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TheGamerDood  +   960d ago
making this game a year long timed exclusive for the xbox has totally killed it for me, I just can't support a studio that does this kind of thing.
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NYC_Gamer  +   960d ago
I think it's stupid to have timed exclusive deals on multi-platform games...
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Belking  +   960d ago
yea, but you don't have to pay their bills. Business is business. I guess gamers are forgetting that MS still owns a part of Bungie so they will always get first dibs on anything they develop. Just because they are independent doesn't mean they don't preference has changed. It was a business decision and a smart one at that. Anytime a studio can stand up on it's own and choose it's own publisher is a good thing.
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EVILDEAD360  +   960d ago
Bungie 4TW...
Xbox exclusive or not, the 360 will be where I play it regardless.

I think it's a win-win that 343 took the Halo reigns and Bungie gets to wow us all again with what will clearly be an amazing multiplayer experience.

MikeMyers  +   960d ago
My how quickly people forget things. Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2? Splinter Cell on the Xbox? Virtua Fighter 5 on the PS3?
NegativeCreepWA  +   960d ago
I'm sure you guys weren't complaining when Rockstar did the same thing with GTA last gen.
SITH  +   960d ago
@MikeMyers Some people have selective amnesia.
EVILDEAD360  +   960d ago
Lol..Well said Mike..took it back to San Andreas.

Let's face it, if Bungie makes it for both the 360 and the PS3 and screws up the PS3 version then you have a whole line of haters on the Internet going crazy.

Might as well get it right on the 360 then port it to the PS4 and enhance it to sweeten the deal like Mass Effect.

Either way it will be multi eventually.

MikeMyers  +   959d ago
The thing is we've always had some sort of exclusive deals going on to get consumers to buy the hardware and the 3rd party games makes up the bulk of any systems library. We have some developers who side with certain platform holders more than the others. This generation we saw Epic favor the Xbox 360 and Konami favor the PS3 and so on.

What Microsoft has done is create parity, something they drastically got undermined during the PS2 days. So we saw them take an aggressive approach to get publishers like Square-Enix and games like The Last Remnant and make deals with Rockstar and Activision. When you have a company like Sony who dominated for two generations in a row sometimes that's tough to do. Now you have Sony fans screaming bloody murder because games like Call of Duty get timed exclusive DLC or Bethesda doesn't take the time on the PS3 versions of games like Skyrim. Nintendo wasn't nearly as aggressive attaining 3rd party support and going into the Wii U consumers may once again bypass that system for multiplat games.

This is what's going to make next generation all the more interesting because of how well all three performed this generation (the Wii U is already starting the next gen.) We are already seeing forum members siding with upcoming systems, even those we know nothing about. I don't have loyalty to any of them which is why I'm curious to see what they announce and what the Wii U does this year.
Tei777  +   959d ago
You're looking at it wrong me thinks. Its a microsoft exclusive that will eventually go multiplatform. I actually miss the days where consoles were completely different like n64 vs ps1

But I'm fortunate enough to have a ps3+360+wii, but it won't be long before you can pick one of these consoles for $99. So everyone should get a chance to experience the opposite systems exclusive if they really want.
Thantalas  +   960d ago
Maybe this means the new consoles will be revealed at GDC and then Destiny as a next-gen title?!
Walker  +   960d ago
Probably, but i don't think so .
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Leio  +   959d ago
Its in Bungies contract to develop an Xbox 360 title, and we all know how Activision is so its probably not true.
Jek_Porkins  +   960d ago
Well my reply to that would be that people pay XBL Gold Membership fees, those fees obviously have gone towards Microsoft getting timed content on a lot of great games.

Yet people complain that XBL Gold isn't worth it, then turn around and complain when those paying gold members get things like this, early demos, timed DLC ect...

As far as I'm concerned at least others will get it eventually.
Skips  +   960d ago
I'd prefer it if those fees went to new IP's instead of just "early demos, timed DLC" etc.

But hey, that's just me. : /
Jek_Porkins  +   960d ago

Microsoft does things differently than Sony, people just have to deal with that fact. They have been working on next gen titles since 2010 (Obviously).

It has probably been cheaper to get timed DLC and demos ect...

Also, how many people buy early maps on COD games for Xbox 360? Or bought Skyrim to get that content? I think its paid off.

New IPs haven't exactly lit it up for any console late this generation.
spicelicka  +   960d ago
well my reply to that would be, as a 360 owner, I don't find any satisfaction in getting timed exclusive content and i don't think it justifies paying for xbox live. Having timed exclusive content isn't the equivalent of having exclusive games and features.

It's not like i feel better knowing other non-xbox gamers just got screwed over and i get to play something before them. I do feel better knowing that the console i purchased has a game/franchise/feature that i love, like halo, and I just wouldn't be as satisfied owning a console where i wouldn't be able to play it.

If all the money they spend on timed exclusivity went towards making new games, I would be a lot happier. It's a very backwards strategy with making gamers feel satisfied by timed exclusives, when they're technically not effected by it at all. It hurts the industry and encourages fanboy-ism.
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Skips  +   960d ago

"people just have to deal with that fact."

But that's exactly why "people complain that XBL Gold isn't worth it". People prefer more games/ new IP's over timed DLC, early demos. It sucks that people are getting things like that crappy RE6 dlc, or that mediocre 73 meta rated Dawnguard DLC instead of KILLER FREAKING INSTINCT 3!

"They have been working on next gen titles since 2010"

With Microsoft focusing more on casual games and Kinect. *Looks at the last 3 years. I fear that that's what most of Microsoft's studios will focus on for next gen in general. Especially with Nintendo out of the way, they pretty much have the casual market to themselves.

I'm not really digging Microsoft's direction. Focusing more on timed DLC, early demos, casual games/ kinect. But I guess some people prefer that. : /

"New IPs haven't exactly lit it up for any console late this generation."

Dragon's Dogma? Journey? Dishonered? Sleeping Dogs? The Last Of Us certainly looks like it'll be a hit. New IP's don't have to have HUGE MEGA HIT SALES to be successful. lol
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vickers500  +   959d ago
That money isn't going towards getting content EARLY, it's going towards making the other guys get their content LATE. You're basically paying Microsoft to say "haha, we get [irrelevant piece of dlc] first, you have to wait. xbox ftw!!".

But hey, as long as petty and immature fanboy wars make you happy, I guess I'm not one to tell YOU that gold isn't worth it.

But for people who don't care about that stuff, it isn't.
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ALLWRONG  +   959d ago
@Sonic200 the last core PS3 game was in 2011 and the next isn't do for months. You call MS casual? The closest to "core" for the PS3 has been Journey. If you're going to play the casual card, make sure you have it.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   959d ago
***"the last core PS3 game was in 2011 and the next isn't do for months."***

***"The closest to "core" for the PS3 has been Journey."***

That is ALL WRONG. Starhawk, Twisted Metal, and Battle Royale are all hardcore and came out last year.

Nice Try Though.

Skips  +   959d ago

Your name, your comment.

Starhawk and Twisted Metal came out in 2012 did it not? Kinda funny how a game like Journey managed to end up being a better experience and garner more critical acclaim than every 360 exclusive in 2012.

And I'm talking about the past couple of years, not just last year. LOL @ only pointing out last year when talking "core" exclusives.

*LOOKS AT YEARS 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, AND 2013 (ESPECIALLY 2013). What does the 360 have this year? Like one game right? Gears? lol
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RuleofOne343  +   960d ago
But had it been going the other way, you would be happy right or extremely content.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   960d ago
@Dood Why don't you just get an 720 and enjoy the game? I understand your discomfort with Timed games/content but You can still play the game on 720.

"making this game a year long timed exclusive for the Xbox has totally killed it for me, I just can't support a studio that does this kind of thing."

That doesn't make much sense This benefits you because your a gamer? Doesn't matter which platform it released on first play the game regardless of console because it AAA and hotly anticipated.
Muffins1223  +   960d ago
Cry us a fucking river
Redgehammer  +   960d ago
I believe MS had right of first refusal. I am excited to try anything Bungie makes.
TongkatAli  +   960d ago
Hell yeah! I love the second amendment too.
Vladplaya  +   960d ago
Of course its like Halo, what else do they know how to make? Nothing really...

Which is shame, would have been nice if they made something new and fresh and just released it for everything, including PC, but of course they don't know how to do that either heh
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Allsystemgamer  +   960d ago
Uhuh. Ur comment is full of fail.

Bungie had made myth which is a great rts. Oni which is an action game and an rpg plus many more. Seriously. Know your companies and gaming history before you open your mouth.
Vladplaya  +   960d ago
Yeah they sure made many other games, over a decade ago, and I was playing better games even back then. I can give you bet that most people who made those games back then are not even part of the studio anymore.

Halos are their most recent titles that they have been working for over 10 years now, which all are made for consoles (with exclusion of first Halo which turned out to be pos console port on PC anyways)

So yeah, let me restate what I said in OP, at this point, they are gonna have hard time making anything new and something that is not Halo like, and the article only supports my point.
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aviator189  +   960d ago
Have you played none of their other games?

Halo isn't the only universe they've made.
Belking  +   960d ago
You proved that you don't know jack about bungie.
Vladplaya  +   960d ago
You are so clueless, its just sad.
HK6  +   960d ago
"Nothing really..."
... except for Marathon, Myth, and Oni. Marathon being the game that introduced verticality to the FPS genre. Myth being the game that introduced realistic physics to the RTS genre.

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Septic  +   959d ago
Sorry Vlad, but you just schooled.....HARD!

Oni was a brilliant game btw.
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Mac420  +   960d ago
Please all you idiots stop calling it a 720, Been reported from multiple sources including MS that it is not going to be called a 720. An who was the guy at the top talking about MS still owns part of Bungie completely false only thing they walked away with after the court case was Halo. They have no stake what so ever in Bungie do a little more research. Time exclusive deal probably has something to do with Activision an MS rubbing there nuts together for the last 4 years. But Destiny will be crack, an How is a game like Halo so bad when the shooter genre is filled with Modern Day FPS's. Much rather be on a foreign planet then running around a some shanty town that has 3 color tones. GREY BLACK BROWN.. Go back to COD please
shivvy24  +   960d ago
Well tbh I dont even care that this game is gonna be 1 year late on the PlayStation , theres gonna be more than enough exclusives and 3rd party games too keep me entertained for a year
aLiEnViSiToR  +   960d ago
If this is not on PC also it will be a huge disappointment... again, starting to dislike exclusives and trees of money don't grow by it self ya know -_-

Greedy humans !
arbitor365  +   959d ago
This concept art stuck me as odd. here is why
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BanBrother  +   959d ago
Tbh, I got more of a Fallout new vegas vibe. It looks very similar to the ranger from that NV trailer and the box art.

I also got that sand-people vibe from star wars, how they had that massive vehicle with C3PO and R2D2 in it. Sucks that Activision and MS are already making a deal on a multi-plat franchise. It doesn't help gamers, just big companies wallets. Regardless, anything from bungie is a day 1 buy from me, they have done nothing but right by me (not just their games, but I have a little story where they 'helped' me out).
honkayjeezus  +   959d ago
Finally, a sci fi military FPS.

Oh, wait.

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