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-MD-  +   993d ago
I thought people didn't like IGN?
wishingW3L  +   993d ago
now they do. ;)
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Gameatholon  +   993d ago
English Accents were Real.

I do not believe that they were "fake" English accents, considering the games localization was handled in the UK.

If you really want proof, look up the actors who did the VA's you will see that just about all of the main actors were born and raised in different parts all over the UK.

It is okay though, most people always get this wrong and it is because like other countries all over the world our accents differentiate depending on our locales.

Most are used to the "Hugh Grant" style of accent and when they hear someone from say, Blackpool they immediately think it is a fake accent, because it does not sound like the accents they are used to.

I remember reading multiple comments about actor Thomas Kretschmann who played Major Tom Cain in Resident Evil Apocalypse,and how he sounded so fake, and how cheap the producers must be if they cannot even get a real German guy to play the antagonist, the irony of course being that Mr Kretschmann was born in Dessau, the German Democratic Republic [now Saxony-Anhalt, and is one of Germany's biggest Actors.

Anyway, Xenoblade I found to be an exceptional game, with some flaws, but I do not believe the acting was one of them.

Also great score from IGN, for Ni No Kuni, and I cannot wait to play this incredible game.
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