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PS4isKing_82  +   996d ago
Call of duty. Halo. Gears of war. Cheap price. Heavily advertised.
CDzNutts  +   995d ago
It's Because......
The rest of the world has better taste than we do. :-(
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Funky_Homosapien  +   995d ago
Because its ameri-CAN not ameri-CANT
Rhythmattic  +   995d ago
Up to the 360's release, everyone was hungry for the next leap....
Its "next gen graphics" , "Online" competition was zero which pretty much soaked up the hard core gamers market.

People Invested in games and the community...

A classic example of "The Snow Ball Effect"

As for launch strategies In hindsight, Sony arrogantly relied on their pedigree and MS relied on getting to market first..

FWIW , the last console I owned before my PS3 and 360 was a megadrive... (PC between)
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black911  +   995d ago
Explain to me how much more popular it is than the PS3 in US?

1.3rd party games only sell slighty better on 360 some sell better on PS3. And that has alot to do with PS3 having more exclusives/variety than 360 for gamers to choose.

2. SKU the xbox has had 3 differnt SKU and most 360 consumers buy a new each time they are released unlike ps3 gamers. Like myself who still have there original Phat PS3.

3. The #1 reason which goes along with number #2 the RROD. The average 360 gamer has purchased more than 2 or 3 consoles retail. Just imagine if the PS3 YLOD was as massive as the RROD.
Rhythmattic  +   995d ago
"Just imagine if the PS3 YLOD was as massive as the RROD"

Sony would of gone under me-thinks... Sony dont have the continuing flow of the software dollar such as MS from their OS or Office suite...

R&D needs to be done for Hardware and software.. However, I'm guessing a software company makes a hell of a mark up....
Bladesfist  +   995d ago
Purchased? Microsoft fixes them for free in Europe?
Rhythmattic  +   995d ago
I had 2 friends that bought a launch 360 console which both failed (not at the same time of course)

They couldn't wait for the minimum 2 week turnaround time for a replacement so purchased new units, which of course both failed eventually..

At least the 2nd time around they had a spare ..
Rhythmattic  +   995d ago
People disagreeing with Fact..

Both fanboy sides make for easy work.......
urwifeminder  +   995d ago
Its good.
DJStotty  +   995d ago
Back to the boring old debate of which one is better. "sigh"

Me personally i am not bothered whether my xbox is better than a ps3, wii, or mega drive.

I like the games that are released on xbox therefore i buy and play it. I dont know how good/bad the ps3 is as i havent played one before so i wont waste my time with a debate.

At the end of the day corporations are all about profit. Whichever one sells the most might stake that they are the "generation winners!!! yyyaaaayyy" but at the end of the day the real winners are the ones with the overall profit margin.

that company in my eyes is nintendo with the wii this gen. (not the wii u)

Xbox may be close with profit from xbox live subs but i think (dont quote me as im not sure) nintendo made a profit from day 1.

At the end of the day people its about the games!!! if you like ps3 games buy a ps3, if u like xbox buy an xbox.

busytoad  +   995d ago
Ad's and cheap, also they fool parents and kids by the price,sure its super cheap in the local ad but did you look at the harddrive space lol?? 4gb hd and most parents n kids dont know what that means lmfao.
EffectO  +   995d ago
Reads like some Sony hardcore fan trying to be smart.I like how he squeezed in IDC analyst firm stuff inside,lol.

"Microsoft isn’t trying to take on Nintendo’s more casual gamers."


No words.
GusBricker  +   995d ago
...because the 360 IS a damn good console.
MrAnderson  +   995d ago
1. it's cheap
2. it's american
Mister_G  +   995d ago
You see the 360 in a lot of TV shows too.... South Park springs to mind.
cleverusername  +   995d ago
Why is anal bleaching so popular too?
Xbob42  +   995d ago
"indicating gamers see no reason to hold off on buying the device until the Xbox 720 launches later this year."

I know that the announcement and subsequent launch of Microsoft's next system is likely this year... but can we please stop saying things like this as though it's already confirmed and factual? It's a little irritating, honestly.
nosferatuzodd  +   995d ago
wow this article was at the bottom,now its at the top guess Microsoft is pumping money in n4g to keep it at the top has well...
Kos-Mos  +   995d ago
"Because I like them guns. It`s my law and protection. I like to protect myself. It`s so cooool. I like them guns."
mricecreamman  +   995d ago
because it's american made.
lema008  +   995d ago
Another way to look at "WHY" is because of a couple reasons. Remember, when sony & nintendo controled the gaming console market. There new consoles would always come out first in Japan and we in the USA( the biggest gaming market) had to wait for almost a year before it came over here and the same goes for the big titles they had. They had an explaination to the effect- that they had to test it out in Japan first or the translation was time comsuming for the titles, so there was a delay, etc.:)) WELL MICROSOFT CHANGE ALL OF THAT WTH THE XBOX!!!!

P.S. I've owned Sony and Nintendo systems, they are great companies.
ZBlacktt  +   995d ago
Why is the PS3 so popular in Japan? With the story we just seen a week ago on here about Sony shipping more consoles then MS. I would think that the Xbox only seems to be more popular here and not anywhere else in the world.
mayberry  +   995d ago
One could also say, why does the camry sell more year over year than the Ferrari Italia? Maybe Ferrari really should go back to the drawing board and re-focus on what a high selling car should be!/s
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