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haymoza  +   1116d ago
Yes! I've never seen a game make so many 'fans' cry like whiny children... that hair was very violent.
vanethe  +   1116d ago
Enough of DMC !
elda  +   1116d ago
It's Beautifully Violent!!
GrathiusXR  +   1116d ago
What's this filth? Dec 31st but submitted to N$G now? If you think that DmC is violent, I'm afraid you should quit video games right this instant.

RazMaTaz0121  +   1116d ago
Buhahaha, violent? Go play Manhunt you child.
Ezz2013  +   1116d ago
if he think this DMC game is violent
then i hope he never play play god of war ascension or the last of us ...
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