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Marcello  +   962d ago
Just played the demo on Xbox Live & although it is a good game, it is a total Gears of lost planet rip off.

I had to keep reminding myself that i wasn't playing Lost Planet. The survival horror element is completely gone & it is now an arcade 3rd person shooter.

The weapon crafting is fun but cash is gone, instead you find scrap metal etc. Overall very disappointed cos i loved part 1 & 2, its not a bad game, its just totally not Dead Space.
jon1234  +   961d ago
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo
2pacalypsenow  +   961d ago
Yeah it doesn't have that Dead space feel plus in the demo your not even in space ...
dazzrazz  +   961d ago
I agree, they turned it into a shooter even necromorphs run with guns now :<
tigertron  +   961d ago
I get scared when playing games, easily. DS1 made me change my underwear every 10 minutes as did DS2, but this one...I wasn't really scared. I was more tense than anything and that was because of the excellent music.

I have to say I'm disappointed, but I'll still buy the game and see if it gets scarier.
profgerbik  +   961d ago
Or maybe one should wait until the game is actually released to fully judge it and not base it off a demo.
Root  +   961d ago
For the love of god

It's the whole point of a you can judge it

Even then you can still judge a game without playing it if you've kept up with all the latest news for it
Summons75  +   961d ago
I enjoyed the demo. It was thrilling and played just like the first two. I've been hooked on dead space since the first announcement. The coop announcement scared be but it's optional so it's fine. The new weapon crafting system is interesting and it will be fun to see all the unique combos you can make. The drill boss at the end was intense and had me sitting at the edge of my seat. Day 1 purchase once again
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cyclindk  +   961d ago
Regardless... whoever is playing has tremendously horrible aim, no experience with the Deadspace franchise (seemingly) and why no alternative weapon usage?

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