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memots  +   930d ago
Its the type of crowd it attract.
jacksons98  +   930d ago
For the same reason Walmart and McDonalds are. You aren't getting the best experience or the best hamburger. You are getting cheap and 360 is cheaper in the short term than PS3. It's the same reason why in the US you pay so much for your cell plan and so little for the phone.
memots  +   930d ago
Funny you mention the Walmart people.
memots  +   930d ago
Not spam , Just lol
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Nes_Daze  +   930d ago
Americans love their overrated shooters, just look at Call of Duty sales. Not to mention marketing, quality barely has anything to do in this.
MadMen  +   930d ago
In America we pick winners = Xbox
jacksons98  +   930d ago
I think there are two theories. Sony believes games sell systems. Microsoft believes marketing sells systems. In America marketing wins.
patterson  +   930d ago
so true, unfortunately
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   930d ago
Why is the ps3 popular in Japan?
jakmckratos  +   930d ago
Because my country is full of IDIOTS
SITH  +   930d ago
You can switch countries to a non-idiot majority anytime.
Peka_Fais  +   930d ago
Americans so unpatriotic
talisker  +   930d ago
I don't live in the US so can't answer this question but I can say why Playstation is the leading brand in Europe.

1. Recognition - in many EU countries console = Playstation. Some people don't even know that Xbox exists. The awareness has risen a bit with Kinect but still it's Playstation that we see ads for. Yes, even COD is advertised with PS3 logo. I live in a country where most people play PC but when I saw PS1, I wanted it immediately. Then I had PS2, PSP, now PS3. I saw the original Xbox for the first time two years ago because nobody I know had one. If any of my frieds buys a console, it's PS3 because everybody has one. I maybe know 2 or 3 people who have X360 and it's sadly because you can steal games for it. When I had a 360, I had a friends list with no names in it, at all! My PSN friends list is about 50 people, I guess.

2. Quality - Sony is considered a company which simply delivers. Sony TV are popular and sell really well, even though they're pricey. Same for cameras and audio equipment. My family had a Sony TV for over 20 years. It broke twice, very minor repairs. Would I buy any other brand? Never. On the other hand, people don't like Microsoft. Because of Windows and Office freezing and ruining their work. It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong with it. Microsoft isn't a good and reliable company. Especially since Windows ME and Vista.

3. Support. As somebody pointed out above, MS focuses on English speaking markets. If you buy X360 with Kinect here, you just get subtitles. Imagine a 4-year-old being told in English to do this or that in Kinectimals (I saw it demoed). Imagine any game in English for children who can't read yet and don't know the language. It's simply useless. On the other hand, every Sony game is localized in a professional way, with known actors, boxes, manuals, everything. What would you choose as a customer?

Same goes for XBL vs PSN. PSN is free and offers some streaming apps. XBL is paid and offers just the ability to play games, nothing more. No streaming media, no indie games, a very poor Games on Demand catalogue with ridiculous prices... And it's been just 2 years since they officially introduced the service. Before that, you couldn't even buy a game with your CC due to invalid address. People had to lie they lived in UK to register their accounts.

I guess that with the new direction Microsoft is heading for, that is a console more for media and entertainment than games, they will lose even more ground in ENEA and other parts of the world. PCs and Sony consoles will rule Europe next gen again.
xJumpManx  +   930d ago
Wow Quality really. In the USA sony as a brand has fallen off what was once known as quality and good products is just now known as overpriced products without the once proven quality.
testerg35  +   930d ago
"Yes, even COD is advertised with PS3 logo." - Thank you.. PS3 fans make this sound bad when MS does it in the US for the 360.
Clarence  +   930d ago
1.its America
2.1yr headstart as the first next gen console
xJumpManx  +   930d ago
Why should the USA support Sony. Sony releases their consoles months after they give it to Japan big time games release months earlier in Japan as well for sony. Until Sony starts to treat the US market like it does the Japan market it will always be second class in the USA. Sony gives USA Sloppy Seconds I expect more for my money.
Tito08  +   929d ago
& what's wrong with Sony giving more support to their homeland??? Sony is a Japanese company first & foremost, just like Nintendo. While a lot of people points GTA as the reason why PS2 became successful, it was actually it's huge variety of first & 3rd party exclusives, PS2 was already a huge success by the time GTA3 released... Also, if you look at games like Yakuza, Final Fantasy, they have being bigger & have sold better in Japan than in the west.

The PSP's instal base in Japan is like 2 millions away from the U.S., & software support & sales, the reason why there are many good Japanese games that doesn't make their way to the U.S. because U.S. main demographic is FPSs & Madden rather than variety,that's why a lot of of those Japanese games are better kept in Japan than in America, so in a way, the U.S. isn't as important for Sony as Japan, as indicated by the PS3 instal base in Japan is 3 million away from the Wii, while 360 is not even existent in that market!!!
Tei777  +   930d ago
-Its cheaper than PS3,
-Most casual gamers only care about COD+MAdden/Fifa+ AC
- most people either 1: don't care about bluray
2: Don't acknowledge that the ps3 is a functioning Blu-ray player
- Microsotf has the more popular exclusives. Halo+ Gears alone >>> Killzone+Uncharted+ Infamous+ resistance (in terms of popularity)
-Micosoft has the better USP. Kinect is far more marketable than PS move.
- Microsoft spends a tons of money advertising 3rd party titles like their exclusive to the console.

But I actually think the PS3 is definitely better value for money, but thats just me.
Erudito87  +   930d ago
same reason why apple is so popular there
wages of sin  +   930d ago
I can only speak for myself but as an American I prefer the 360 for several reasons.

1) XBL is better than PSN (or whatever it’s called now) in every way. Paying $50’s once a year is pocket change here in California. Not only that but feature quality isn’t the same as feature parity.

2) The games are better imo. When I had my PS3 I supported it vehemently but truth be told their games are mostly sub-par when compared to others in the same genre. PS3 has a lot of games that I don’t want to play and find overrated for the most part.

3) Sony gamers. I love playing and talking games but you can’t do that with many/most ps3 fans because all they want to do is argue. It’s a constant pissing contest that I’m too old to care about. For all the talk about how great it is you’d think they’d actually support it by buying games but instead their online in forums talking shit.

There are other reasons but I’ve given you enough to go on. It’s my money and until I have a good reason to add Sony back into my game room I’ll continue to game mostly on my 360 and Wii U.
Erudito87  +   930d ago
well im from britain were we are more sensible about out money. I have a pc ps3 and a 360 the only reason people buy xbl is because ms have held mp hostage for all their customers and you can come up with any bs excuse for them but you're no better off being their pr. Online on ps3 and pc is free on both and better. Features like receiving demos a week early are poinless and transparent petty tactics. The Ps3 has the best exclusives of any console bar none and the online community is sooo much better than the whining 360 kind. It also has a higher level of convergence meaning you get what you pay for(the initial price tag was worth it against high def players at the time) The pc is always going to be a graphical powerhouse but what about the 360? the only game worth buying it for is the halo franchise(one of my favorite sci fi shooters)
phatfreddy1978  +   930d ago
quantity over quality
Tornadobounce  +   930d ago
Global warming.
rapidturtle  +   930d ago
I own a PS3 and a 360. I really see no reason to own a 360 over a PS3, other than Halo. I think all of the other multiplayer games are the same on both consoles. PSN has got much better over the life of the PS3, and I see no reason to pay for Live anymore. Once my year subscription runs out, I will not give MS another penny to play online, when the other consoles do it for free.
NobleTeam360  +   930d ago
Lol the 360 hasn't been 200 since 2008. It was 399/299 in 08
Father Murder X  +   930d ago
My question is what has changed going into the next gen. Again M$ is still the company with all the money. If the systems are launching closer together then they are going to blow them out of the water with the tech in the 720 because they would financially be able to take a bigger loss on each system sold. Remember they got steady revenue coming in from Xbox live. Sony will have to charge for PSN next gen. M$ is making money hand over fists with XBL.
patterson  +   930d ago
Why is XBOX 360 more popular in Murrica?

Just watch the movie "Idiocracy" and all your questions will be answered.
MRMagoo123  +   930d ago
Hey everyone the ps3 outsold the 360 world wide with a year and a half behind in sales we better hurry up and make articles and opinion pieces about how the 360 is number one in the US cos it matters somehow lmao /s
sdplisken  +   930d ago
Why is the PS3 so popular EVERYWHERE else in the world?
Mac420  +   930d ago
Xbox is more like a social token. Like COD, know multiple people that have both consoles when I had both of mine an they would never get on PS3 mainly because there friends play on 360 . An the article stating games help push consoles. That only applies for Sony because in the MS camp all they have is Halo, Majority of the most played titles on Live are Mutliplatform games anyways. Said about more then half of the 360 owners buy COD an COD only year in year out an no nothing else.
dubt72  +   930d ago
It's simple: xbox rules.
stefan771  +   930d ago
Because pretty much every multi plat game ad I see on TV shows an Xbox 360 at the end and says something like "Better with Xbox 360"
Rageanitus  +   930d ago

Alot of ppl really think many of the multiplatform games are only found on Xbox!
dsghjuydfhtrhe   930d ago | Spam
mayberry  +   930d ago
people who frequent gaming forums generally fall into the 'hardcore' gamer catagory, so im assuming this is the n4g demographic (myself included). Its also my understanding that we make up a significantly small portion of 360/ps3 buyers. So I would assume that a much larger portion of adopters are adults, i.e. 'parents' buying for children. And in MY experience, ( I have a 10 year old boy ), 90%+ of his friends have 360's exclusively, the flip to that is 90%+ of my adult friends have PS3's. I off about this direction of thinking? Why the U.S. buys their kids a ton of 360's is the REAL question, IMHO.
ACEMANWISE  +   930d ago
It has been popular because it came first to the market. Unlike previous console generations, this generation is rooted deeply with social ties. By being first the Xbox 360 created an exclusive foundation of social groups and user accounts.

On the social level each game and system is sold under the pretense of "who" has it. It doesn't necessarily sell for it's quality as a game if 7 of their friends don't own it. People will buy games and products in order to be accepted, be popular, or be involved. They will refuse to play certain games, due to the public atmosphere, in order to avoid humiliation, alienation, or abandonment.

On the individual level each game and system ties the user to an account. The longer the account is established by the gamer, the harder it will be for the gamer to dump his investment. This is true moreso on the digital and DLC level, where the gamer can't interchange his investment. Thus he is stuck with his commitment in hopes that next gen his purchases will continue on.

This is why Sony and their high quality/high quantity selection of video games are being ignored by the masses this generation. Being a 30+ year gaming vet, I find it sad that gaming has come to this. But this theory explains why some junk games sell tens of millions while others sell less than a million. Gaming has become a fashion statement with addictive properties. It is driven by emotions that have nothing to do with the love for games...just for the people that play them.
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