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I_am_Batman  +   993d ago
I don't think that Nextbox will be more powerful than the PS4 to be honest. Of course it's just speculation but if you look at the end of this gen it looks more like Microsoft is going for casuals lately with a lot of Kinect exclusives and less hardcore exclusives. On the other hand Sony's attempt to take a slice of the casual market didn't really work out that well with the Move.
Godz Kastro  +   992d ago
Who do you think has more money to invest into system right now? Im asking not making assumptions but I think MS does so its not hard to think they will have more money hence chance of better hardware.
IRetrouk  +   992d ago
Ms also had more money than sony when the 360 was being developed too.
I_am_Batman  +   992d ago
By your logic Xbox 360 should've been more powerful than ps3. Both Sony and Microsoft have enough money to make a powerful console right now but both want to make money with it too. Microsoft won't sell a console with a 300$ loss on each just because they can afford it. And most people won't buy a console at a price point of 500$ or higher.

In fact Microsoft is making a lot of money with Kinect games. So they wouldn't even need to have the most powerful machine for it too be successful.
isalas011981  +   992d ago
You have to take these rumors with a grain of salt. Of course one very important detail is shining through very bright; The NEXT BOX will be the most powerful out of the next generation consoles. The plain reason?

Because Sony's MASSIVE 7 year consecutive losses in manufacturing the PS3. The company as a whole cannot continue to hemorrhage money they way Sony has for the past 7 years; so they will be going the cost-conscientious route this time around and learn from what Nintendo did with the Wii. The difference in power output between Sony and Microsoft's consoles will be substantially more noticeable this generation compared to the almost parallel specs of the current PS3 and Xbox 360.

Unless you are a blind, Sony d&ick sucking fangirl, you cannot deny the following FACT:

Microsoft as a company, is financially in a better position to tackle the next generation multimillion dollar investments that are necessary when launching a new console than Sony.

If you cannot agree with this statement and dislike this than you can consider yourself to be a blind fangirl who does not care for any facts other than their passion with inanimate objects. I only wish these types of people would re-route their passion of inanimate objects to other more important issues affecting our Nation and World.
joeorc  +   992d ago
"Microsoft as a company, is financially in a better position to tackle the next generation multimillion dollar investments that are necessary when launching a new console than Sony. "

Or since Microsoft unlike Sony does not make any d@mn parts themselves!

just because you have the Money does not mean you will spend the d@mn Money, on making your Product the way you think it will be! Its not a fact it's a d@mn Opinion, and unlike you where is this "factual proof you are claiming" where is it?

there is none its speculation, not a fact! know the d@mn difference.

for instance:

"The difference in power output between Sony and Microsoft's consoles will be substantially more noticeable this generation compared to the almost parallel specs of the current PS3 and Xbox 360. "

if that was the case why is it that Microsoft's so much more easy to develop for xbox360 hardware platform in it's exclusives have not far outdone the PS3 exclusives if that was the case, remember the many developer's that stated the xbox360 is more powerful than the ps3 all the time in 2006 and 2007, these indipendent 3rd party developer's?

Huh, when we heard from carmack since the very start, that the development to get performance out of the Microsoft xbox360 was so much more easy , than it was for Sony's machine.

Gabe stated the PS3 was a train wreck, that it needed to be thrown out and that Sony needed to start over, but yet right now while xbox360 development to really push the xbox360 hardware, where is it by Microsoft's 1st party? where is Microsoft's 1st party really pushing the xbox platform?

it's in my opinion the xbox can be as powerful as Microsoft wants to make it, but unless their 1st party does not push a d@mn thing in the hardware it does not really freaking matter now does it?

both the xbox360 and the PS3 are fantastic platforms with great software, but it's the development of software that matter's.

If what you stated was true the PSVita would have been lower than the hardware offered by Nintendo, or hell Sony would not have even made the xperia-z AS ROBUST IN HARDWARE AS SAMSUNG, HTC, OR ANY OF THE OTHER HARDWARE COMPANIES out there. That is if Sony was in such so poor shape as you are making them out to be. Sony has taken a beating in the market no doubt, they have had their stock lowered to junk status. but just remember Apple was in that very same situation, and look at them now!


"I dont claim any specs and in fact, i reserve judgement. In general, Microsoft's console will be the most-powerful out of the two."

you just contradicted you just stated you reserve judgement than go on to say this:

"In general, Microsoft's console will be the most-powerful out of the two"

In general? like the xbox360 and the PS3 has been this whole entire generation?

if in General the xbox360 has been more developer friendly, and easy to get performance out of than what's the problem, in getting more out of the xbox360 over the PS3 for 1st party development?
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TheSaint  +   992d ago
Your point loses credibility with the overuse of 'fangirl' this or 'fangirl' that.

People might take you more seriously if you calmed down a little.
TemplarDante  +   992d ago
VG247, the more reliable site says otherwise.. ime-ps4-rumoured-at-1-84tf-xbox -720-at-1-23tf/
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isalas011981  +   992d ago
LOL you are rebutting with yet another rumor? Oh brother.... Why dont you just wait until the real specs come out huh? Sometime in March. You'll see then. if you notice, I dont claim any specs and in fact, i reserve judgement. In general, Microsoft's console will be the most-powerful out of the two.
cyclindk  +   992d ago
My dog has flatulence that's more powerful than either of these two consoles... next gen flatulence..
RandomDude655  +   992d ago
lol lol lol....this sounds like it was written by a third grader. Three system on a is stupid for so many reasons.
However, Microsoft has since reacted to that by adding in a third SOC into the Xbox 720 - resulting in what the developer refers to as "three computers in one".

The Differences Between PS4 & Xbox 720
The insider was asked about whether this three SOC system will cause issues for developers, questioning whether it could prove as difficult as the PS3's Cell chip to develop for.

On paper both systems are capable of 3.2TFlops of data, however the Oban blitter inside the Xbox 720 increases the speed at which data is transferred, meaning the Xbox Next is actually capable of 4.2TFlops."
DivineAssault  +   992d ago
ill believe it when i see it.. Highly doubtful that a console that powerful will be affordable to the common gamer..
strigoi814  +   992d ago
The last rumor that i can remember is that wii U will be more powerful than xbox360 and ps3. I guess all rumors are lies this days..
RandomDude655  +   992d ago
neogeo  +   992d ago
I'm such a graphics whore and sucker for specs. I love power and yes PC will win always but a powerful console is always fun.
kenshiro100  +   992d ago
We don't know anything yet about either console.
Max-Zorin  +   992d ago
Too many rumors.
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   992d ago
Hahahah i find these so funny... i just read article saying the ps4 has a 50% raw power advantage over Xbox 720...No one knows until there here....

who really cares right now.. lets see when there released..
besides games is what sells hardware..if you dont have exclusives, or features ppl want, hardware powerful as it maybe wont be nothing..
crazysammy  +   992d ago
RUMOR: Sony fans will like the PS4 and MS fans will like the Xbox Next.

Followup Rumor: They will both trash each other with rumors that don't mean dick until the systems actually release.
TheKayle  +   992d ago

pls dont take just partial parts...without understanding nothing....go to read everything...

here the whole story (just look how deep he go with details)....where that rumors was taken


always from insider

if u follow semiaccurate and beyond3d (where the most of the rumores come.......u will find the same things over there)...pls dont talk to me aboud neogaf and n4g...for rumors....r just ps lalaland for fanboys..(neogaf is just n4g for the japanese fanboys)

(also ps4 most accurate rumors come from that forums so dont cry)

@crazysammy i could not be a genius with maths..but how can be 1.8...50% more than 1.2...divide by is 9 the other is 6.....add 1 do 10 ( to make it more easy for 10 is 100%) so ps4 would be 10 and xbox would be max would be 30% more...but all the best engineers from IBM MS and AMD..was working on new xbox chipset? to put out just a 1.2 tf? u can do better with some offtheshelf sk video around ...hahaah ..i think u like to dream
leave the show videogames...pls

pss. i can feel most of ps fanboys on here...shacking..from the scary
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PhillipSantanaMusic  +   992d ago
WTF you saying? i couldn't understand isht, i never knew i can hear a bableling fool via text! lmao
Dlacy13g  +   992d ago
I personally feel the mods at N4G have a responsibility to start tracking all the "rumors" on each next gen console being more powerful. They need a running chart tracking each days new additions. We could run office pools on which rumor will be true...this is a game in and of itself. Put me down for $5 on squares 1, 6, 10 and 32.
AlphaJunk  +   992d ago
I hope no one cries over these rumors...
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   992d ago
SONY is such a forward thinking company that this whole article reads of straight MALARKY! Lmaooooo this was funny.
jay2  +   992d ago
B.S, Sony said they won't be first OR CHEAPEST.
Tei777  +   992d ago
The source seems like BS but its my favourite rumour so far! I need either microsoft or Sony to go all out on the hardware. I don't care which one, I'll end up getting both within a few years anyway.

Also MS has has never gimped out on Hardware yet, and with their newfound success with the 360 I expect this loss leader trend to continue. Although they'll reduce the loss by having the system $600 dollars up front (almost breaking even), but also offering $199 two year subscriptions deals. I enjoy making shit up but I hope this ^^ becomes a reality lol
dcbronco  +   992d ago
Design matters as much as anything. If both have full HSA who knows. But MS and AMD work together on that and there is likely an advantage for MS there. I doubt if they will allow AMD to just hand Sony things that they developed. Though it seemed to have happened with this generation. And having additional processors doesn't neccesarily make programming harder with HSA. It just adds another resource. The OS sees it all as one part. And the tools will make a difference there too. MS released C++ AMP some time ago which makes using those GPU's easy for things other than graphics.


APUs are far cheaper to make than CPUs. That is the main cost for a consoles. Also, die sizes are far smaller than the last generation and that cuts the cost a ton. Even if the next Xbox has three APU's, they designed the chip, and they shop it to manufacturers. The cost of the APU's should be less than $200 per consoles. Full Trinity A10/7660D GPU is $130 at Newegg. Specialized APU's would be much cheaper. Especially in bulk.

These consoles will be $400 or less and that may be at a small profit per console.
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Tei777  +   992d ago
Thats a bold statement. Especially with the Wii U apparently taking a small hit on every system at $350 (unless its only the $300 version selling at a loss). Baring in mind the cost of Wii U pad, if the next xbox+Playstation are a huge leap forward+ feature USPs like kinect 2/new ps eye/tablet controller I wouldn't expect them to initially sell at a profit at any price below $600.

Anyways, I'm not much of tech guy and I really do hope you're right about the prices (provided the described specs= huge graphical leap).
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dcbronco  +   990d ago
Companies like that people think the equipment the equipment is more than it is. look at Kinect. Everyone thought it would be very expensive to make. It wasn't. $47 to $60 at launch. I'm sure it cheaper now.

APUs have the CPU and GPU on the same die. That cuts cost almost in half day one on the two main parts. Last generation, the die size was 90nm on each chip. Now they are most likely using 28nm parts. Smaller nm means more chips per silicon wafer. And that's what makes chips cheap.

Think of this. The next Xbox is rumored to have as many as three APU. Two to six cores on each. The 360 has one APU and cost MS under $150 to make. Look up that A10 APU on Newegg. $130 retail. Retail mark-up, manufacturer mark-up and AMD mark-up. And that is a full chip. console APUs won't have all of the components of a off the shelf chip.

Also look at the leak MS admitted was from them. Their target price was $299 for a two APU system. With chip prices from several years ago. Adding one APU and considering die shrinks since that memo and there is no reason they can't still hit that manufacturing price.
marie784   992d ago | Spam
kevnb  +   992d ago
did they benchmark them? If not they should shut up.
Sucitta  +   992d ago
Not only is it a rumor, it's broken child like English.
Munnkyman  +   992d ago
Rumor rumor rumor can't wait till this crap is over. All i know is The new consoles well be better then what we have now, and all respected company's well come out with some amazing games
WooHooAlex  +   992d ago
So many mixed reports right now. I'll just wait until they actually announce the consoles to start buying into rumors.
Godz Kastro  +   992d ago
I only have an xbox this gen but I will change this regardless of pwer in the next gen. I purchased a wiiu for my nephew who lives with me so I can use that.I will buy a PS4 right away if it comes out first cause I love new tech. However if xbox comes out first then I will get ps3 but not right away.

I think KS has muuuuch more money to invest into this than a sony who has taken a few hits this year so is it far fetched to think MS can put out the more powerful console? No

Hopefully they dont shoot themselves in the foot padding the systems strength trying to get 4k features in there.
stumpa  +   992d ago
fat bloke in the pub told me that a fat bloke in the chip shop told him that a fatbloke in the bookies told him that a fatbloke in the papershop told him that this might or might not be total horseshit and that i should wait and see what happens when they are released
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stumpa  +   992d ago
LMAO some sad twat has hit the disagree button lololololol
AngelicIceDiamond  +   992d ago
Despite all these rumors N4G automatically click "No Way on the Rumor Scale? But on this?

The rumor scale is all the way up to "Hopefully?" So what, the PS4 is allowed to to have "50% raw power than the 720 but the 720 can't be just a over all powerful system N4G?

Please somebody answer my question I'm super confused.
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_LarZen_  +   992d ago
And a PC will be more powerful even if you combined both consoles.

Come on...if people care about gfx in games why the heck do you care what these plastic boxes can do.

I understand casual gamers dont care but people hanging on sites like this most likely aint casual gamers. So what is the deal?

Do a name on a box mean more? Or you just poor?
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Captain Tuttle  +   992d ago
I can smell the fear in here

It's too early, so many contradicting rumors. 2013 is going to be a blast though.
richierich  +   992d ago
It could be wrong but then again it might not because its a rumor :D
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