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metroid32  +   962d ago
I'll be buying it along with toki tori.
GoingToMonkeyIsland  +   962d ago
I just haven't decided which platform I'll be getting it on. Between PC and PSN.
Kennytaur  +   962d ago
I'm going with PSN, because it's built with local co-op in mind, and that'll work better (at least for me) on a Playstation.
mi_titan27  +   962d ago
PSN or WiiU?
Psychonaughty  +   962d ago
paddystan  +   962d ago
Already pre-ordered it on Steam.
Genuine-User  +   962d ago
I played this game twice at the eurogamer expo last year. Day one for me :)
GoingToMonkeyIsland  +   962d ago
alegolo  +   962d ago
the first great game of 2013!
bryam1982  +   962d ago
Sorry but That title will go to ni no kuni which is receiving great reviews only on ps3
alegolo  +   962d ago
Im waiting for Ni No Kuni too, but I said the FIRST ONE, NNK doesn't come out (in Europe) until February

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