a case where two consoles share basiclly the same level of power give or take a sec here or there it doesn't matter. Imma buy both anyway.
typeN8  +   989d ago
Are you saying the 64 lost to the ps1
Not imo...there was 1080 snowboarding..Mario omg..and goldeneye frackin goldeneye <<<that game popped off multiplayer as far as im concerned...and doing this all with a cartridge...

Ps1was awesome but the 64 didnt lose

Edit okay I see what you no read
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level 360  +   989d ago
It's not all about power ( although I'm quite sure Sony would be it ), but how developers utilize "power" for their advantage.

Also I think the PS4 would also be the more versatile machine compared to the next XBox because the Sony unit won't just be "a" game console but more..
LordHiggens  +   989d ago
I have every confidence in both consoles. They will both be successful and the fanboys will continue to rage...
taint  +   989d ago
Easy solution that works every console cycle: buy both.
Insane087  +   989d ago
it could have a hadron collider inside without games it won't make a difference
TBONEJF  +   989d ago
Legendary-Status  +   989d ago
lol this shhh is funny.. ayy everyone the ps1 2 n 3 fuse together 2 make up the ps-Future now im the most powerfull console ever..but their's a down fall...does anyone no how to tap into my power??? cuz my graphics and the tech look like shh.. lol
Yodagamer  +   989d ago
I mean i wouldn't be surprised this is probably the first gen where the playstation console was a head power wise. Microsoft can easily throw hardware at a lose and make up for it with the other money they make. Sony not so much anymore.
jmac53  +   989d ago
Guys, I know who wins this next generation because I saw it in the movies The Island and Real Steel. They were playing the Xbox 720 and it looked pretty powerful.
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talisker  +   989d ago
I played Fallout and they all had PimpBoys 3000. I don't know which manufacturer it was, though.
Funky_Homosapien  +   989d ago
who are these guys? are they even a credible source? misterx wtf?
palaeomerus  +   989d ago
I'm probably not buying either one for a couple of years and I'm not paying $400 this time either like i did for the PS3 in the summer of 2008 (and I only did THAT because of the $100 Walmart giftcard deal which went towards a Dualshock and MGS IV, and made the system itself cost $300). I'm also probably not spending $350 like I did for the 360 in Aug. 2007 just because they came out with a version that had a hard drive and an HDMI and Halo 3 was on the way.

I will buy these when they hit $300 and when they have a decent library and have had time to make engineering changes to prevent early system death. Maybe. If they aren't awful slow loading DRM, micro-transaction, and pass code choked 'subscription model' abominations with ads that interrupt gameplay and the "real" endings of games sold to me as on disc DLC and I can't let a friend borrow my games or trade them, and stupid motion controls shoehorned into normal games. If it's like that then I just won't buy anything.
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KingMe42  +   989d ago
I know its a console war fanboy rumer. But considering 360 is weaker then PS3, and Sony is willing to take risks while M$ rather play it safe, doesn't really make me believe next M4 gen will be any better.

In fact. I think M4 wants to release their next console at the same time as Sony's. I don't think they want to risk a weaker system for earlier sales again.

But this is N$G, so I am 100% I will get over 15 disagrees and down vote my balloons simply for stating a neutral opinion.
ApexHell  +   989d ago
ye latest rumored leaks put next xbox weaker than the ps4.
BlaqMagiq24  +   989d ago
I'll just wait for official specs rather than speculation and rumors. Thses are just made to start fanboy wars.
Drainage  +   989d ago
something inside me wants this to be true so that you fanboys will cry or go in full denial mode. The other part of me wants PS4 to destroy Xbox in sells
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