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doctorstrange  +   901d ago
I miss WipEout
dbjj12088  +   901d ago
Have you played the Vita game? Still plenty of people in multiplayer last time I checked.
soundslike  +   901d ago
30fps wipeout is not wipeout
HammadTheBeast  +   901d ago
Yeah it is, and the gameplay on the OLED screen is amazing.

Also, was I the only one who got excited when I read it as "Sony Patents Wipeout Rebirth and Fallout 4"?
guitarded77  +   901d ago
WipeOut on Vita is just as amazing as WipeOut on PS3.

So what's the word on WipeOut Rebirth... is it supposed to be a PS4 launch title. Sony has had WipeOut as a launch title on all systems except PS2.
kupomogli  +   901d ago

So I'm guessing Wipeout HD is the only Wipeout, right? Because that's the only Wipeout game that has run higher than 30fps(other than one PSX game that I think has run at 60fps but not sure.)
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nirwanda  +   901d ago
I miss fzero GX more
Cablephish  +   900d ago
Amen to that.
kupomogli  +   901d ago
*edit* Replied at the wrong location.
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Bathyj  +   900d ago
I've had enough Wipeout. Bring back Rollcage.
FriedGoat  +   899d ago
rollcage was awesome, I remember testing out the latest GFX card at the time on that beast, I think that was back in the Voodoo days. Good old 3DFX.
TrendyGamers  +   901d ago
Sebastian has ruined the word 'patent' for me.
Foolsjoker  +   901d ago
If that is all he's ruined for you, consider yourself lucky.
doctorstrange  +   901d ago
I improved it
dbjj12088  +   901d ago
I can't wait for the next Fallout game. After Skyrim, Fallout should be amazing and frankly, it's always been closer to my genre preferences than the whole swords and spells thing.
Foolsjoker  +   901d ago
Yeah, just after the amount of publicity surrounding all the glitches on Skyrim for PS3, they really will have to show fans that they are putting a better effort into the build.
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League_of_Draven  +   901d ago
They don't have to show anyone anything. Everybody already knows Fallout 4 will be buggy as shit just like Skyrim. I'd only be surprised if it's not as glitchy as Skyrim and even then I still wouldn't waste money on that garbage.
prototypeknuckles  +   901d ago
yeah, lets hope that they get it right this time, if not then i ll get the game of the year addition on xbox.
Kurt Russell  +   901d ago
If you think Skyrim is garbage... you're an empty shell of a gamer League_of_Draven. No class.
Highlife  +   900d ago
@kurt Russell
My friend you are an empty shell of a gamer if you going to take bugs up the @ss. That game was an opportunity wasted. The game never had a big epic moment. Never felt like it built up to anything. The ending was utter garbage. I was so let down by that game.
CptFalcon  +   900d ago

While I agree on some points you made, like there was no epicness like morrowind or oblivion had. On the other hand I find your lack of manners disturbing. Calling something garbage while millions of people love it is just gross. Your opinion is not the one and only sacred opinion. In fact your opinion doesn't mean shit to me or anyone else. You are one of 7 billion people, who cares about your opinions?
Highlife  +   900d ago
Sir I never called the game garbage read my comment. I called the ending utter garbage and said that it was a let down for me. Never said others hate it. You work your way all through that game for that! Your right my opinion shouldn't matter to you.. Although I am free to express my opinions you don't have to listen. "Calling something garbage while millions of people love it is just gross" Sorry but I don't think I have to follow the masses I have my own thoughts. Maybe you don't and just follow the masses.
Revolver_X_  +   900d ago
While I have experienced bugs in Fallout 3, NV, and Skyrim, they were never gamebreaking for me. The occasional freeze every now and then, small things. Never enough to make me pout like a child on N4G. While Skyrim does lack the interesting story and becomes blah 30 hours in, it was worth $60 to me. Thats coming from a person who is more of a Fallout fan. Fallout 3 is my GOAT so far. The world, characters, just fascinate me. My PS3 freezing twice a day or frames slowing down momentarily, will not dissuade me from experiencing Fallout 4. Im sorry others feel that way, but your venomous hatred should be expressed at Bethesda forums. It does no good here.
Muffins1223  +   900d ago
And sony has to shown its not total gonna make a alien console to wear its different to make for compared to pc.The reason why xbox ports are so good is because its like pc to develop for.
a_bro  +   901d ago
fallout on playstation? after all the crap that bethesda has done, do not want....
Hazmat13  +   901d ago
i really hope bethesda puts all there work into the next Fallout 4 i love series besides all the bug and freezing, but they need a new engine or something cuz its getting old. but hell i want Fallout 4.
LAWSON72  +   901d ago
Skyrim has an amazing graphics engine.
Kur0  +   901d ago
*that can only be taken advantage of on PC
Blastoise  +   901d ago
^ With mods...
Neo Nugget  +   901d ago
^on Tuesdays.
legendof117  +   901d ago
^with proper computing power.
WeAreLegion  +   901d ago
Drabent  +   900d ago
"With mods" hehhehehehehe:p
Highlife  +   900d ago
*after wiping the bugs off my screen
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Norrison  +   900d ago
^With mods
iamgoatman  +   900d ago
It's pretty much just the old gamebryo engine back from Morrowind with some tweaks and a new name slapped on it.

I love Bethesda games, but the engine is a pile of crap, and this is from a PC gamer.
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greatcrusader44  +   901d ago
Am I the only one who didn't get many glitches in Skyrim? Only remember two glitches, a giant smashing my guy to death and flying way up in the air( which was purely a funny glitch that had no ramifications) and a quest related drum I picked up before starting its quest that didn't let me turn it in.

This was all in my 150hr playthrough (my only one, didn't find Skyrim fun to replay). This engine is 1000x more stable than the earlier Gamebryo one (at least on Xbox, from what I hear it suchs on PS3)
cervantes99  +   901d ago
Why would Sony patent Fallout 4? Did they buy the IP?

Or is this a different Fallout - which seems implausible.

I'm at work and can't listen to the Podcast.
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doctorstrange  +   901d ago
greatcrusader44  +   901d ago
Title of podcast lists the "highlights" of the week: Sony Patents;WipEout Rebirth;Fallout 4
cervantes99  +   901d ago
OH, I feel really stupid now.

Thanks for being nice those above me :)
matrixman92  +   901d ago
i read it that way at first too...i was like wut?
NewVegasTroop  +   901d ago
yeah i made the same mistake. i was like wow fallout 4 exclusive for ps4?!! OMG HOLY SH*T!!!

but than i read it again carefully and made sense out of it... but imagine if it was true!! totally unexpected!!
Darth Stewie  +   901d ago
Wipeout Rebirth = new Wipeout from Evolution Studios.
Conzul  +   901d ago
first we had Wipeout HD, now I predict that they'll do something like Wipeout UHD.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   901d ago
Liverpool + Evolution Studios = Wipeout with insane damage effects.
black911  +   901d ago
I thought this was gonna be a

"This is Nicks Gaming View"

StreetsofRage  +   901d ago
Fallout 4 next gen please! I want bigger and badder! I want amazing textures. At the very least, have them at the level of those insane PC mods. But what I really want is a more lively world and not just people just standing around going from point A to point B.

Oh and can I get some MORE music. I found myself listening to the music on the radio a lot because it just fitted when I would roam around the world. But I swear it felt like their was just a handful of songs.
Norrison  +   900d ago
Next gen consoles won't be able to reach that graphical fidelity.
Specially if it's bethesda were talking about, vanilla skyrim looks like garbage on all platforms
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Newsman  +   900d ago
How does one patent a game title?
Kinger8938  +   900d ago
There not
knifefight  +   900d ago
It's a list of topics.
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